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DOWNLOAD ð Scandalous Intentions (Ladies and Scoundrels #2) ò When faced with losing his inheritance notorious rake Lord Julian Luvington sets his sights on Lady Sarah She’s as respectable as they come just what his father ordered But the lady shan’t be easily won She’s determined to marry for love or not at all andWhen faced with losing his inheritance notorious rake Lord Julian Luvington sets his sights on Lady Sarah She’s as respectable as they come just what his father ordered But the lady shan’t be easily won She’s determined to marry f. My review witty and lightheartedAmanda has a lively writing style with witty dialogue and a plot that is well put together Other people will love the characters she created and the story she told It wasn't for me; I prefer a bit angst and I didn't much care whether the hero and heroine resolved their differences Still I recognise clever writing and I wish the story wellI'd be happy to give it 4 stars except for two serious research errors that took me right out of the story and make it a 35 star story for meOne was the fairly common romance novel anatomical impossibility of a hymen stuck half way up the heroine's vagina Since the membrane in uestion is part of the same structure as the labia it is always near the entrance I see this often and I always have to stop for a deep sigh when I read this in a story SorryThe other issue I had with the story is that it hinges on a peer having the power to prevent his son from inheriting the title The land yes provided it is not entailed to the title But who inherits is decided by whichever king granted the title in the first place it's usually heirs male of the title holder's bodyThe story is a delightful confection and I'm really sad that I can't score it betterNote I received an ARC copy of this book in exchange for an honest review


Own What’s a lady to doWhen Lord Luvington refuses to abandon his pursuit Lady Sarah proposes an arrangement Only the price may be than either bargained for Lady Sarah could lose than her social standing and Julian could lose his hear. Sometimes a book is so good so fresh you get to the end and you're sad it's over Scandalous Intentions by Amanda Mariel is that book Second in her Ladies and Scoundrel series Miss Mariel has created character with witty dialogue romance that jumps off the page and a story that will keep you entertained throughout every one of its 120 pagesI don't usually read Victorian Romance and I don't usually finish them in one day but with this book I started to read and didn't stop until I finished I usually prefer my heroes to be modern to have the conveniences of text massages and phone calls but as I read it didn't occur to me miss those things Ms Mariel handled her spunky heroine and handsome hero's romance without relying on technological devices to escalate the excitement Her heroine Sara is a woman who knows her own mind Older than most women who've already married Lady Sara is holding out until the moment she discovers Lord Luvington don't you LOVE that name may be than just a rake in Gentleman's clothing I wasn't aware the Victorian era folks could banter but they do and they do it well I was drawn in from the first page and didn't stop until I read the endIf you don't do anything else today buy this book and read it You won't be sorry you did

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Scandalous Intentions Ladies and Scoundrels #2Or love or not at all and she’ll do anything to obtain the freedom granted to men A blackguard like Lord Luvington could destroy her hard won reputation but marriage to him also offers her the opportunities she can’t achieve on her. SCANDALOUS INTENTIONS by Amanda Mariel is another fantastic Victorian Historical Romance Book 2 in the highly anticipated Ladies and Scoundrels and another hit Stand alone title but I would suggest reading Scandalous Endeavors for it is such an awesome read as wellIf you enjoy a sexy naughty and notorious Rake and a Lady looking for love passion and romance than you have picked up the right title for you reading pleasure Witty bantercharming characters love and an interfering parent makes Scandalous Intentions a must read Oh passionate kisses and an inheritance is an absolute in this scandalous tale of romance good intentions and loveI loved Lord Julian Luvington and Lady Sarah the way they interacted and how they find their HEA though everything including secrets and interference from other characters An absolute must read A delight from the first page to the last page I would highly recommend reading Scandalous Intentions for your summer reading pleasure you will not regret your choice Delightful passionate compelling and intriguing are a few of the adjectives that comes to mind If you enjoy Victorian England charming engaging characters and intriguing and an interesting storyline than do pick up Scandalous Intentions Ms Mariel is an amazing storyteller one who draws her reader into her stories and holds them in awe I absolutely loved this fast paced scandalous romance Well done I look forward to her next installment into this exciting series Ladies and ScoundrelsReceived for an hones review from the authorCross posted on My Book Addiction and More dot comRating 45Heat rating MildReviewed by AprilR courtesy of My Book Addiction and More