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Summary ✓ PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB free ✓ Christi Caldwell For ten years Lady Daisy Meadows has been in love with Auric the Duke of Crawford Ever since his gallant rescue years earlier Daisy knew she was destined to be his Duchess Unfortunately Auric sees her as his best friend's sister and nothing But perhaps if she can manage to find the fabled heart of a duke penda. Karen's Two Cents Worth I never wanted a Duke I only wanted you I have an affinity for the heroines in Christi Caldwell's historical romances as they are twenty first century woman embedded into a historical romance This isn't necessarily a bad thing as the reality of Regency England and my reader's view is definitely at odds  I have degrees in history but I never go about reading a historical romance as a treatise in history; for if I did I would find most all but a very few writers lacking Just as I would not read a pirate romance for insight into how to sail a boat Romances in general are escapism those readers who think they are reading real history will be highly disappointed in most all authors; those reviewers who review them as historical treatises are asses or arses; if you want to give the English dialect it's dueNow that I have said my peace you will be enchanted by Caldwell's books In Caldwell's book you have witty banter fun   escapism and of course the Happily Ever After as reuired in a true romance  Plus there is plenty of angst and longing in book four of Daring Hearts series The series revolves around pretty young misses looking for the Heart of a Duke a magical gypsy necklace  In book four of the series Loved by a Duke Lady Daisy Laurel Meadow the girl of the flowers has been in love with Auric the Duke of Crawford who happens to be her brothers best friend She has loved him since she was a girl and he was the gallant older friend who was always uick to laugh and smile  Time changed Auric into the paragon of decorum never willing to laugh or smile to uickly now that he is a Duke  The story revolves around Daisy's uest to find the gypsy necklace and a chance to claim Auric's heart  The story is romantic and amusing and as a reader I was pulled into the book from the prologue which is of a young Daisy and her not fitting inI do wish that Daisy not being embraced society which was set up in the prologue would have been expanded on in the plot of the book  Daisy's isolation has impacted her view on life I believe that the girls who were shown to ridicule her as a child would have continued that into adulthood  Especially since Daisy because of  circumstances in her life feels that she is invisible and passed over  It would have been a good foil for the romance of Auric and DaisyBecause of mistakes in Auric's past he feels that he needs to be the standard of grace and manners and he has hid his own personality behind being a Duke  He is such a wonderful hero in this book and tries to fight his attraction for Daisy as she is the young sister of his best friend  He feels protective of her but at the same time unwilling to become overly close to her since he became DukeCaldwell writes a lovely romance full of heart and it made me sigh in places  Caldwell has become my great pleasure  I can't wait until her next book comes outThe fifth book in the series To Love a Lord will be releasing on July 17 2015This review was originally posted on Literati Literature Lovers

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Download Loved by a Duke ä PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB free Ð For ten years Lady Daisy Meadows has been in love with Auric the Duke of Crawford Ever since his gallant rescue years earlier Daisy knew she was destined to be his Duchess Unfortunately Auric sees her as his best friend's sister and nothing But perhaps if she can m No longer a girl But Auric wouldn’t do something as foolhardy as to fall in love with Daisy He couldn’t Not with the guilt he carries over his past sins Not when he has no right to her heartBut perhaps just perhaps she can forgive the past and trust that he’d forever cherish her heart but will she let h. When you have your come out I will gladly make you my future duchess Simple words spoken to boost her confidence so long ago; however Daisy Laurel Meadows has not forgotten them in the last 10 years That was when she first fell in love with Auric Ashburn future Duke of Crawford Things have changed a lot in the last 10 yearsher beloved brother best friend of Auric was killed then her father passed away Her mother lives in her own little world not uite having recovered from the loss of her son Auric now the Duke of Crawford only comes around once a week out of a sense of obligation to the family of his best friend And Auric is looking for a bride but he's not looking at Daisyin fact much to her chagrin he still thinks of her as a child the sister of his best friend And as 10 years ago Daisy is still unlike what the ton considers beauties in fact she's become uite the wallflowerAuric the Duke of Crawford cannot forget the fateful night that his best friend died a death he feels completely responsible for The reason he still visits the mother sister of his best friendto try make sure they are cared for Now he's looking for a bride one that does not reuire love will never know judge him about that horrible night After several weeks of absence in which he was searching for a bride Auric makes his obligatory visit the the Meadows home A time that Daisy has made up her mind that if she can find the fabled Heart of a Duke necklace the necklace that has brought true love to people around her she can at last capture the heart of Auric As Daisy searches for the necklace Auric starts to realize that Daisy is no longer a little girl but a beautiful woman A fact brought home after her mother has a brief period of awareness in which she helps Daisy to shine No longer a wallflower Daisy enjoys the attention while continuing her uest for the necklace While Daisy is enjoying the attention Auric is not When he realizes his feelings for Daisy will he be able to accept them despite his guilt Will Daisy still love him when she finds out his horrible secret Can he convince Daisy that he loves her is not offering marriage out of a sense of obligationThe twists turns ups downs along this adventure is highly entertaining Ms Caldwell does an amazing job of bringing flawed characters to life giving them purpose An excellent read highly recommended Even though it is part of a series it can be read along but might I HIGHLY suggest reading the entire seriesyou won't be disappointed

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Loved by a DukeNt she will win over the heart of her duke Auric the Duke of Crawford enjoys Daisy's company The last thing he is interested in however is pursuing a romance with a woman he’s known since she was in leading strings This season Daisy is turning up in the oddest places and he cannot help but notice that she is. I don't really like the whole unreuited love thing and I honestly didn't like it here either I can not fathom being in love with someone for 12 years and never saying anything I will say that Daisy at least didn't continue to throw herself at Auric I recently read a book where that happened and I had to DNF it So kudos to her for having some damn self respect there I guess what I am trying to say is that this is one of the better unreuited love stories I have read I enjoyed the characters And this is one of the only Christi Caldwell books that didn't have a super abrupt ending so yay