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Introducing her tattooed pierced and scarred boyfriend to her father and over protective brothersMust fight for love in the lightHaunted by a childhood tragedy and the loss of his family Caden never thought he’d find the kind of red hot love he shares with Makenna But. 4 Stars Two hearts in the darkness Must fight for love in the light Hearts in Darkness is one of my favorite favorite novellas even to this day I read it years ago when it just came out and yet it's still a book I recommend to any reader that's looking for a uick read that not only packs on the steam but has an amazing story to tie it all together In just 112 pages Laura Kaye managed to get a loyal fan out of me I've been hoping that she would write for this couple so to say I was thrilled when I heard this book was in the works would be an understatement I was also a little scared too I was afraid that one of my favorite couples would not be as good in another book That there may be unnecessary drama or angst That something may happen that will make me dislike either Makenna or Caden You know what I'm talking about here It's not easy to follow up on a favorite bookLove In The Light was not only an amazing continuation of the story but it managed to make me fall even in love with this couple It was a natural progression of their story It was that relationship developed that I had so craved in Hearts in Darkness It was the perfect conclusion to one of my favorite couplesLitL takes place two months after the events of HiD Caden and Makenna are settling into their relationship and falling and for each other each day But Caden's lingering issues of PTSD and suvivor's guilt continues to loom over their happiness It felt like a part of himself had been ripped away the edges still jagged and raw But that's what he was all jagged raw festering wounds from one loss after another It's wonderfully written in a way that gives both characters so much growth while reaffirming just how good they are for each other I loved Makenna even in this book Her patience understanding and unwavering love and support for Caden was touching to read She doesn't jump to conclusions or blame him She wants to communicate to work things out It's so refreshing to read about a heroine like this because of how rare it is to find one like that these daysCaden Oh my poor Caden It's hard not to love him in this book Your heart will bleed for him and everything he goes through But it was also so wonderful to see him dealing with his issuesIf you loved Hearts in Darkness I guarantee that you'll love Love in the Light If anything this book will make you love the first one even It was emotional swoony sexy and perfectly written In just under 200 pages Laura Kaye manages to put so much depth into this story It was everything An incredible conclusion and everything I could have hoped for it to be Graphics are stock purchased and created by me for DGR blog Please don't share without permission ARC courtesy of author in exchange for an honest reviewFind me on

CHARACTERS Love in the Light Hearts in Darkness #2

Love in the Light Hearts in Darkness #2The deeper he falls the he fears the devastation sure to come when he loses her too When secrets are revealed and the past threatens the present Caden uestions whether Makenna deserves than he can give Maybe they’re just too different and he’s far too damaged after al. 4 STARSThe second part of this duet was a lot heavier than I anticipated but also good It begins two months after that fateful night where Caden and Mackenna were trapped in a dark elevator for over four hours with each otherTheir together and trying to navigate a relationship with the reality of life and the daily pressures around them This story took a look at the harsh reality of PTSD and clinical depression With Caden's tragic past and his survivor's guilt it was only natural for these heavy burdens to play a role in him making peace with his happiness with Makenna when those he loved so dearly lost their lives Caden Caden Caden this man is so sweet and sexy and my heart beat wildly for him And I felt for his fight with PTSD and depression Having had a front row sit to it with someone in my immediate family Laura Kaye did a fantastic job in realistically portraying what someone goes through You never truly understand the helplessness and feeling lost and in such great despair until it’s you or someone you love Sitting on the sidelines it may appear as those they can just snap out of it but it's not that easy As for Mackenna some may think she was a push over but I vehemently disagree She was a mature passionate woman who showed only support and love for her man The last thing Caden needed was pressure drama or ultimatums This was a sweet and endearing read and I enjoyed seeing Caden and Mackenna weather through a storm and ultimately find their HEA Before readingWe now have a release date Jan 1216 and available for pre order US CA UK original post One of my favourite novellas is getting a second book

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CHARACTERS ó Love in the Light Hearts in Darkness #2 î Two hearts in the darknessMakenna James and Caden Grayson have been inseparable since the scorching night they were trapped in a pitch black elevator But they’re not strangers any and Makenna hopes that night put them on the path to forever All that stands in the way is inTwo hearts in the darknessMakenna James and Caden Grayson have been inseparable since the scorching night they were trapped in a pitch black elevator But they’re not strangers any and Makenna hopes that night put them on the path to forever All that stands in the way is. FOUR YOU AND ME TIL THE END STARSARC Provided by Author in Exchange for an Honest ReviewShe was the light to Caden's darkness and had been since they'd been trapped in that elevator If anyone could take some of the weight off his shoulders if anyone could make it easier for him to breathe it would be her I read Hearts in Darkness over two years ago and hell if I didn't think it was one of the hottest short stories I had ever read I thought that the story had ended perfectly but to my utter surprise I found out that there was a second book about to be released This is the continuation of Caden and Makenna's storyWe pick up two months after their fateful and scorching HOT rendezvous in that broken down elevator Caden and Makenna are still going strong Their passion for each other is even SIZZLING I can tell you that there are no shortages of panty melting moments in this one Also there is PLENTY of ANGST Hello just what the doctor orderedCaden and Makenna have developed deep feelings for each other in a short amount of time However Caden is afraid of what he is feeling and how much Makenna has grown to mean to him Life has been pretty cruel and unfair to him He still suffers from PTSD a result from the deadly car accident he was in when he was young where he lost his mother and younger brother He's afraid that things are too perfect and life will deal him another blow by taking Makenna away from him He also seems to think he isn't good enough for herMakenna is crazy in love with Caden and wants to make her feelings known to him but she knows about his condition and that it could make him spiral out of control Circumstances arise and in the heat of the moment Makenna reveals her feelings Caden lets his emotions take him back into a very dark placeWill he be able to pull himself out of the darkness in time Or will he let the darkness take over and lose the one true love he has ever knownIf you loved the first book you definitely have to get your hands on this one Love in the Light is due out on January 12thHere's the pre order link