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St but now it was his own past that was trying to tear them apart To keep Lily Shade would have to use the very skills he had been trying to hide from her The skills that made him a killer a soulless monste. If you didn't already love Shadeyou will truly fall for him HARD after reading SHADE There is a side of him that we never got to see and I don't just mean the crazy sex God cause some of those scenes are CRAZYYYYYYY OMG but he is just a great guy who watches out for the members just wanting them to be happy and he is uite sneaky about itGotta love his manipulative ways Jamie did an incredible job at showing us the behind the scenes that we always wondered about but never got to see Even fans who have read the series over and over will be sucked in to the fun that is uncovered and the huge heart that Shade is hiding in that tattooed chest My heart broke for him over and over again as he fights his feelings for LilyI know some of the scenes will have fans shedding tearsso bring on the tissues ladiesEven though only the last third of the book is new the whole book feels like reading a New Last Rider Romancealmost like being a fly on the walljust waitthe mouths will be hanging open like WHATTT Did that just happen Jamieanother beyond fabulous releaseand I am honored that I was able to get an early sneak peakNow you just have to write that stinkin Lucky so I can have my Train and Killyama romance Warning If you have NOT read the complete Last Riders Series I suggest you read the series in order BEFORE you read SHADE You will be missing out on all the fun

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Shade The Last Riders #6Want need pain and joy were emotions Shade had never known existed before Lily He knew the first time he saw her face that she was going to change his life forever The thing he hadn’t expected was how har. By Comparison SHADE'S PRINCE EFFIN' CHARMING Jamie Begley's Shade Last Riders 06; 3 By Comparison StarsIn matters of the heart Shade out thought out plotted and out pursued the other Last Riders He didn't fall in love easily but when he did Lily owned him heart and soul Though surrounded by a bevy of readily available accommodating women none could satisfy his hunger for Lily so he pursued her with a single minded determination that bordered on obsession Once she was his he annihilated ANYTHING or ANYONE who hurt her or tried to take her away Best of all he never wanted to hurt Lily himself so he tried to shelter her from the club lifestyle would have given it up all together if she needed him to Is Shade perfect No Far from it He's controlling manipulative slutty secretive violent But where the other LRs are immature afraid to be alone; Shade readily accepts adult responsibility is used to being by himself Shade lay on his stomach in a ventilator shaft two hundred and fifty meters away from the building his target was in He'd lain there for the last two days watching as the police swept the parking lot that morning placing barriers so no one could get through He hadn’t eaten and had drunk sparinglyShade Kindle p987 While the other LRs are impatient self indulgent satisfied living in the ID; Shade understands the value of delayed gratification and longs for something meaningful long lasting realizing that anything worth keeping is worth waiting for working for 'Rider laughed shaking his head I’ll never understand you Shade You have every woman in town wanting to fuck you and most of the women in the clubhouse would rather be in your bed than anyone else’s But you’re working a job you fucking hate just to even be near her I wouldn’t put that much effort into buying a bike much less a woman' Rider braggedThat’s why your bike is broken down all the time Shade told him'Shade Kindle p 444 More importantly the other LRs not only lack self awareness but are completely oblivious to the thoughts feelings of others especially the women they're emotionally attracted to Shade on the other hand is not only introspective but self analytical self accepting '“I’ll never regret marrying Lily It was the best moment of my life If it lasts fifty years it won’t be enough time with her Shade was aware he was opening himself to the brother but he was also aware of the load he was carrying “It’s like cutting your soul in half You can either give it up voluntarily or fight it all the way”“Which was Cash” Train said nodding toward the happy couple kissing to the cheers of the church congregation“He fought it long and hard”“How about you” Amusement filled Train’s face“Me” Shade slapped Train on the back pushing him forward to congratulate the newly married couple “Hell I was easy I gave it up without her having to ask for it”'Shade Kindle p 1187 So if you ask me why I gave Shade 3 STARS while her other Last Riders books got 2 STARS or less it's because Compared to the other Last Riders Shade's Prince Fucking Charming And if Jamie can't stop reproducing the same hero over and over again in each book she writes I just wish she'd do it with Shade Now I warn you in advance I'm going to end this review with a brief rantWhen Bliss raged at a very pregnant clearly distressed Lily as she attempted to leave Shade for his own protection I wish Shade would have FINALLY banished her from the club for good The LilyKnoxDiamond foursome was odd uncharacteristic; allowing Raci to wear his jacket was weak disappointing; but his silence while a bitchy self serving jealous slutty Bliss spewed hate all over his upset 9 month pregnant wife made Shade look like a TOTAL It’s WAY past time THAT bitch Bliss was given a final smack down But it looks like we're going to have send Sadie to Treepoint KY SHE'S the only person with the BALLS to do it She DAMN SURE wouldn't have stood silently by let Bliss go psycho on Lily Bliss would have had her mouth stuffed with her own hair extensions until she coughed them up like an alley cat with a hairball then pimp slapped with Sadie's stripper heels all the way to the state linePhew Now that I've gotten THAT off my chest I'm doneY'all take care now ya hear Vincent Made Men 02 Brianne Sarah Young Ink Press 2014

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Shade The Last Riders #6 Summary  106 é Want need pain and joy were emotions Shade had never known existed before Lily He knew the first time he saw her face that she was going to change his life forever The thing he hadn’t expected was how hard it would be to hide who and what he was from her Each step he took out of the shadows revealed D it would be to hide who and what he was from her Each step he took out of the shadows revealed of himself until only one secret remained Shade arrogantly believed he could help heal the wounds from her pa. 5 starsI am crying I just finished this book and I am crying the ending was beautifully done think of the movie The Notebook that's how beautiful it was I'm not sure I liked it though I don't want to be crying when I finish a book This book was spectacular it starts at the very beginning and goes to the very last moment it tells us about Shade and Lily from the first sight and it shows us those things that we never got to see in all the other books not just between Shade and Lily but between all of them I usually don't like books that are the same story just from a different perspective but I read the whole think in about 5 and a half hours without skipping anything because it was that good I loved seeing how Slade perceived things that happened through all of the books in this series and those connected to it even though we saw his perspective in Shade's Fall there is a whole lot that we didn't get to see as well I loved that in this story we saw the progression of other relationships I saw in some comments made about worries other readers had about this story before this book was released and I have to say that anyone with worries you have none this story was amazing and what anyone would want for Lily and Shade Also the epilouges were amazing and I loved that Jamie Begley gave us an absolute ending on what was often brought up by Shade to Lily through out this book So for any fans of Jamie Begley's books like me I think you will be blown away and if you haven't read book of hers start at the beginning with Razer's Ride because you will love it In ending I just have to repeat myself and say this was a beautiful book for a beautiful story and an even beautiful ending