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Read È Lukas Ashes Embers #3 Æ PDF, DOC, TXT, eBook or Kindle ePUB free ☆ Storm’s younger cousinVandal’s little brotherYou’ve met him in the backgroundThe sweet one The nice one The one they can all rely onThe good oneHe’s a tattoo artist He plays metal and classical music on the violinHe’??s a 36 year old single mom who hasn’t dated in 18 years All she wanted was a tattooShe got a helluva lot Being good has never been so b. I love LukasAnd I love his story This is the first book of the series I've read and I'm seriously contemplating going back for books 12 But I'm afraid for some reason that they'll take away the magic for me with this book This must be a sign that I'm kind of over reading entire series' I've noticed this about my reading habits this past year Tired of being let down I guess or things changinggoing in directions I'm not happy about when it comes to investing in a seriesBut though Lukas is the third book in this series it can definitely be read as a standalone It still may cause you like it has me to want to get invested in other characters you meet here that have already had their stories toldNow what I love about this book is how this story it just touched me It was very heartbreakingly realistic but beautiful in many ways When it came to Ivy and her situation How she meets eventually falls into like love with Lukas Lukas and the complicated yet so simple things that make him who he is How you see and believe Yeah these two could really love each otherI have to say Lukas really did it for me He is only the 3rd AlphaBeta male that I've had the pleasure of reading and truly loving everything about In my experience in reading many authors can't write this type of male and keep him likable lovable irresistible all at once You either get a male that's just way too hard which sometimes I must admit totally works for me or you get a male way too soft which most times doesn't work for me at all Lukas is that rare combo of the two and it just works Totally His character traits personality uirks actions and reactions all remain consistent and totally undeniably sweet and hot through out this entire storyThere were things here that didn't uite sit well for me though Like the introduction to major things and then hardly any follow up or details about them later And I mean MAJOR plot happenings I'm not sure if these things will be addressed in later books or have been told in greater detail in earlier books but I didn't like how they're introduced here then completely glossed over That didn't work for me Annnnd I wasn't too crazy about this ending Given how everything came about the ending felt way rushed for me And once again a major reveal happened right before the ending but the details for it were glossed over in the Epilogue So this is why I couldn't give this one 5 stars shrugsVerdict Overall I love this story I love the characters their plights and how they managed to just suck me into their worlds So I definitely see myself checking out the other books in this series All because of you Lukas sighsIf this was lost on you yes I highly recommend this readHappy Reading

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Storm’s younger cousinVandal’s little brotherYou’ve met him in the backgroundThe sweet one The nice one The one they can all rely onT. 45 STARSHere are my overall ratingsHero 45Heroine 4Plot 4Angst 4Steam 45Chemistry Between Hero Heroine 45

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Lukas Ashes Embers #3He good oneHe’s a tattoo artist He plays metal and classical music on the violinHe’s got a body built for sinHe’s 24In comes Ivy She?. 45 starsHow does Carian Cole do it She writes about hot guy after hot guy each one having their own way to earn your love even if they’re so different from each other Honestly Lukas is my favorite so far He is just perfect and touched me in ways few male characters have touched me Archer by Mia Sheridan and Ehd from Transcendance aside He really really really really add as many as you want is the perfect book boyfriend If I usually fall for the Uber Alpha males Lukas does not fit into that category He is better a uniue blend of innocence fragility mixed with strength and tranuil determination He is an old soul in a young very attractive body I could rave for pages and pages about him because he made a huge lasting impressionThis book is not about elaborate plot or very tortured story or it simply is about Lukas and Ivy’s burgeoning and then growing relationship It may be simple in its idea but it’s so well executed I never felt bored just touched to my core I ended feeling like I do after a very good romantic movie with a big dreamy sigh Call me a wuss or an eternal romantic but this story had its own magic The beginning was of a tragic story Ivy discovering her despicable husband slept with a younger woman behind her back for months now Eighteen years of marriage go down the drainShe’s thirty six and never felt insecure She doubts about everything she’s lost and can’t imagine moving on easily When Lukas will pursue her she’ll find all kind of good reasons not to fall for him the age difference being the most prominent Lukas may be twenty four to her thirty six but he is mature beyond his age and knows what he wants stability and a relationship He is a family man and dreams of having his own family preferably with Ivy He’ll have to be very persistent to convince her She’s head of HR wears suits and skirts has two kids He has long black hair tattoos is young and lives from his art as a tattoo artist and musician I loved how he pursued her never faltering in his determination to win her No roller coasters no cat and mouse games no I want you I don’t want you just steadfast certainty that Iva was “it” for him It’s a nice change and gave my blood pressure some respiteI loved how Carian chose to show love overcomes appearances social classes and ages We fall in love with a person no matter how her upbringing and social status can differ from ours Unfortunately friends and colleagues don’t see it like we doLike Ivy my “heart soared from cuteness overload” charmed by such “sexy adorableness” Lukas made me swoon Lukas made me cry Lukas gives the best hugs and kisses and I’m certain you’ll also want your own Lukas but not this one because he’s mine when Ivy will be done with him but fat chance I know”Do you believe in soul mates” His voice is low and soft with a hint of hesitancy like he’s afraid of what I might say Lukas doesn’t belong her I realized right then He’s a Knight A prince A warrior A Viking He’s one of those men that fight for love ‘til the end of time One who would carry a woman away on his horse and make mad passionate love to her on the grass A man who takes what he wants and make it his forever A man not afraid to dream or believe in what can’t be seen but only can be felt His heart is lost in this time where people no longer live to love or believe that love can transcend time”Special order coming right away Carian could you send me a Lukas with the #getvandalized T shirt