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Free download Prick A Step Brother Romance #1 ¶ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook Ö I can't stop thinking about that prick Caulter Sterling is a prickA filthy mouthed womanizing crude spoiled arrogant prickThe tattooed pierced panty melting hot son of a celebrityI hate himHe's slept his way through practically every girl T was just one night So what if it was mind blowing Hit it and uit itExcept I just found out that my father the Senator the Presidential hopeful is marrying Caulter's mother Oh and this summer We're hitting the campaign trailOne big happy familyI'm totally fk. 4 Funny Stars Kate is the girl that spends all her free time studying and portraying the good girl image So when she celebrates 18 years she decides to get crazy and loses her virginity The guy she chooses Caulter the hot tattooed bad boy that goes to the same school than her It was supposed to be a one time thing expect that her father’s announce that he’s going to re marry With Caulter’s mother Which will going to make them step brothers What was once a one time thing now’s a forbidden one The problem Living under the same room they understand that now they want it than everI normally tend to stay away from the “stepbrother line” because usually it has way angst than I like to deal with So this one was a pleasantly surprised It was well written it was fun and I had a great time reading The story was simple and engaging so if you want to read a sweet hilarious and steamy book this one is a good choice Rating 4 Stars Characters Development I really liked Caulter In the beginning I was worried he was going to be an asshole but he was hilarious I loved how he always got out with the corniest lines just to piss off Kate he was sexy and really sweet when he wanted too Kate on the other end did nothing for me She was immature spoiled and a lot of times a little bitch She had some good moments but unfortunately they were far and far between Steam Hot Sensible Subjects view spoilerNo hide spoiler

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I can't stop thinking about that prick Caulter Sterling is a prickA filthy mouthed womanizing crude spoiled arrogant prickThe tattooed pierced panty melting hot son of a celebrityI hate himHe's slept his way through practically every girl at Brighton Academy. 45 StarsYep I am totally 5 starring this one A book about a re formed man whorecured by the virgin with the golden va jay jay Trust me I can hardly believe it either But damn once I started this book I couldn't stop Oh my God Oh my God Oh my God I'm screaming the words inside my head I've just lost my virginity to my new stepbrother I'm completely fucked Pretty much read it in one sitting Loved the whole lovehate thing going on between Coulter and Katherine Their banter was so fun and funny Coulter Too much pussy it's my cross to bear Sterling was a total prick The most lovable dirty talking prick And the marshmallow roasting sceneI was laughing my ass off You can't light a fire out here there are regulations you idiot she yells Who fucking gets a where did you even get a barrel anyway and what the hell are you Oh My God Those are my clothes in there My pants My underwear I lied I'm not taking the mature road here At all This might be one of the most juvenile things I've ever done I grin and shrug I told you I wanted you in skirts No pantiesWhat are you some kind of psychopath she asks Who lights someone's clothes on fire Something is seriously wrong with you Oh man what can I say For whatever reason this one just worked for me It was a highly entertaining smoking hot fun read Who can say no to a good step brother romance

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Prick A Step Brother Romance #1Except for meI'm the good girl The responsible girl The 40 class president studied so much she never lost the big V girlAnd in celebration of graduation and adulthood I just made the worst decision in the history of ever I lost my V card to the devil himselfI. 45 stars Did you just spank me It won't be the last time I do it either Do women fall for this shit You're the one bent over your father's desk Princess You're also the one who's soaking wet So you tell me I had so much fun with this one It was such a pleasant surprise I don't know what I expected but definitely not this It was funny it was hot as hell and it was cuteWell we have prim and proper Miss Priss goody goody stuck up frigid prude princess named Katherine She is finishing school with her V card still intact She doesn't want to go to college as a virgin so she asks Caulter to do the deed Caulter is the biggest manwhore on the campus prick asshole spoiled brat shithead etc I just named few pleasantries they were exchanging all the timeIt was supposed to be one night stand but when Kate's father announces that he's going to marry Caulter's mother things change slightly They are forced to spend summer together and that's when all the fun starts They hate each other or it seems but there's also helluva lust And once they start they go at it like bunniesI liked the banter sexual tension and animosity between them I than liked their interactions From hate to bed and then to hate again and again So much for an orgasm helping with your uptightness Is that what you were trying to do I didn't know fucking me would magically transform me It sure didn't change you into Prince Charming I really liked Katherine She may have been stiff and very proper but she was also true to herself till the very end Even when they started having sex regularly she didn't suddenly change to sweet girl no she was still a bitch and he was still a jackass I loved all those pick up lines that came out of Caulter's mouth They seemed so cheesy and ridiculous at times but he was using them just to drive her batshit crazy and it worked Speaking of Caulter's mouthOverall it was fast very entertaining smoking hot reading Highly recommended if you want something light and fun with witty bad boy tattoos piercings and all I loved the ending it was sweet and very adeuate perfect