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Withdrawn by the day Something’s up and he won’t tell I know about his past – the murder of his family when he was fifteen I can imagine what it must have cost him So much violence contained in that strong body waiting to be unleashed What is he seeking What is he training so hard for Why is looking at me like he’s dying to touch me but won’. Wow Let me start this review by saying that I had never read anything from this author before Her books have been in my too long to read list but I just never got around to actually starting them Guh HOW STUPID AM IRafe was amazing The last book in the Inked Brotherhood is so emotional It can be read as a standalone but I will surely rush to read the other ones as wellRafaele Vestri had a rough start in life After his family is murdered right in front of his eyes he is forever haunted by plans of revenge He wants no needs to find the man who killed his family and let him live alone with his nightmares He will do anything to track down the man responsible for his personal hell and he won't find peace until he pays for everythingMegan is a girl who's had it rough She is running from her past She is trying to heal She's been attracted to Rafe sinceforever but she's never done anything about it He comes by her work he stares but he never talksUntil that changesNeither of them can deny their mutual attraction and rising feelings But Rafe won't allow himself to be happy His mind is firmly set on his one goal; his revenge He pushes Megan away and he will even step deep into the circles of illegal fighting in order to succeedBut love cannot be denied foreveror can itThe writing style amazed me I was completely drawn into the story since the first chapter I adored the characters Megan was so real and Rafe so disarmingly beautiful in his pain that I couldn't help but fall in love with both of them Their chemistry is beyond this world and their scenes together so seductive The book overflows with emotions and I just can't find the right words to express my joy for finding this little gem5 Stars from little ol'me Don't miss this one I received an ARC in exchange for an honest review

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Rafe Inked Brotherhood #5T dareEven as I try to stop thinking about him get interested in other boys I realize I can’t I’m caught body and soul just like that And I tell myself Megan girl What have you gotten yourself into this time Standalone novel No cliffhangerWarning this book contains graphic language sex and violence Mature readers only Not intended for young reader. Escape into my Reads Book BlogRafe the last book in the Inked Brotherhood series was everything Jo Raven promised it would deliver As this was the last book in the series I put off reading Rafe because I knew his story was going to hit my emotions hard and I just didn’t want to say goodbye to the guys I had fallen in love with as each of their books were released Rafe’s story tells us of a tortured soul who relentlessly keeps happiness from touching his life Feeling undeserved of love and marred by memories of seeing his family murdered in front of his own eyes haunts his daily existence Keeping things close to his heart he tries to handle things his own way which strains his relationship with his brothers who just wants him to open up and share his pain with them Megan has always been a sweet girl but not much was known about her in the previous books pretty much like Rafe Her character her sense of humour sexiness and the love she felt for Rafe had me loving her The only balm to Rafe’s demons is Meg but his fears and closed off state keep him from letting her into his life as revenge boils his blood to find his family’s murderer and nothing will stop him despite what dangers lurk around the corner Together they fight their own battles but they are never alone or far away and once the chains holding them back are broken the heat is on and Rafe delivers hot and passionate scenes with Megan I loved Rafe he was amazing as he tried to overcome the darkness and Meg proved to be his light His alpha and protective side was sweet and sexy Each Inked Brotherhood story has been a joy to read and credit goes to Jo Raven in writing such beautiful emotional stories I can’t wait to see if some of the characters mentioned in Rafe will show up in the Damage Control series and I just knew Raylin would be getting her own story so I am excited about that I can't wait to see the guys turning up in the Damage Control series and catching up with their lives

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Rafe Inked Brotherhood #5 Summary ñ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook Ú His name is Rafaele Vestri Rafe to his friendsHe’s tall strong handsome Distant He often comes to the café where I work but we don’t talk much He looks at me though Stares at me his gaze heated and I can’t help but stare back I want him I won’t deny it IHis name is Rafaele Vestri Rafe to his friendsHe’s tall strong handsome Distant He often comes to the café where I work but we don’t talk much He looks at me though Stares at me his gaze heated and I can’t help but stare back I want him I won’t deny it I’ve never seen anyone that beautiful anyone that powerful in my life But he’s growing. Definitely had a lot of hidden mystery with Rafe's and Megan's background and I always wanted to know and I was really eager to get to know what effected them I cannot wait to find out the new characters stories that where introduced especially Cole's I'm sad the series has finished because overall I loved the series However this book was not my favourite in the book but I still loved the storyline and the characters I loved how Megan was in control of the relationship even though Rafe is the tough character