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Read & download ☆ Treasured Moments ↠ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook Ð A Moment in Time Kelly Cozzone Alexa Wright is a happily married mother Her son Eric was born in a previous marriage and he struggles with his place in both families She has vowed to make the best decision for her son Eric wants to live with hisDeal with their feuding families Suzy Franks is heartbroken when Jimmy ships out Her husband's letters of love brings comfort but 15 W Gibson is a lonely place without him The Agent Samantha Jacobey An author of dark tales is looking for someone to represent her An agent who thinks all writers are the same wants the job Will one lunch date be enough to convince him that she's different or will her clouded past continue to overshadow her future The Bench Nikki Lynn Barrett Ten years ago Neil spent a summer with his grandparents when he couldn't deal with problems at home That one summer led him to his first love Amber until a family crisis pulled him away Now he's back in town and face to face with the woman he never could forget Summer Song Linda Lee Williams June Gorman might be imprisoned in a nursing home but her mind roams free In her private world memories and melodies go hand in hand Every day she embarks on a musical journey through her life one filled with laughter love pain and tears her summer song Crazy Love Jayne Hyatt Will Meg be forced to resort to using the crazy family tradition which she has spent most of her life. A Moment in Time Kelly Cozzone This is a great read by the fantastic author Kelly Cozzone It moved along at a great pace from beginning to end has fantastic characters that you will want to see succeed and a great story This is a must read

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A Moment in Time Kelly Cozzone Alexa Wright is a happily married mother Her son Eric was born in a previous marriage and he struggles with his place in both families She has vowed to make the best decision for her son Eric wants to live with his dad How can she possibly figure out what the right decision is Haunted Raine RE Hargrave Lorraine Morrissey let life pass her by Her wake up call comes when she realizes that her husband is rarely home and she's filling her days with trivial tasks A crazy idea to save her marriage leads to a summer vacation unlike any she's ever taken; one that involves buying a haunted house Coming Home Teri Riggs Abby a young Navy SEAL's wife must learn to cope after her husband dies in the line of duty Hoping to learn how her husband spent his final days she heads to Bethesda to sit with her husband's best friend a soldier who remains in a coma caused by the same IED blast that killed her husband But can anything mend Abby's broken heart 15 W Gibson Aubree Lane Knowing Uncle Sam is about to come knocking Jimmy Franks enlists in the Navy Leaving Suzy is the hardest thing he's ever had to do Left alone to. This is a wonderful collaboration by 14 authors on certain treasured moments Each of these stories is uniue and appeals to a large audience of readers1 A Moment in Time by Kelly Cozzone A mother must decide between in doing what she wants to do and doing what her son would like A heartbreaking struggle for a mother and definitely brought tears to my eyes2 Haunted Raine by RE Hargrave When Lorraine and Richard's marriage begins to unravel they buy a place to fix up When weird things start happening Lorraine must confront her fear and a secret past in her family3 Coming Home by Teri Riggs When Abby's husband Ryan is killed in the line of duty as a Navy Seal she puts her mourning on hold to be with his best friend Johnny who survived the blast With things left unsaid between Abby and Ryan she goes to the hospital and discovers things are not always how they appear 4 15 WGibson by Aubree Lane When Bree's father dies she is cleaning out her parents house and finds love letters written between her parents when he is stationed in Guam A beautiful love story5 The Agent by Samantha Jacobey This story discusses the relationship between Sam a writer and David an agent Sam is after someone who loves her books as much as she does and wants to work hard for her A great story about being proud of what you do6 The Bench by Nikki Lynn Barrett This is a book about second chances in life Neil Jennings is a photographer who meets Miranda at her bench As she discusses missing her mom Neil reminisces about his old girlfriend Amber Then everything ties together in a way you won't imagine7 Summer Song by Linda Lee Williams MrsGorman is an elderly lady who reminisces about her past with the memory of a song A sweet story8 Crazy Love by Jayne Hyatt Meg is guilty of stalking her boss Eric as she sits outside his house trying to compose a love letter to him expressing how she feels about him Is she going to go thru with giving him the letter9 The Treasured Legacy by Holly Barbo When David's Grandma tells him stories of her past she asks him to please not sell any of her things When David's wife takes some of the pieces in to be appraised after the Grandma's death life as they know it begins to change10 Ghost ConnectionLost by Jami Brumfield Cassie sees ghosts and when there is a murder Cassie must help everyone and keep everyone safe Really good story11 Poppy by Cherime MacFarlane When Emma is caught drinking and driving due to some devastating news about her past she must come to terms with what really happened and realize that sometimes what you hear is not always the truth12 Camael's Gift by Michele E Gwynn Hannah has just lost her son and in a moment of despair is saved by angel Camael Camael is in trouble by his superior for showing himself to Hannah but when Hannah sees someone Camael must protect her13 Life Storms by Terri Hubbard Carle Carley Shelton has a crush on Chad and although she is prepared to act on her feelings she has demons in her closet that she must confront When there is a medical emergency in Carley's family she must confront those demons if she is able to move on14 The Tree House by JB Yarbrough Izzy Willis is waiting for her baby brother to be born with her grandparents When her brother is born he diagnosed with Down Syndrome Izzy goes to her tree house to think and there she meets her new neighbor Gavin As time goes on the tree house remains a very special place

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Treasured MomentsAvoiding in order to win the man of her dreams The Treasured Legacy Holly Barbo Leone uses the last of her strength to share important family history with her only relative her grandson David Despite her final wish not to sell the family heirlooms David and his wife Anne look into it because of their desperate need for money But the pieces have secrets and the young couple finds themselves in unexpected danger Ghost Connection Lost Jami Brumfield Ghost Connection is a series centered around Cassandra O'Grady and her unwanted ability to see spirits In episode one Cassie and her ghostly best friend Abel help a girl save her family from a jealous boyfriend Poppy Cherime MacFarlane A teenage girl learns that the father she adores is not her real father From her friend's dad Emma Kay learns her Poppy won her and her mother on the turn of a card Wrecking her mother's car does not help Camael's Gift Michele E Gwynn In the heavenly realms conflict and war are as routine as escorting souls to the other side For Camael his routine has just been disrupted as he finds himself drawn to a human woman he encounters while comforting her dying chil. I had already read 15 W Gibson by Aubree Lane and enjoyed it When I saw that it was in this box set something told me all the other stories would be just as wonderful and I was right Each story alone was moving and showed how precious time and memories are Very beautiful