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READ The Back Building · PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook ´ Iona Mueller arrives alone at the Willard Asylum for the Insane in this epic tale that spans a century Through the Mueller family we take a deep look at what it means to be mentally ill in the year 1915 and in the present dayBy the time she reached fifteen years old Iona had failed toThere you were never seen againIona met James at the institution’s barn His kindness made the deprivation bearable He recognized that the violet hollows beneath her eyes the bruises on her arms and her apparent unraveling were the effect of the second ward A plan was put into place one that would remove Iona from harm’s way permanentlyIn present day it is Jenna a young relative of Iona’s who is plagued with mental illness Jenna’s odd behaviors bizarre language and confusion disrupt her once perfectly normal life Jenna’s family members trace their roots back to Iona in hopes of understanding their predisposition to mental illness The journey leads them to an amazing discovery of the suitcases left behind by hundreds of patients at the Willard Asylum. This is a really good book I could hardly put it down It is based on a true story so that makes it interesting Any book that can keep your interest at the same time that it educates you is worth taking the time to read

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InsaneAt Willard Asylum on Seneca Lake there were plenty of activities to occupy her including the job she procured working in the barn Besides she knew she was not anything like the crazy patients that banged their heads against the cinder walls until they bled or ran naked through the hallways She was disobedient that was true and she would change If only her parents would accept her correspondence and allow her to return homeIona’s new roommate Cat made every night a fight for survival When Iona was caught trying to run away she was sent to the second ward where her fate was sealed Subject to tranuilizers and hydrotherapy ice baths and physical beatings Iona had only one thing on her mind She had to stay away from the back building Once you were placed. This was really disappointing It started out really well but about halfway through it seemed like another author took over Instead of descriptive action events were presented as This happened This happened Then this happened The ending picked up but it wasn't enough to redeem the novel I appreciate what the author was trying to do with the stigma of mental illness but the novel could have been so much

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The Back BuildingIona Mueller arrives alone at the Willard Asylum for the Insane in this epic tale that spans a century Through the Mueller family we take a deep look at what it means to be mentally ill in the year 1915 and in the present dayBy the time she reached fifteen years old Iona had failed to become a “proper young lady” which profoundly concerned her parents Her one and only friend Hetty the family maid warned her not to disobey them but Iona couldn’t help herself Iona’s uirk of counting steps may have been overlooked but when her mother and father learned of her exploits in the woods near her home in Ithaca New York she was taken to the town doctor The doctor took one look at her self cut short mangled hair learned of her bizarre behavior and declared her. Worth readingI almost gave this a four and if the story had continued the way it started it would have easily gotten a 4 12 It started out very strong and for that alone I would say this book is definitely worth reading and I'm glad for experiencing it However I was disappointed with the second half and the purpose of the book kind of seemed to fall apart The author writes about mental illness very well and seems to have an excellent understanding of the many different symptoms that present with it Her characters with these challenges were very well developed but I felt the other characters were underdeveloped and flat James for instance a very crucial character to the plot had a backstory that was interesting but no real development He basically was whatever Iona needed him to be with no real conflict created by him He went along with everything accepted everything supported everything and never acted frustrated with Iona which just didn't seem very realistic to me Even the most loving individual is going to show signs of stress at timesFurther I thought the second half of the book could have been done without completely We never get to know Jenna specifically like we did Iona and in the end the small closure we get on her fate is unsatisfactory The whole point of the modern day story seems to be about fumbling through the past relating to Iona and making discoveries the reader already knew about Watching other characters find out the truth we already knew about Cat and Daniel a century after the fact was underwhelming and felt pointless The thing with the suitcases wasn't really surprising and the Back Building for which the book was named is never that important to the story I think a different name would have been better advised I'd much rather the story continued with the fates of Iona and Cat than move on to the modern story Though there's decent closure with Iona we start to wonder about Cat and then get information at the very end that makes us even curious about her fate but without answers Also there was this random segment with information about a character named GiGi that sounds promising and interesting but then there's no follow up That was strangeSo in conclusion ultimately a very interesting and enlightening story that I would recommend but I think it started to unravel at points I feel the author has the ability to make this a refined stronger story but for whatever reason didn't That was disappointing to me But still for all my critiues I think it's a very good story I binge read it in 2 days and appreciated the experience I suspect you will enjoy as well