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UnHappenings review ↠ 103 ë When Nigel Walden is fourteen the unhappenings begin His first girlfriend disappears the day after their first kiss with no indication she ever existed This retroactive change is the first of many only he seems to noticeSeveral years later when Nigel is visited by two people from his future he hopes they can explain why the pWhen Nigel Walden is fourteen the unhappenings begin His first girlfriend disappears the day after their first kiss with no indication she ever existed This retroactive change is the first of many only he seems to noticeSeveral years later when Nigel is visited by two people from his future he hopes they can explain why the past keeps rewriting itself around him. Some tales plunge readers in headfirst BAM you are there some allow you to enter the deep zone gradually almost creeping up on you and giving you that final shove until you are lost to reality Unhappenings by Edward Aubry is THAT kind of book I don’t even know when it happened but I am glad it never “unhappened” for meNigel was your average boy at school not a stand out not a trouble maker he just kind of “was” Until the day things that he KNEW had happened began to unhappen and he was the only one aware of it Lives circumstances and people were changing around him Events were becoming non existent only minutes after they had happened Sound confusing Imagine being fourteen years old and not being able to articulate what he saw felt and knew to anyone without being locked away When the day came a that a young girl showed up and told him she knew what he was seeing that the unhappenings were real and he would soon understand was this a good sign or a bad omen Sure he was relieved but the girl disappeared before he could learn he didn’t’ even know her name Little did he know she would become one of the most incredible people he would ever meet and she would come to mean than life itself to a future NigelTime travel they say it can’t be done but in another time and place it has been achieved and Nigel will soon learn his part in this incredible yet potentially deadly and devastating discovery Together with the girl with no name they will travel back and forth through time and the variations of the future that were caused by one small ripple from the past What is she trying to show him What role will he play in the future Who will he become What is his part in the events of the pastWhen love comes to Nigel he will willingly risk the world’s existence to save and be with the woman he loves who seems unaffected by his time leaps always knowing him and the love they share when he returns But will that love cause chaos than good Is there another whose potential for good will be cursed Did Nigel really discover true travel through time or was there a powerful source of his achievements Who exactly is the girl who refuses to give him her name What will be sacrificed for love humanity and the lust for powerSound confusing chaotic and completely unbelievable Maybe at first but as Edward Aubry weaves his tale the webs he creates will entangle you and bring fantasy to life Driven by the characters he has created this tale is not one of joy and sunny days it is dark edgy and impossible to visualize where it will all end The energy is in the detail as each page uncovers another layer of the effects of time travel You may still uestion its use fear its ramifications but one thing for sure you will be sucked into the vortex of this uniuely presented tale Unsettling at times uestionable at times only the reader can decide if the outcome was good or bad it’s all a matter of perspective at any given time Through it all the writing is strong creative and definitely thought provokingI received this copy as part of the Unhappenings Review Tour stopping at Tome Tender January 5 2015Publication Date January 8 2015Publisher Curiosity uills PressGenre Fantasy | Time Travel | Science FictionAvailable from Reviewed for

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T close it could be fatal for her Worse according to the young guide just by entering Helen’s life Nigel has already set into motion events that will have catastrophic conseuences In his efforts to reverse this and to find a way to remain with Helen he discovers the disturbing truth about the unhappenings and the role he and his future self have played all alon. When I began reading this book I was excited Excited by the freshness of the topic by the alternate reality this book presented Excited by the clear and concise explanations of time travel paradoxes for the record the grandfather effect in this book resets everything to zero starting with the new changes in effect the universe doesn't care about the paradox However short chapter after short chapter the book wore me out with its repetition and I finished halfway I skipped to the end and saw it had one hundred and twenty four chapters I like long books just like anyone else but the repetition made it feel like I was reading Groundhog Day over and over with little action but tons of meetings with the mystery time traveller Penelope Una Athena all are names of the same person depending on the mood of the main character and with his future self Pretty soon the book repeats the main character Nigel meets someone in a different time The meeting is short He learns one fact; sometimes it is important most often the fact is not important Repeat in the next chapter Repeat No chapter seemed to be longer than 500 wordsThere was little action which I don't mind but there were a lot of meetings with one person at a time Even a visit to the year 1972 a rare year to visit in this book introduced no setting at all for the uniue civilization and culture that existed in 1972; there is no description of the feel of the environment; no music no news of the day no famous characters no clothing detailsThis book had a very uniue and exciting concept which is why I am awarding it three stars This is very much like the theme of the Time Traveler's Wife with two main characters out of sync in time ie the man may meet the woman the first or the fifteenth time out of seuence and the woman meets the man in a very different seuence as well However at least the Time Traveler's Wife while not a perfect book had a deep relationship between the characters Here the main two characters the two time travellers I didn't get much past the beginning of the relationship with Helen the love interest which doesn't start until about halfway through the book anyway keep secrets from each other and so it is hard to deepen the relationship between them even if it is based on wonder or curiosity other than romanceThis book has a lot of promise With this premise being well served by the right plot and structure the premise could blow away our imaginations I would suggest by starting over and chunk it off into main scenes some books do well with seven to ten main scenes and the chapters reinforce the scenes rather than be short as if following a strict word count rule Instead of about a hundred meetings have several critically important fact finding excursions sometimes by meeting this other time traveller and make each occasion important ie if the meeting didn't happen this would be a huge obstacle to the main character in resolving the puzzle To that effect a critical chapter could be longer as it seeks to capture as many answers as possible

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UnHappeningsBut the enigmatic young guide shares very little and the haggard incoherent elderly version of himself is even less reliable His search for answers takes him fifty two years forward in time where he finds himself stranded and aloneAnd then he meets HelenBrilliant hilarious and beautiful she captivates him But Nigel’s relationships always unhappen and if they ge. I got a copy from the publisher in exchange for an honest review35 stars rounded to 4 I uite enjoyed it overallThis novel is a tale of choices gone wrong of moments that could've been but had to be sacrificed of events that still left a sad taste even though they weren't that bad at first sight It's a tale of time travellers that are doomed to meet each other coming from different directions one gradually gaining insight he wouldn't have had if the other hadn't allowed him to grasp them first and conversely It's also a tale of love both doomed and stronger than everything A rather odd mix but one that I found intriguing and entertainingTime travel here isn't exactly the main focus although it's the main means Some of the motivators could be easily seen as self centered and selfish—and it isn't lost on the characters who admit it themselves at one point or another One of the interesting sides of the novel apart from the science fiction aspect is that it challenges human nature in several occasions and you easily find yourself wondering What decision would I have made in such circumstances Can I really blame this character for wanting that The scientific concepts behind time travel are never really explored in depth but somehow it doesn't really matter At least it didn't matter that much to me because important than that were the people the decisions they would make and how they would manage to cheat the space time continuum in order to get what they wanted—or had to do to prevent something really bad from happeningGranted when I say that scientifically time travel wasn't explored a lot it's not exactly true We don't get explanations about how the modules work but the reasoning behind the travels behind echoes of people being left in the timeline seemed believable and interestingAnother nice part of the book is how it appears as a puzzle and as a reader you have to piece things together Something mentioned in the very first chapters will make full sense only 150 pages later yet when it finally does you realise you were right in paying attention On the downside the explanation behind the unhappenings was perhaps a little too simple to my taste in that I actually wanted to see of let's say what was causing them Due to the first person point of view that adversary was painted in dark shades than light ones and I'm left wondering if things were supposed to unfold the way they did or if there wouldn't have been yet another way less dark I also thought that a few things went too fast towards the end a certain person breaking down for instance as this felt just bizarre and that the whole Project might have deserved being mentioned than just in passingNigel at times seemed somewhat callous—not an unexpected nor unforgiveable trait considering all the unhappenings; only a few events were brushed over eg his feelings regarding his parents and it was sometimes hard to decide whether he did things out of love and forced himself not to think of the impact on himself or had just lost the ability to feel I guess it's not exactly a defect as the context justifies it but at some moments I appreciated it and at others I didn't Same at the very end with Helen whose decision was I don't know both understandable and why on Earth did we do all that for if it was for things to come to this However as said at the beginning of my review I enjoyed the story nonetheless It probably also deserves to be revisited to see if I haven't missed anything between the lines