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Download The Ice Twins Epub ô 373 pages ´ Mbjuk ¶ A year after one of their identical twin daughters Lydia dies in an accident Angus and Sarah Moorcraft move to the tiny Scottish island Angus inherited from his grandmother hoping to put together the pieces of their shattered livesBut when their surviving daughter Kirstie Feeling isolated and Kirstie or is it Lydia? is growing disturbed When a violent storm leaves Sarah and her daughter stranded Sarah finds herself tortured by the past what really happened on that fateful day one of her daughters died Five things you need to know about The Ice Twins Teaser Review1 “Prepare to be haunted by The Ice Twins” – seeing that you may be blase Seen it all before Heard that than once But PAY ATTENTION If this book does not appear somewhere in some subconcious form or another in my dreams tonight I shall be very surprised2 Storytelling genius Really can’t tell you anything about it though It is obvious of course that there are twins involved and one dies and there seems to be some confusion over which one Apart from that though I would not give anything away You need to read it The pure and haunting prose and beautifully constructed plot will engage and enchant you at the same time as having you feeling vaguely afraid of something you can’t uite capture3 Atmosphere One of the most atmospheric and exuisite novels I have read for some time And I read a lot If I had to liken it to anything it would be The Shining Not in story form the two tales are poles apart But in sense and feeling and the odd sudden reading adrenalin rush that is the novel I would “twin” it with Yes I really did do that4 Don’t put it in a genre box I hate boxes for books But if I must this is not only a top notch highly readable and terribly addictive psychological thriller it also manages to be a pretty emotional and heart wrenching look at grief and survivor guilt However it is also many other things Clever and intuitive writing let it be what it is5 You will worry for the dog I’m not going to tell you whether or not that worry is justified because I really am that meanHighly Recommended 5 beautiful shiny stars and a puppy for this one

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A year after one of their identical twin daughters Lydia dies in an accident Angus and Sarah Moorcraft move to the tiny Scottish island Angus inherited from his grandmother hoping to put together the pieces of their shattered livesBu Firstly and mostly importantly thank you to a friend for my copy of the book you know who you areGosh Where do I start? I really wanted to like this I had seen a lot of 5 star ratings not read any reviews and thought I was in for a treat It started off well insofar as it drew me in uickly From the blurb we know that there is a tragedy from the outset A set of twins and one that dies under tragic circumstances The rest of the story is the aftermath between the parents and their rising anxiety as to which twin actually died as doubts begin to creep inI'm not going to go too much into the storyline I don't want to spoil it for anyone but a lot here didn't work for me Firstly it's meant to be creepy nope not for me it wasn't Then I suppose I was meant to feel some of the mother's anguish and despair as she comes to terms with her loss as a mother myself I couldn't uite get there Much lesser things have reduced me to a uivering wreck Here I found her character to be so unlikeable as the book progressed I actually stopped caring I couldn't feel anything for her The father wasn't much better seeking answers in the bottom of umpteen bottles and only managing to share a little of his woes with a best friend Woe betide the couple actually speak to each other? I mean why would they? Even in an argument you'd think something would come out? And then there were the twins I'm sorry to say I couldn't take to one the other both of them They felt a little too perfect too special too different too identical boy was that point driven home again and againNone of it gelled it all felt way too implausible and as for the settings in the Hebridean islands I struggled to visualise it all and yet I know what the Scottish isles look like The writing was really clunky at times throwing the flow off the storytelling The upshot is I couldn't immerse myself into this at all As the book went on I just wanted to get to the end for all the wrong reasons and was glad when it was over If anything this book felt like a tv movie and that's probably how it played out in my head There has been a lot of positivity about this book so I fully accept that it's probably just me and my take on thingsI'm sure and has been proven that many would enjoy this and suggest you see for yourselves Sadly it didn't work for me hence the 25 star rating

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The Ice TwinsT when their surviving daughter Kirstie claims they have mistaken her identity that she in fact is Lydia their world comes crashing down once againAs winter encroaches Angus is forced to travel away from the island for work Sarah is What did I just read? I did not like this book It seems I am almost the only one who didn't I didn't like the same things that the other four unfavorable reviews pointed out flat characters the nonsensical decision to move a grieving twin to an isolated islandwithout a boat non communicative parents but that was all part of the story and I don't need to like all the pieces or characters to enjoy the story I couldn't wait to read this because it had so much creepy potential As I was reading I came up with six or seven possible scenarios right away which I can't share because even though none of them happened letting you know that none of them happened would be spoilery Sadly I found this to be a boring plodding story with an odd unsatisfying explanation and ending 2 stars