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characters ↠ E-book, or Kindle E-pub ✓ S.K. Tremayne S feeling isolated and Kirstie or is it Lydia is growing disturbed When a violent storm leaves Sarah and her daughter stranded Sarah finds herself tortured by the past what really happened on that fateful day one of her daughters di. Five things you need to know about The Ice Twins Teaser Review1 “Prepare to be haunted by The Ice Twins” – seeing that you may be blase Seen it all before Heard that than once But PAY ATTENTION If this book does not appear somewhere in some subconcious form or another in my dreams tonight I shall be very surprised2 Storytelling genius Really can’t tell you anything about it though It is obvious of course that there are twins involved and one dies and there seems to be some confusion over which one Apart from that though I would not give anything away You need to read it The pure and haunting prose and beautifully constructed plot will engage and enchant you at the same time as having you feeling vaguely afraid of something you can’t uite capture3 Atmosphere One of the most atmospheric and exuisite novels I have read for some time And I read a lot If I had to liken it to anything it would be The Shining Not in story form the two tales are poles apart But in sense and feeling and the odd sudden reading adrenalin rush that is the novel I would “twin” it with Yes I really did do that4 Don’t put it in a genre box I hate boxes for books But if I must this is not only a top notch highly readable and terribly addictive psychological thriller it also manages to be a pretty emotional and heart wrenching look at grief and survivor guilt However it is also many other things Clever and intuitive writing let it be what it is5 You will worry for the dog I’m not going to tell you whether or not that worry is justified because I really am that meanHighly Recommended 5 beautiful shiny stars and a puppy for this one

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Summary The Ice Twins ↠ E-book, or Kindle E-pub á A year after one of their identical twin daughters Lydia dies in an accident Angus and Sarah Moorcraft move to the tiny Scottish island Angus inherited from his grandmother hoping to put together the pieces of their shattered livesBut when their surviving daughter Kirstie claims the A year after one of their identical twin daughters Lydia dies in an accident Angus and Sarah Moorcraft move to the tiny Scottish island Angus inherited from his grandmother hoping to put together the pieces of their shattered livesB. ‘You keep saying she’s dead but she comes back to play with me she was here she was at school she plays with me she is my sister it doesn’t matter if she’s dead she’s still here still here I’m here we are here – why do you keep saying we’re dead when we’re not we’re not we’re not’ This was a fantastically atmospheric book about mistaken twin identities fraught with tension I absolutely loved the depiction of a family broken apart by grief and the portrait of a marriage simmering with resentment and suspicion Unlike another book about twins which we shall never mention again the setup for mistaken identities in this book was altogether believable ‘Mummy why do you keep calling me Kirstie’I say nothing The silence is ringing I speak‘Sorry sweetheart What’‘Why do you keep calling me Kirstie Mummy Kirstie is dead It was Kirstie that died I’m Lydia’ Sarah and Angus had the perfect marriage the picture perfect family with beautiful blonde identical twin daughters Lydia and Kirstie This is in the past tense because as we start the book this beautiful family is in pieces Their daughter Lydia is dead fallen off a balcony in a tragic accident The family has since unraveled Angus Gus has lost his job Everyone goes through the grieving process differently and Gus took his out through anger specifically through punching his boss Conseuently he lost his job and they're on the verge of bankruptcyThrough a bit of luck Angus has inherited an old house on a deserted Scottish isle It is miles from nowhere totally secluded They will be completely isolated but with each other for company It could be a place for healing but there are hidden dangers to a place so distant from society ‘In Skye no one can hear you scream half the houses along the shore are empty Holiday homes In winter the tide will come in cold and lethal you’d drown’ It's not like they have a choice because this really is their last resort No money Barely existing due to their grief Kirstie Sarah and Angus have no other choiceAs if the move isn't bad enough Angus and Sarah as faced with the uestion of which twin actually died Was it Sarah or Kirstie In their grief they never thought to uestion the fact that the surviving twin declared that it was her sister who died No fingerprints were taken And now they're left with a daughter who insists that she is her dead sister Kirstie starts howling she falls back onto the bed flailing her arms tantruming like a two year old Her scream is terrible and rending her wails are desperate; but I can distinctly hear the words‘Mummy Mummy Mummy Who am I’ And now Sarah is left alone to deal with her daughter's griefand maybe something else There’s a folded note on the bed A noteMy heart sends out the alarm The note has big childish letters on the frontTo MummyMy fingers are trembling – and I am not sure why – when I open the note and read And now my heart trembles tooMummy She is in here with us Kirstie Child psychologists can offer their opinions as much as they want but they don't have to live with a child who is slowly going mad and her parents who are in their own way going mad too Sarah and Angus' marriage is unraveling fast Sarah is filled with resentment towards her husband and he is filled with anger towards his wifean anger that threatens to overflow into violence He’d loved her too loved her just as much as Sarah Yet somehow his grief was deemed as lesser Somehow the mother’s grief was seen as important she was the one allowed to crack up she was the one given permission to cry she was the one allowed to agonize for months about her favourite OK he’d lost his job but he’d kept looking for work through the agony and almost none of it was his fault This was the enraging thing She was far to blame infinitely He wanted to hurt his wife for what happened Punish her Hurt her badlyWhy not His daughter was dead The book isn't perfect but it was altogether enjoyable and kept me guessing til the end

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The Ice TwinsUt when their surviving daughter Kirstie claims they have mistaken her identity that she in fact is Lydia their world comes crashing down once againAs winter encroaches Angus is forced to travel away from the island for work Sarah i. Lydia and Kirstie were identical twin girls but one tragic night one of them dies Thus starts the gripping and creepy story about what really happened The girls parents Angus and Sarah are having some financial troubles so they decide to move out to an island that Angus grandmother owned Before they moved to the island Kirstie started acting strange She started acting like her sister Lydia It gets so bad they have to call her Lydia at the new school they enroll her in and try to keep up the facade But things just get odd by the minute Let me tell you this book is totally creepy I mean you just can't help getting creeped out at some things And the revelations were messed up I mean the reasons for the child's death in the first place are just beyond my reasoning MY BLOG Melissa Martin's Reading List