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READ & DOWNLOAD Vandal Ashes Embers #2 î PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB Ê She takes my breath away She’s so beautifully damaged A mirror of my own tortured soul I was powerless to stay away from her I was responsible for all the pain and grief that brought her to her knees in front of me Broken Hopeless Reckless in heAbout Together we spun a tangled web of lust and need Power and submission And dare I say trust and love We’re everything right in all our wrongs We found redemption We found happiness A chance for a new beginning but she has no idea I’m the one who destroyed her life Vandal is a dark romance with light BDSM He is emotionally damaged and manipulative but sti. 45 starsI’d just finished a very dark and powerful series and wanted something lighter This book was not really lighter stuff but it won me over from the very beginning I loved the characters I was impressed by the author’s talent as she wrote about a heavy topic grief with such accuracy and avoided any pathos She strung heavy gut wrenching scenes together with erotic BDSM but also cute as a pie life moments Everything flowed effortlessly and I was captivated with this intense read Honestly it was a very good surprise I had teary eyes then a goofy smile just to need a cold shower some minutes laterThis is the second book in the Ash Ember series and our main character is the enigmatic and distant Vandal We learn right from the start how Vandal had an accident killing his daughter and the other car’s driver Abandoned by his father when he was very young he had a very difficult childhood and learned to cope with drugs alcohol and sex He’s been clean for his daughter but now he is riddled with guilt and is simply drowning”I know I did I killed my friend too and I killed my daughter The most precious thing to ever be in my life I live with that every day I can barely look at myself”He turns his back to his family and friends ever the loner falling in a dark dark pit of despair Only Evie barrels through his door to take care of his house gifting him with an incredible little friend a blind cat I’m a sucker for animals and let me just tell you Carian had me in a puddle with this adorable kitten That’s true that our furry friends help us overcome depression and difficulties It was simply a melting sight this big hot tatted man holding that small tortured cat in his huge hands wanting to protect him That’s maybe 100% cliché but how could any hot blooded woman resist this You tell meHell bent on self destruction path Vandal will meet Tabitha devastated by her husband’s death He was the other car’s driver The one Vandal killedFascinated with the woman jealous of the love she gave to her late husband and responsible for her pain Vandal wants to help Tabitha to feel and live again Tabi loves angels cookies photography She’s the sweet next door girl Vandal iscomplicated He has a dark side always attracted to the forbidden « I like doing what I’m not supposed to be doing and I especially like doing things I’m not supposed to do to Tabi Being bad can be very very good”I won’t develop the plot further let’s just say their relationship was unconventional twisted and beautiful Deeper than what Vandal planned ”Do I want to be like Storm Having a girl with me all the time Holding my hand and being all smiley and cutesy and disappearing in dark corners together No I want the evil twin version of that I want a live in sub who gives herself to me whenever I want or need her I want her to only want me only need me and be bound to me forever I want her to trust me without uestion or hesitation and accept me no matter what”I also got a BIG surprise by the end something I never saw coming and I love when authors surprise me like thatIf you love twisted hot heroes suffering from abandonment issues and BDSM adepts if you love delicate and touching heroines with some tricks in their bags you’ll love VandalNow Carian I’ve got a very important uestion for you do you have any spare “Get Vandalized” T shirt left I bet I would look awesome in it ;

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Ll wants love This book deals with death grief deception substance abuse depression and graphic sex If this is not your thing you can skip this book and move onto the next in the series and you will not be lost or miss anything in the series Vandal is not the sweetheart that the other guys in Ashes Embers are but even the dark and damaged deserve to be loved righ. Gah I really enjoyed book 1 but I can’t do this I read 50% had to skim to the end to just see how it finished SPOILERS AHEADIt started off okay and I thought it was going to be a great story about a broken hero finding love but it went downhill fast Vandal is the driver in an accident that kills his 5 year old daughter and a friend Tabitha is grieving the loss of her husband who was the victim in the other car Vandal starts stalking Tabi and after approaching her at the cemetery he asks her to go for a ride He takes her home fucks her asks her to stay and they start a Ds relationship WHAT And yes you guessed it the whole time she isn’t aware that he was the driver of the car that killed her husband Oy The Ds stuff was bad and if you like to read this topic there is better stuff out there to read The way they hooked up was so wrong and far fetched I couldn’t invest in them at all I just couldn’t get past not liking either character so it ruined the story for me This could have been great and as I said I liked book 1 but this was a major miss I hope I enjoy Lukas’s book

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Vandal Ashes Embers #2She takes my breath away She’s so beautifully damaged A mirror of my own tortured soul I was powerless to stay away from her I was responsible for all the pain and grief that brought her to her knees in front of me Broken Hopeless Reckless in her agony But what I took away I can give backin ways she cannot even begin to imagine Ways that I can’t stop thinking. 45 Get Vandalized stars This is a story of loss grief and love Vandal and Tabi have something in common They both lost someone dearest to them But that incident brought them together Will they be able to fix each other and heal or will the wounds get deeper when secrets are going to get revealed The ties that bind us each to one another may not always be visible but they’re there like thin transparent veins I don’t know why but this is one vein I don’t want to slit Vandal had me in between two emotions throughout my reading experience One of them was pain This book has an incredible heart breaking story that will make you need tissues You will feel a deep sorrow for Vandal's character you will be in pain for his loss and when you'll get to know what he's been through past and present It won't be easy but it will be beautiful He is mine and I am his I am his heart He is my armor The other emotion that went through me was this This book had some really hot sex scenes It will have you swooning over Vandal especially if you love reading about dominant long haired tatted rockstars who love BDSM If you're into this kind of books then you can go for itI enjoyed the writing once again and I loved the twist in the last chapter of the book I always love it when I end up getting surprised I admit that I was suspicious of something but I'm glad to say that it wasn't what I expected so thumbs up for surprising and confusing me at the same time Vandal is the second part of the Ashes Embers series but can be read as a stand alone as well Totally recommended