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Summary ✓ Heaven Sent (Oblivion on Tour, #1) É PDF, DOC, TXT, eBook or Kindle ePUB free × Ash and Eve were high school sweethearts who were very much in love But fate intervened and they were torn apart when Ash got an opportunity of a lifetime to become part of an up and coming hOr will history repeat itself and tear them apart again Warning This story is a rock star erotic romance It contains hot rock stars sizzling sexual encounters and language that you would expect from heavy rock musicians used to a life of sex booze and rock and roll This novel contains graphic love scenes and is strictly adult only This novel is Part 1 of the 'Oblivion On Tour' Series However it can be read as a stand alone and specifically follows Ash and Eve's story Other books in the series follow the other band members and their uests for lo. Being a rock star isn't all that when you don't get to keep your soul mate Ash and Angel AKA Eve were high school sweethearts She knew he would make it big one day and was supportive of his career Ash seen a different side of being in the public eye and broke it off with Angel so that she could have the life she deserved finish college etc I can understand to a point why he did what he did but he suffered if not as much as she did while they were separated for seven yearsA chance encounter has them meeting again Can they rekindle their relationship a second time or will the limelight still hurt their chance at being in a relationship This story was really good and I can not wait to read the other books in this series cause I truly loved the storyline and the chemistry between Ash and Angel and I know that Trixie and Nikki as well as the other band members have a story of their own to tell Oblivion band if real would be a band to see on tour I highly recommend this book to others who love reading about rock bands

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Ch other Seven years later they have a surprise chance meeting neither of them can deny the strong pull they still have towards each other and they can’t resist the sizzling chemistry that continues to exist between them They decide to try and rekindle their relationship This is a story about the fun times that Ash and Eve have rediscovering each other but it’s also about the struggles and challenges of them trying to merge two very different lifestyles What obstacles will be thrown their way and will they be able to make it work this time. Always have been Always will beI really enjoyed reading Heaven Sent and I'm impressed it was a debut novel While it's not necessarily a bad thing it does take some getting used to that it's written in a formal type British style I must also confess that it felt like a guilty pleasure read somewhat due to some of the predictability It's like I knew what was coming and yet I still raced to get there waiting to experience that sigh of enjoyment when my guesses were confirmed I totally dug all the music industry rockstar tour bus backstage groupie sex drugs and rock 'n' roll experience I was like a kid with candy bouncing around on a sugar high as I flipped the pages of my kindle I loved the second chance romance aspect of the main characters having been high school sweethearts who sacrificed their love for his music career It's like you don't have to wait for them to fall in love and complain about it being instant They started out in love and we then go through the break up and their chance meeting seven years later It totally creates an excitement as you know it's coming as you wait for them to see each other again It's like you are peeking through the pages of your kindle watching them to see if there is any recognition trying to determine if they still have feelings for each other Of course we want to see fireworks go off and it's a blast to wait for it to happen The anticipation is half the fun right I totally enjoyed the support characters as well and I look forward to seeing of them in the upcoming books Fortunately there are sexy rock stars in Oblivion and I'm ready to go on tour with them again

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Heaven Sent Oblivion on Tour #1Ash and Eve were high school sweethearts who were very much in love But fate intervened and they were torn apart when Ash got an opportunity of a lifetime to become part of an up and coming hard rock band called Oblivion He went away on tour and the band ultimately became very successful Eve stayed back at college to make the most of her scholarship and complete her business studies degree They tried to make their relationship work long distance but were unsuccessful leaving them both devastated and heart broken Neither of them ever got over ea. Steamy Sexy Hot Engaging Sweet Gripping A Awesome Read I Loved It