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Believing Lies Free read ✓ PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB ✓ Sienna Trudeau is only months away from getting married and starting her senior year of college In her eyes everything is going perfectly—until she discovers she’s wrongBroken hearted and betrayed she moves in with her cousin Sophie Sienna isn’t ready for anotherFate have a sneaky way of breaking down even the best defensesSienna has a secret she’s not ready to reveal What she doesn’t know is the price of her hesitation A string of misunderstandings that tear them apartDeceptions and betrayals that cut too deepA vicious lie that even the truth may never f. 375 to 4 Stars Sienna had her life all set Engaged planning her wedding – her future with a man that she thought she’d spend a lifetime with You can imagine the shock she felt when she walks in on Trenton in bed with another woman Leaving her apartment to hide away at her cousin Sophie’s place she is pushed to start living again She never imagined that the man that she met in the bar that called her Princess was going to become such a big part of her life post Trenton She never imagined falling so hard for a man who could break her so much than she had already been fractured by Trenton’s betrayal Adam is a man whore It was instant love with this reader When his cousin Conner is swept up into a romance with Sophie he finds himself constantly surrounded by Sienna A woman he shouldn’t want because when he met her she had a huge rock on her hand – but now she’s available and their just friends arrangement is going up in flames uickly as the tension heats between them Adam doesn’t do relationships he is a hit it uit it type of guy As these two finally give into their attraction they are constantly battling their inability to avoid assumptions allowing their imagination and insecurities wedge them apart For Sienna she’s already had her heart broken by a man she thought loved her; giving her full trust to a man is not something that she is eager to do even if he already owns her heart For Adam his past leads him to a dark place where nothing sticks Protecting himself from being left has ensured he was the one that always left first Trying to be something in order to get the girl he wants shines a light on his insecurities and lashing out when he is hurting is the only way he knowsThey both must learn to have a little faith in what they feel and not jump to conclusions By giving in to their feelings there is a chance that they’ll experience the kind of love that comes around once in a lifetime One storyline that I cannot resist in a romance is a reformed man whore The of a slut the hero is the I am going to swoon Give this girl a man that sleeps with half the female population and my heart goes pitter patter and my panties get wet It’s part of the fantasy And he’s a wink er Gotta say hot as hell when that sly cocky smirk shows up and is followed by a wink Panty drop inducing eye twitches yep Knees weakThis was a fantastic debut novel The angst level was high through the entire ride and although there were some typical romance moments and story twists that took place these are twists that us readers love They are a regular occurrences in the world of romance because they work A reformed man whore friends to lovers romance and few twists on a love story that ensures that you are kept fully entertained and captivated to the story Adam was unexpected as a hero When I expected him to do one thing he’d surprise me with his ability to give her space to sort it all out So why not stars Part of me felt like there were two stories at play The first half and the second half From the way Sienna was at the onset of this relationship to the way she was at the end it just changed a bit of the feel of the story Most of the high drama moments occur at the end of this story forcing a reader to continue on to get to those moments I can only hope that the readers do just that it is worth it As a debut novel this was a fantastic start There were just some things that kept me from embracing it fully because there was a 5 star potential with the punch that this story packed And the tough part is is that I can’ fully put my finger on exactly what kept me falling completely into the story I just know that there was something that did Graphics to be posted at a later date Damn internet is all over the place but for those who are also Facebook Friends you view them on my profile for now

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He attraction she feels towards Adam Korbell Sienna desperately fights her growing feelings for the cocky sexy tattooed guy who’s only interested in meaningless sex Meanwhile Adam attempts to resist the allure of the feisty blonde who has no intention of becoming his next one night stand But love and. Believing Lies generously provided by the author in exchange for an honest review4 What's Meant To Be Will Be Stars Believing Lies by Rachel Everleigh turned into the most delightful surprise of my weekend When asked if I’d be interested in reviewing this book the cover and blurb immediately drew me to the book Upon starting the story I got slightly worried this was going to be another typical bad boy falls in love with good girl story My worries were confirmed because Adam certainly is a bad boy and Sienna certainly is a good girl However I found Everleigh’s easy first person prose stellar writing and nuanced new adult story to have some surprises I didn’t seem coming some angst I thoroughly enjoyed and some sweet and funny moments for all of her characters Adam and Sienna’s story starts off with a witty first encounter providing the catalyst for a witty fun and flirty friendship Their immediate attraction palpates right off the pages and the reader can’t deny their chemistry Sienna’s not in a position to progress anything romantic with Adam while he struggles to identify the intense feelings he gets when she’s around Their friendship fills the reader with uick wit and banter playful fighting and some intense moments calling into the uestion their motives Sparks eventually fly and the author maintains the same charisma and charm from the both of them However love isn’t easy for Adam and Sienna They’ve both been burned by their pasts forcing each of them to be very uick to jump to conclusions about the other Their trust and loyalty constantly uestioned While reading a few instances arose where I began skimming through because Sienna’s inner monologues became a bit daunting and forced Back and forth she went making assumptions based on nothing it turns out only ending burning them in the end The choices each of them makes the secrets the hasty reactions all felt natural to me uick assumptions are a part of life and I completely related to the characters on that front However the heroine’s stubborn demeanor and automatic reflex to run first without asking uestions became too much for me at times that I wanted to shake her rather than sympathize with her The angst of the book became a prerogative of the heroine rather than the reader to me a few times Although I enjoyed the angst I felt her monologues could have been reduced and the effectiveness of the angst to the reader still present In contrast though there wasn't a lot of delving into the characters pasts besides the honestly they both gave each other about them I enjoyed that they didn't come from these really dark places and each had some good I’d be remiss not to mention the extraordinary cast of secondary characters Adam and Sienna have a great group of friends Sophie provides excellent comedic commentary and Connor is a typical guy’s best friend at the most important times Sienna’s ex provides great angst as well as her Mother For a debut novel I’m beyond impressed with Believing Lies Rachel Everleigh wrote an entertaining angsty fun New Adult novel Nothing from the characters felt abnormal Their reactions were not unusual so the angst was real It was the moving on from the angst that got me However it definitely did not detract from my overall appreciation of this author’s writing and structured story Her ability to engage her audience and draw readers into the book excelled She certainly knows how to provide a well rounded story with humor passion sadness and joy expertly woven throughout And a totally swoon worthy epilogue which always leaves me reeling I’m so excited to have read Believing Lies and to have met Adam and Sienna Their story provided me a Sunday full of great reading I definitely look forward to from this great new author Look for my review at She Reads New Adult Book Blog

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Believing LiesSienna Trudeau is only months away from getting married and starting her senior year of college In her eyes everything is going perfectly until she discovers she’s wrongBroken hearted and betrayed she moves in with her cousin Sophie Sienna isn’t ready for another relationship But she can’t deny t. 4 FORTUNE COOKIES STARS ★★★★With a debut novel there is really no way of knowing what to expect While I did find the storyline to be rather predictable for me I still enjoyed this uick fun read which was filled with just a right amount of angst humor and love Believing Lies starts off with Sienna who believed that her life was working out perfectly Only months away from getting married her perfect world is shattered when she finds out that her fiancé has been cheating on her In an attempt to mend her broken heart she moved in with her perky cousin Sophie and a girls' night out at the bar has brought Sienna colliding with Adam the sexy tattooed playerNot eager to jump into any relationships after a betrayal Sienna keeps her heart guarded but cannot deny the attraction she feels for Adam A no strings attached guy like Adam is eually attracted to Sienna but knows she isn't just another notch on his bedpost An attempt to keep their relationship at arms' length begins with them as friends but slowly turns into much once both defenses are torn down Honestly I've been avoiding NA contemporary reads like a plague these days especially when nothing sticks out with all the overly common and clichéd plots I will admit that this one is no exception to the case as the 'friends become lovers' plot is something I've come across one too many times However I do appreciate that the author did try to twist some things up in an overused plot to make it a much refreshing and enjoyable read for me I enjoyed that there was no insta love one of my huge pet peeves and the development in Adam Sienna's relationship progressed realistically especially in this scenario with Sienna just coming out from a failed engagement I also enjoyed the little touch that the author put in with the fortune cookies ♥ If you desire something you've never had you will have to do something you've never done Another winning point for me was also how lovable the secondary characters are Sophie and her boyfriend Connor who is also Adam's best friend really brought on some great humor to the read and was ever ready to give the two MC's the push they needed My only complaint would be that the dramaconflicts that arose came off rather predictable clichéd for me As y'all know I'm uite the angst whore so I like it when my drama llama throws me off unexpectedly However this is just my personal taste Those who love them angst in small doses will enjoy this one Overall Believing Lies is a uick fun read for anyone who enjoys reading that 'friends to lovers' plot Sienna and Adam's story comes with many ups and downs filled with love and some heartbreak Throw in some witty banters great humor and the right amount of steam this debut novel was a fun light one to read ARC provided by author in exchange for an honest review