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review A Notorious Ruin The Sinclair Sisters #2 × eBook or Kindle ePUB ô All the widowed Lucy Sinclair Wilcott wants is to save enough money to move to a cottage of her own and keep her younger sister safe from the conseuences of their father’s poor judgment No one is aware than she how thoroughly her first mT is wrong The very last woman he thought he was interested in proves to be a brilliant amusing arousing woman of deep honor who is everything he wants in a lover for the rest of his life If only he can convince her of that. Another great story by Carolyn Jewel While I didn't enjoy this one as much as Lord Ruin it was still a really good readThe Maruess of Thrale funny how I don't think his first name is ever mentionedif it was I completely missed it and the widow Lucy Sinclair Wilcott are a very interesting couple This was most definitely not your typical Regency romance I honestly don't think I have ever read a book that centered so much on a sport that I really can't abide and yet I found it so very interesting Lucy is a very strong character for all that she hides her true self behind a facade meant to fool the entire world into seeing her in a certain light Even Lord Thrale is fooled at first and as a result dismisses her from any serious consideration until by chance he glimpses something that everyone else seems to be missingincluding most of her own familyI loved the progression of romance and character build in this installment The build up to their romantic entanglement is great and once they actually get togethercombustible The only real complaint I had with this book was how uickly everything gets resolved I honestly kept thumbing through my reader assuming there had to be a couple of missing chapters On a side noteLucy's father deserves to be drawn and uartered and it disturbs me that sister's that seemed close wouldn't be forthright with each other

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Ghly her first marriage ruined her She could not remarry if she wanted to Then the Maruess of Thrale comes to visit and long absent feelings of desire surge backEverything Lord Thrale believes about the beautiful Mrs Wilcot. Lucy and Thrale A notorious widow in a small village meets her match with a notorious maruess Sparks fly and passions are ignited The poor Sinclair sisters have the worst most selfish and self centered father imaginable To say he is loathsome would be charitable I have now completed the three book series Color me impressed I loved all three installments

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A Notorious Ruin The Sinclair Sisters #2All the widowed Lucy Sinclair Wilcott wants is to save enough money to move to a cottage of her own and keep her younger sister safe from the conseuences of their father’s poor judgment No one is aware than she how thorou. This is a re read I first read it waaaay back when before I had Goodreads I picked it up again because I saw a flurry of posts about the fact that Jewel has sent the third book in this series Surrender to Ruin to her editor On which note give me Emily’s book give it to me now grabby hands I was invested in the outcome of Emily and Bracebridge by the end of Lord Ruin Lord Ruin which I finally read earlier this year and I had forgotten that this book also dedicated some space to them so now I’m even wound up Anyway onto A Notorious Ruin This made a much bigger impact on me second time around I am a big Jewel historicals fan She writes very period appropriate books which are subtle and multi layered This one is a great example of all of that at work In some ways very conventional historical romance going from front room to ballroom to gardens and so on But there’s an unusual element running through this book namely the focus on pugilism Nothing too much happens in the book there’s no massive drama or mystery or scary villain who isn’t really scary This is just about two characters and their romance And when that’s done right it’s great And Jewel has done it right Lucy the heroine was essentially sold into marriage with a leading boxer by her father The boxer a man risen from dirt poor to wealthy on the basis of his skill with his fists is far far beneath her class and the rumours swirled that she ran off with him or was seduced or perhaps did the seducing She came to love him though and through him the craft of boxing and the various men engaged in the sport When her husband suddenly dies she is forced back to her father’s house Some people shun her because of their perceptions about her marriage and thus her character It’s argued by them that she surely cannot come back from such a match I suppose on the basis that once a woman has lowered herself to such levels she cannot simply return to the class from which she came However thanks to her well connected relatives she is still accepted into society by and large although the slights when they come are not small or insignificant For this reason amongst others Lucy wants to be alone She loved her husband she misses him and the responsibility and independence she obtained in being married to him and she can talk to no one about it because he is not spoken of in polite circles She also needs to be away from her drunk irresponsible father She is tired of the face she must put on for the world around her as expert as she has become at maintaining it She’s concealing who she is and her frustration at the façade is palpable In spite of all she's going through she is trying to stay strong I liked her character very muchThrale our hero is less complex He’s an earl who loves to box and watch boxing and talk about it He’s acuainted with Lucy but finds her the least interesting of the Sinclair sisters He thinks she is boring and probably stupid albeit very beautiful Then he starts to see what no one else sees That she is hiding her true self And he likes her true self very much They talk about pugilism They spar together a very hot non sex sex scene She can talk about her husband with him And they share the same tastes in bed Thrale likes it rough and dirty and so does she On which note The sex My goodness the sex Slowly Thrale falls in love with Lucy and she falls for him too He brings her out of herself They learn about one another They grow together She lets the mask drop and it’s wonderful to read aboutSo I’ve pretty much raved so far Why isn’t this five stars It’s on the cusp However I thought Lucy’s realisation or perhaps her acceptance of the fact that she’s in love with Thrale and wants to be with him in spite of the obstacles and her original plan for a little cottage on her own was hugely underplayed It almost felt like she was marrying him because an incident late on view spoiler her despicable father stole all of her money hide spoiler