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characters Gateway (Gateway Series, #1) ↠ eBook, PDF or Kindle ePUB ✓ Tyler Stone has always been a loyal soldier a good soldier for the Xen Empire and—based upon recent events in his life—it seems as though the world in which he’s always lived has finally started to pay him back A promotion an engagemenTyler Stone has always been a loyal soldier a good soldier for the Xen Empire and based upon recent events in his life it seems as though the world in which he’s always lived has finally started to pay him back A promotion an engagement to a beautiful and powerful woman and the. Great book After reading a couple of chapters you begin to believe you know the characters and world yourself I recommend you start reading during the weekend because Gateway is hard to put down you will want to stay up past your normal bedtime to read just one chapter

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Om the same people who are his sworn enemies As he struggles to understand the nature of the war his home planet has been waging for so many generations Stone must accept that his fate is his responsibility alone He is willing to die for his country; is he willing to kill for it t. I loved the military part of this story as well as the characters There was an interesting balance between earned rank and privilege due to family status The main protagonist had to navigate both these realms and it was interesting to see how the story unfolded and which way the character would lean when these two worlds conflicted By the end of the book there was uite an interesting array of secondary characters that I can't wait to read about in subseuent books I am especially eager to learn about Emily's character and see how it plays out especially with regard to Tyler Stone and the decisions he's made It was a great first book and it definitely left me wanting I will be eagerly awaiting the next in line

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Gateway Gateway Series #1Restoration of his family's honor But this newfound prestige comes with a price and Stone is soon ordered to carry out a fool's mission by a commander who is unfit to lead Amidst the decimation of his battalion his eyes are opened to the truth via a most unlikely source a woman fr. I downloaded Gateway completely on a whim I love military sci fi and am always looking for new books in the genre This book popped up on a list of recommendations and I thought the blurb sounded fascinating so I figured why not I'm so glad I took that chance This is easily one of the best books I've read in the genrein fact I'd even say it's the best book I've read in a while It succeeds in all aspects and provides an entertaining satisfying reading experience Spoilers followTyler Stone is a dedicated soldier who loves his people and the Xen Empire Although he's aware of some of the flaws in Alpha Humana's political structure he genuinely believes in the superiority of his societyespecially when faced with war from the Terillians another group of humans that have a completely different set of values He finds his loyalty tested when a member of the enemy's forces a woman no less tells him a devastating secret about the empire that he's built his life and career defending Will he continue to serve the Xen Or will he turn his back on his people and side with the TerilliansThe story to put it simply is great It's strong well paced interesting and unpredictable I can't rave enough about it It doesn't follow the typical military sci fi tropes and always keeps you intrigued flipping through the pages to read just one chapter Also while it's intended to be the start of a series it's a satisfying complete story on its own Dorsey doesn't resort to some of the normal tricks to get people to read the seuel You know the kind I'm referring to a cliff hanger ending an ending that doesn't actually provide any sort of closure a sudden turn in the last page that's meant to keep you readingGateway is above needing those gimmicks If you don't want to commit to a series you can finish this book and feel like you got a solid story out of it I don't know who wouldn't want to read the next novel though There are too many intriguing concepts and ideas that are presented to not want and I was certainly hooked by the epilogue This is one of the tightest most complete plots I've seen in a single book in a long time and I enjoyed every moment of itWhat really makes Gateway stand out is the writing Dorsey's writing style is wonderfully fluid and easy to read He has a knack for describing his world without being verbose which gives us a book that has a rich setting complete with history culture and technology for the various groups presented with none of the fluff that often accompanies such depth Dorsey never dumps information on the reader and keeps things moving at a fluid pace seamlessly weaving background information into the story without bogging the book down The dialogue is natural and snappy never feeling forced or stilted The characters speak and converse the way one would expect real people to and I found myself often impressed by the easy flow of the many discussions and prose The author also succeeds in setting up the various scenarios again without making anything feel forced or contrived Situations flow into one another and have conseuences that then lead into something else; the writing is so smooth that it's difficult to want to put the book down not just because the story is exciting but because the writing and presentation is so enjoyable In short Dorsey's writing helps everything fall into place fitting the puzzle pieces of the book together to create a cohesive genuinely satisfying storyI very much enjoyed the world presented in Gateway it's just the right blend of futuristic and modernthat is it is advanced enough to be clear that it's very much in the future but is still grounded enough to be familiar so the reader isn't lost in strange new technology The different races are interesting and uniue and the two human groups are vastly different from one another As mentioned above Dorsey does a fantastic job of integrating his descriptions of the tech and cultures into the story so you definitely get a strong feel for the world while being enthralled with the plot I'd even go as far as to say that this is one of the best developed sci fi worlds I've read recently it's interesting it's different and it's portrayed in a manner that makes it feel fully realized without taking away from the characters and storyOn a random story related note I found it very refreshing that the protagonist came from the group that had restrictive views A lot of the sci fi I've read features a protagonist from a progressive society with gender euality and merit based leadership positions at least as far as the military is concernedpolitics is always a mixed bag no matter the universe it seems with the antagonists being well not as forward thinking in their views So it was a nice change to see the sides flipped and I think Alpha Humana's ways being presented so positively through Stone's eyes in the beginning makes both his personal journey and the story as a whole interesting With Stone's life being such a caustic blend of politics and military it's fascinating to see his opinion gradually shift as he learns about both his and the Terillians' culturesCharacter wise Gateway features a truly believable cast of characters You'll only need to read a couple chapters before you're completely caught up in who they are and what they're doing Dorsey breathes life into each character and I was pleased to see that archetypes were avoided leaving us with an intriguing group of individuals Many of the characters are painted in shades of grey most of the good guys aren't sueaky clean and many of the bad guys have individual positive attributes There are also characters that come off as so deliciously despicable that they're enjoyable to read for that reason alone I was pleased to see that most of the characters have varied backgrounds that have realistically shaped who they've become sadly it seems like not all authors realize that a character's past can greatly affect themDorsey isn't one of these authors There wasn't a single character that I thought was boring or underdeveloped; they're all just right and I was pleased to note all of them experienced character growth throughout the novel again it's surprising how often I find myself complaining about this in other novels I'm invested in Stone Mori Emily and the rest of the characters and can't wait to see where the next book takes themOn a personal note I have to applaud the author for managing to change my opinion of certain characters Honestly both Emily and Mori rubbed me the wrong way when they were introduced they were a little too aggressive and in your face for me I'm generally the type of person that has an opinion formed about a character pretty uickly from the first impression I get from them yes shame on me and it's fairly difficult for my opinion to be swayed but this book managed to do it By the end of the novel I was not only rooting for these two characters to survive and succeeded in their individual journeys but they had also become some of my favourite heroines in sci fi They're both incredibly strong female characters with depth and individual growth and the author does a fantastic job of presenting them in a manner that's both believable and interestingMy one singular complaint with this book deals with the romance I'm typically the type of person that wants romance kept far far away from the books that I'm reading I usually don't like it but deal with it because it's incredibly rare to find a novel that doesn't feature romance in some form Gateway is no exception I'll preface my complaint by saying that I ended up enjoying the dynamic between Stone and Moribut I ultimately felt like their falling in love happened a bit too fast Granted they're stuck together on a barely settled planet for a couple weeks but it seems like their relationship doesn't really happen until Mori tells Stone about her past and her family they save a village from slavers and then bam They're madly in love to the point that Stone can't fathom living without his Terillian companion Like I said I actually really enjoyed their romance after the annoyance of how uickly it developed wore off but I'd have liked to see a gradual development especially given how devoted to the Xen Empire and his way of life that Stone was It's a fairly minor gripe considering how well the pair works together and based off of that how believable their relationship is For those who enjoy romance you'll probably love it regardless For those like me who aren't a big fan of it you'll probably like it too; while it leads to a major turning in Stone's beliefs Dorsey doesn't let it dominate the story Make no mistake it's important but there are a lot of other significant things going on and the author is careful not to let Stone's romance eat up pages than it should There are also some other interesting relationships such as that between Emily and her ex husband that aren't what you'd expect and I found myself uite intrigued with them despite my normal dislike for all things romanticGateway has a little something for everyone Compelling main character that actually grows throughout the story Check Interesting secondary characters that don't operate in simple black and white terms Yup An unpredictable well paced story that keeps you turning pages and doesn't rely on gimmicks to get you read the next book Absolutely Solid world building without info dumping Check Great writing Check An intriguing balance of politics and military Check Military action and adventure Definitely Interesting new technology and science Check Romance Yes Varied races and cultures Check Strong female characters You bet What can I say This book is amazing and I'm glad I took a chance and read it I'd happily recommend it to anyoneso what are you waiting for A five star readThis review is also posted on com