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Till offer åt MolokE thanks to a jealous rival she now stands alone against a killer who brings death to young and old spawned by a horrifying crime that festers after one hundred years on ic. Middle of the road Swedish thriller occasionally odd dialog and actions of not great characters Not very memorable

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Summary Ò Till offer åt Molok 102 ã At the end of a deadly bear hunt across the wilderness of Northern Sweden the successful hunters are shaken by a horrifying discovery Across in Kurravaara a woman is murdered with horrific brutality crude abuse scrawled above her bloodied bed her young grandson nowhere to be found Only Rebecka Martinsson sees At the end of a deadly bear hunt across the wilderness of Northern Sweden the successful hunters are shaken by a horrifying discovery Across in Kurravaara a woman is murder. Opening in the remote arctic north of Sweden close to Lapland with a bewitching hunt for a wounded bear at large through the woodlands the discovery that its stomach contains not only the fur of a recently consumed dog but what are very clearly human remains spreads like wildfire From this startling introduction the pace turns decidedly sedate and almost flounders as readers are introduced to District Prosecutor Rebecka Martinsson and her former childhood community of Kiruna Languidly narrated Larsson takes time to set the stall out; providing background on Martinsson and her history former lawyer turned prosecutor whilst also initiating two split timelines centering on the intergenerational plight of one family one from the turn of the century 1914 and one unravelling in the present day Although these differing timelines are not specifically marked for the readers ease this hardly matters as a truly immersive story segues from one to the other with seamless proficiencySeveral months after the discovery of the bear's stomach contents shocks hunters in nearby Kurravaara the multiple stab wounds that puncture the body of sixty year old Sol Britt Uusitalo horrify Martinsson but the word 'whore' emblazoned above her bed seems to echo the spiteful thoughts of a hostile local community Regarded as an outsider with a reputation with men and alcohol Sol Britt lived alone with her seven year old grandson Marcus When her savaged corpse is discovered young Marcus is eventually found hiding in a dog kennel having lapsed into a stolid silence only broken to act as a 'Wild Dog' with the kind hearted police dog handler Krister Eriksson As Martinsson's elderly neighbour and local font of knowledge Sivvig provides a potted history of the tragic life of Sol Britt and her family he also mentions that it was Sol Britt's father Frans Uusitalo whose remains were found inside the stomach of the bear piuing Martinsson's interest With a paternal grandmother who was also murdered young schoolteacher Elina Pettersson and the fatal hit and run accident that accounted for her son Matti three years earlier can this tragic legacy of one family really be a coincidence or could Sol Britt's murderer had their eyes set on some sort of revengeAs the less competent prosecutor in the region Carl von Post coerces chief prosecutor Alf Björnfot to allow him to take over the case citing possible conflicts of interest with Martinsson living in the same locality as the deceased Björnfot relents for the sake of an easy life Elbowed off the case Martinsson refuses to be palmed off and instead exercises her owed holiday allowance giving her plenty of time to engage in some undercover investigations of her own volition Introducing a realistic array of detectives wry police inspector Anna Maria Mella mother to a brood of four children leads the investigation and also has to contend with dealing with the jumped up von Post von Pest a man who has a remarkable habit for getting people's backs up A vein of subtle humour runs throughout both the past and present narratives Inspector Anna Maria Mella's colleagues are a complementary mix from people person Sven Erik Stålnacke technically gifted Fred Olsson and rookie officer Tommy Rantakyrö At the half way point of the story precious little progress has been made in terms of solid evidence merely identifying the married father of two who was the secret lover of Sol Britt Loathe to place her trust in happenstance Martinsson takes a closer look at Sol Brett's father and son's death and aided by elderly chief pathologist Lars Pohjanen she sees beyond the obvious to a story that was set in motion almost a century agoAlthough this was my first introduction to Åsa Larsson and the characters who surround Rebecka Martinsson I was pleased to find a realistic and assorted bunch with Larsson even paying attention to the lesser characters in her script Rebecka is very much the modern woman; a mix of frustrations with a passion for her career yet at the mercy of her capricious emotions Her susceptibility to overthinking makes for a most beguiling lead character Despite this being the fifth novel in an ongoing series Åsa Larsson makes short work of providing a précis of the highs and lows in Rebecka's life from her past mental instability to her relationship with a somewhat possessive and much older Stockholm lawyer Måns Wenngren and the chemistry with the caring and considerate Krister Eriksson the only genuinely willing volunteer to care for a distressed seven year old With two central female leads in Mella and Martinsson both of whom are strong willed and drawn in admirable depth the series has definite longevityThe nonchalance with which Larsson lets this tale unfold is accompanied by a cast of characters who are all prone to their own internal discourse and there is a certain amount of head hopping as characters provide their own often unspoken perspectives on a situation Admittedly this unhurried style felt slightly unnatural first off but pretty soon in addition to the engaging plot developments and thoughtful reflections this was something I got used to It takes someone with Rebecka Martinsson's own awkward history with the rural community to entertain the idea that the small and supposedly safe community could be harbouring a murderer with a deadly axe to grind stretching back across the generations Ascribing precious little time and worth to the stories of her parents that the elder generations of the community are keen to share with her she pays short shrift to the community whispers That Martinsson goes the extra mile for Sol Britt regarded as a black sheep in the village in common with Rebecca's own family through past generations adds extra poignancy and her momentous final sacrifice shows her desire to bring justice to every victim regardless of reputation or local gossipGiven that this was my first introduction to District Prosecutor Rebecka Martinsson and hence read as a standalone The Second Deadly Sin comes highly recommended but with a cast with much to offer this is a series that I intend to revisit

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Ed with horrific brutality crude abuse scrawled above her bloodied bed her young grandson nowhere to be found Only Rebecka Martinsson sees a connection Dropped from the cas. This is another wonderful novel from Asa Larsson perhaps the best in the Rebecka Martinsson series From the very beginning with the hunt for a wounded bear the storytelling is all engaging What I liked in this book is an older story is told in segments within the modern narrative The writing is uite seamless and both accounts are easy to follow The plot is terrific and cleverly expounded always holding your attention and demanding your full consideration Martinsson doesn't get everything her way but she is such a well drawn character you are always in her camp and the pages light up when she is involved It is her own parallel investigation that ultimately cracks the case; her love of this special part of Sweden allows the reader to sense that passion and enjoy the wildernessThis is a riveting crime novel with a constant level of threat that stands juxtaposed amid the beautiful backdrop Kiruna Larsson is one of my favourite authors and this book cements her place in my estimation and should underline her wider reputation No one can love Nordic Noir if they haven't read her and anyone who reads her books will be hooked on Scandinavia Crime