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characters Storm Ashes Embers #1 ò PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB è I had no idea crashing into a ditch would change my life forever Fate had other plans and I never stood a chanceA series of weather and road mishaps left me trapped in the middle of a blizzard with a complete stranger in the back of a pickup truck For forty eI had no idea crashing into a ditch would change my life forever Fate had other plans and I never stood a chanceA series of weather and road mishaps left me trapped in the middle of a blizzard with a complete stranger in the back of a pickup truck For forty eight freakin'. 4 stars Carian Cole is a new to me author this year and after reading a couple of her books I want to binge them all I can’t wait to get to the rest of this series this book was a great introduction to the ‘Ashes Embers’ crew Storm starts out with a blizzard Evelyn is lost and her GPS is no help She’s trapped in this snow storm and doesn’t know what to do Along comes a white knight named Storm who terrifies her at first He’s covered in tattoos looks a little grungy and has a dog who could pass as a wolf with him But he has a truck with four wheel drive and she gets in the truck with him When that truck gets stuck they’re together for 2 long days Luckily Storm has supplies but this event bonds them Evelyn has no idea about Storm’s true identity She may be the only person in the world not to recognize the rock star But Storm finds that endearing He finds her endearing Their chemistry and attraction is there from the start The only problem Evelyn has a boyfriend A boyfriend who is a dick but a boyfriend none the less My biggest issue with this book wasn’t that she had a boyfriend As I mentioned he was a dick and I could care less about him I hated that she took so long to get with Storm It wasn’t fair to Storm who I loved But once this couple was together I couldn’t have been happier They were all kinds of swoony and sexy and I loved it Our courtship breathes slowness It hides in the dark corners It peeks out with tiny touches explodes with uick erotic moments then runs back to hide It is both sweet and dirty and it’s taboo I love this authors writing style and I’m so excited to read of her books I listened to this in audio format and it was narrated by CJ Bloom who I love and she did a fantastic job as always This is a bit of a spin on your normal rock star romance and I really enjoyed it

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HoursA stranger with long hair tattoos and rippling with muscle A stranger with an insanely sexy voice and a smile that turned my insides to jelly A stranger who held me in his arms calmed me and then set a fire in me that I couldn't put outI didn't know I was trapped wi. definitely not a favorite from carian colethere was a lot to love and a whole lot to hate about this book i read this 100% on audiobook which i pretty much never do and i zoned out for parts of it so i don't want to formally rate it but i'll try and organize my thoughtsthe story is about a rockstar who gets stuck in a snow storm with an anxiousdepressed regular girl she's been in a relationship for 12 years with the same guy and is bored they fool around over the course of about 3 days and she continues in her 12 yr relationship until she finally decides that she wants a real relationship with the rockstarso yes there is cheatingbut that's not even what i took issue with i think cheating can be justified there are no absolutes in life but i didn't like that the majority of the relationship was based on sex i understand that the rockstar is sensual because you reminded us every other sentence but where are the commonalities what is making this relationship something sustainableit was a major step back from cole's other works in my opinion she typically does an excellent job convincing you that the main characters should be together which is pretty important in a book like this when there are some issues of morality surrounding a potential relationshipbut there were a couple of things i likedthere was no actual sex until the two characters were in a committed relationship so there was emotional cheating and some play i guess you could say but no penetration please murder mei also liked how and this is common for cole's books the bland girl had agency she didn't immediately move in with the rockstar she found a job that worked for her and got her own place so she could explore their new relationship on her own terms that was pretty cooloh but i just remembered he proposed by slipping the ring on her finger with his mouth so yeah mixed feelings

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Storm Ashes Embers #1Th America's favorite bad boy guitarist Storm Valentine And he was in no rush to reveal his secret He's used to getting everything he wants and for some reason he's decided he wants meSome people chase storms for the beautiful thrill What happens when the storm chases you. Barely finished this one 2 starsI loved the premise two strangers meet while stuck in the car during a snow storm That is where my love ended Not even 4 pages into the book and what was supposed to be fun banter between the two main characters turned into annoying heroine complaining about everythingHuge spoiler about this ridiculous coupleview spoilerThe heroine has a boyfriend of 12 years She claims to love him but has an orgasm while grinding herself with a stranger the hero she just met less than 24 hours before Later the hero gives the heroine oral while she is still with her boyfriend Then LATER the hero accepts a blowjob from a groupie Oral sex is cheating to me The hero gave some BS about why he did that with a groupie page 182 hide spoiler