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Sphinx AUTHOR Anne Garréta Read & Download ò 108 ´ Sphinx is the remarkable debut novel originally published in 1986 by the incredibly talented and inventive French author Anne Garréta one of the few female members of Oulipo the influential and exclusive French experimental literary group whose mission is to create literature basNg any gender markers to refer to the main characters Sphinx is a remarkable linguistic feat and paragon of experimental literature that has never been accomplished before or since in the strictly gendered French language Sphinx is a landmark text in the feminist and LGBT literary canon appearing in English for the first timeAnne Garréta b 1962 is a lecturer at the University of Rennes II and research professor of literature and Romance studies at Duke University She joined the Oulipo in 2000 becom. A book known because of pronouns than plot as a friend said of Ann Leckie's Ancillary Justice Though unlike the Leckie which I wasn't that keen on I'd have read Sphinx much sooner if only I'd registered its milieu It's going to irk some people including at least one GR friend that I like a lot of book blogs this year won't be treating Sphinx's Oulipian constraint as a spoiler issue But if I hadn't known it I probably still wouldn't have got round to reading the book Although I'd have at least intended to regardless It's not the same as the time when I sought out spoilers for Me Before You because my decision on whether ever to read it – ie whether to buy it a sale was 100% contingent on the ending I got it Which to some friends might be a spoiler in itself Though I doubt they wanted to read the book anywayExpecting Sphinx would be something worthy to plough through – albeit a book I knew I'd be way sympathetic to than the Leckie – I read the introduction and then left it for months to start the actual storyWhat nobody had said or if somebody said it I didn't notice was that this is a story about clubland decadence feeling torn between decadence and asceticism intellect and hedonism and about brooding romantic pain of loss and realisation of one's own guilt It takes place in a feather boa festooned ueer clubland ueer in the contemporary ambiguous sense rather than gay male which I imagined set in French euivalents of Bethnal Green Working Men's Club or rather whatever this year's version of the place is and dizzying warehouse parties where the music is at least as intoxicating as anything else Although several minor characters in Sphinx are racist very much unlike the places I was thinking of The narrator is a theology PhD candidate who falls into DJing and for a club dancer I didn't know that this phenomenon of theology students grads being eccentric and leftfield and never uite what those unacuainted with the type would expect – was far universal than a few people around my own age from 3 or 4 different universities Who diddo say that plenty of theologians weren't the unuestioning God bothering nerds that outsiders assume Were they like this in 1980s France as well Or had I stumbled on a resonance that the author could never have intended Because based on people of my acuaintance that might even be the most fitting choice of subject for this character but one I'd never have dared to use for a made up person because it seemed too much to explain too improbable Sphinx is not dry and worthy because it's like this our nocturnal itinerary a dozen cabarets from Pigalle to Opéra dives and spectacles of fake luxury where the same strippers strutted every fifteen minutes turning tirelessly from stage to stage She was describing hell to me with the frivolity of the damned Due to the combined effect of a very hot coffee and a very dry cognac I felt a sharp burn in my throatI had been in so many cabarets that they all started to look the same by five in the morning a sweaty inferno a bombardment of lighting alternatively seedy and brash a night striped with so many lights that there was neither dusk nor dawnI liked to let myself be brushed by naked skin by boas and feather fansPa

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Sphinx is the remarkable debut novel originally published in 1986 by the incredibly talented and inventive French author Anne Garréta one of the few female members of Oulipo the influential and exclusive French experimental literary group whose mission is to create literature based on mathematical and linguistic restraints and whose ranks include Georges Perec and Italo Calvino among othersA beautiful and complex love story between two characters the narrator I and their lover A written without usi. Besides the constraint driving this which would be even amazing to gradually feel out had it not been spelled out by the back cover and everything to refer to this book this is just a gorgeous piece of writing and very atmospheric exploration of the nocturnal life of a city The fact that Garreta the first female member of the oulipo reach English translation is able make this so elegantly readable and also so dense and involving despite its being essentially a simple love story is a testament to her command of language and narrative and to her engagement with the metaphysical beyond but always informing the simple terms or relationship arc This becomes something almost as difficult to pin down in places as Maurice Blanchot in recit but even at its most abstract closely tethered into feeling and narrative Formidable I hope this will only be the first of many Garreta works to reach English translation now This and Jane Unrue are clearly the discoveries of the winterspringIncidentally I'm not entirely sure that the main constraint leading this to be cited as the First less novel ever written was actually first used here From what I've heard Delany did something like this three years earlier I need to verify but then he was doing totally differently and it in a sci fi context thus probably not reaching enough of the readers who would be enticed by that blurb That said this is beautiful People should read Garreta and Delany

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Sphinx AUTHOR Anne GarréIng the first member to join born after the Oulipo was founded Garréta won France's prestigious Prix Médicis in 2002 awarded each year to an author whose fame does not yet match their talent for her novel Pas un jourEmma Ramadan is a graduate of Brown University and received her master's in literary translation from the American University of Paris Her translation of Anne Parian's Monospace is forthcoming from La Presse She is currently on a Fulbright Fellowship for literary translation in Morocco. Two bits were just far too unbelievable to not pull me out of the story Two words for those that have read it septic tank What the fuck Brilliant passages and damn important intentions though