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review ↠ Measure Twice ¹ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook Ä Lester Mayton is struggling to break free from his addiction In his particular case the drug of choice is religion Now with his wife dead and city officials to blame Mayton is out for revenge In order to commit the atrocities necessary to spread his message of justice he mIs difficult to comprehend Channing learns the killer is patient methodical and precise In order to stop the killing Channing will have to pull his life together and come to terms with a secret that is tearing him apartWith each chapter of this thriller representing one of the 12 steps of addiction recovery Measure Twice is a story of personal struggle revenge and the search for redemptionPay attention throughout this heart pounding pursuit The details are important because every cut is lethal. Lester Mayton is a God addict His overzealous spiritual devotion at the expense of everything else in life led to the disintegration of his marriage In order to perpetuate the series of brutal murders he has planned to get revenge for his wife's death he must overcome his love of GodDetective Jackson Channing is an alcoholic His heavy hitting of the bottle after a devastating traumatic event led to the disintegration of his marriage In order to catch the killer currently murdering city officials across Pittsburgh he must overcome his love of boozeWhat I liked the most about Measure Twice is the parallels between the two characters Each chapter is given the heading of one of the famous Twelve steps for overcoming addiction and both killer and cop are given point of view passages of eual length in which they mirror one another's actions as well as relating to the title of the segment This gimmick doesn't really go anywhere and is almost totally absent by the last chapters but at the beginning it's a terrific way to meet the characters and draw the reader into their world Channing's interaction with his prickly partner Tina Lambert is also terrific and their interplay as they grow to trust and even like each other over the course of the investigation is well done even if their mutual hostility springs from the tried and true tactic of making sure that if the problem could be solved by a single conversation then they must never even come close to having that conversation In effect Channing's growing relationship with Lambert is a source of a lot of the humour of the novel as well as some well drawn out exposition on Channing's past and what has made him so brokenI didn't like the ending but the caveat here is that I never like the ending of any mystery novel As the numerous possibilities boil down to just one and all the facts are laid out on the table it always seems that no matter how diabolical and terrifying the killer is his motivations turn out to be so banal to be fair this is true of real life mysteries as well The mystiue of Jack the Ripper was that we never knew who he was If he really has been identified by modern DNA evidence it kind of ruins the entire story And while I didn't really buy Mayton's transition from charitable kind prayerful godliness to sadistic killer who is far too good at what he does to be a newbie the fact remains that as that sadistic killer he is fairly exciting to readOverall it was a fast read a definite page turner and had some moments of truly inspired imagery

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Lester Mayton is struggling to break free from his addiction In his particular case the drug of choice is religion Now with his wife dead and city officials to blame Mayton is out for revenge In order to commit the atrocities necessary to spread his message of justice he must change his ways and become the evil he has always abhorredPittsburgh Homicide Detective Jackson Channing is struggling to break free from his own addiction His alcoholism may have already cost him his marriage and now thre. Two metropolitan homicide detectives one a recovering alcoholic older white guy the other a young black woman with a big mouth are partnered up to FAIL in their pursuit of a devious killer administering murderous vengeance and retribution upon the corrupt city officials responsible for the death of his wife The two cops battle their own demons the system and each other to an explosive climax I couldn't put this one down and I'm sure you won't either One of my favorite characters was Backhoe I think I served with him in the MPs years ago in NamHappy Reading and Cheers Y'allJim in MTwwwblackdogebookscom

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Measure TwiceAtens to sweep away his sanity Ever since he and his partner were brutally tortured by a sadistic murderer his life has spun out of control Following a failed suicide attempt Channing a former distance runner decides his life must have some meaning and the only way he can put the pieces back together is to break free of his addiction and commit acts of redemptionWhen the body of a city official is discovered in a public location the entire city of Pittsburgh bears witness to a form of evil that. For some reason I really enjoy damaged characters; maybe because I'm a little damaged myself Since that is the case I immediately fell in love with Jackson Channing as he seeks to successfully revive the career that damaged him in an effort to replace the flask in his jacket pocket with a familiar demon that might prove a little productive His plan is somewhat hindered by the sharp new partner with whom he's been paired; Tina Lambert a fierce former track star does not seem fazed by the aura of Channing's hero cop status and uickly recognizes that Channing may be a loose cannonThe story is fantastic and if you live in the Pittsburgh area you'll enjoy the references to local digs; J J Hensley is excellent at harnessing his own law enforcement knowledge and infusing it into a dramatic nail biting drama of the conseuences of lost loved ones; both Channing and the man he seeks to take down have this experience in common which makes for a dynamic showdown later in the novelNot only did I love the story but I also truly enjoyed these characters; in their own way Lambert Channing their comrades and enemies are all dealing with losses in their lives; their work is a way for them to cope with these losses and for some of them a way to redeem themselves Along with the gravity of the case he is working on Lambert definitely is a spark that helps ignite Channing's desire to clean up his act; he returns to running and decides that he is willing to work his way through the grief of his lost partner while using the knowledge of that experience to get into the mind of his newest adversaryThis novel would make an excellent movie and I'd really like to hear from these characters hint hint JJ Hensley; this is a great book to add to your fall reading list and if your experience is anything like mine you'll be wishing for Runners and readers alike will enjoy this new release and I look forward to reading by this author in the future