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Mr Nice An AutobiographyDuring the mid 1980s Howard Marks had 43 aliases 89 phone lines and owned 25 companies throughout the world Whether bars recording studios or offshore banks all were money laundering vehicles serving the. This is a tale of two books for me The first half and it's long so it's uite the half was very interesting learning about how this guy set up his empire all the wheeling and dealing etc etc I also enjoyed how he and I ended up at many of the same places Palma Patapong etc which might say a lot about me hahaha So that was all well and goodIt goes off the rails in the latter half though when he gets busted for smuggling He gets so whiny and upset calls the DEA evil and says they should all die the people themselves who work for the DEA the men on the ground Not really Mr Nice at this point because he broke the law and was caught That got pretty tiresome after awhile especially when he started portraying murderers as heroes against the American empire oh by the way all Americans do is watch TV and shoot guns at people and we deserve to be slavesAlso what was up with his wife This was a dude who was making millions of dollars by smuggling hundreds of TONS Tons mind you of hashish and marijuana and he'd been busted before and they were living like kings and he gets busted again and she acts like a victim What did she think was happening when she was running around and spending all of that money That it was falling from the sky That it was all free Of course the US Government thought she was in on it otherwise she would have to be an idiot Apparently she wrote a book as well and it would be interesting to see how she explains away how stupid their reaction to her imprisonment wasLast point He blames America for taking his kids away from him in fact the book ends with him seeing his little boy for the first time in years but when he was a free man he was never home His wife and kids are barely mentioned If you add up his travel he was gone for months at a time Seriously his kids are mentioned like ten times the whole book and this is a huge book Further when they are mentioned it is almost always And Judy flew out with the kids and spent the day shopping while I smoked 20 joints The next day I went to Pakistan for three weeks Somehow though the lack of these children I didn't even know how many he had until the end of the book was supposed to pull my heartstrings I guess But the first chunk of book was good I would suggest putting it down three chapters before the end and walking away because he goes from being a reasonably nice if arrogant mellow guy to a tiresome human being the second he actually has a conseuence for his actions over the past twenty years Reminds me of some of my students haha

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Characters ´ Mr Nice An Autobiography Å PDF, DOC, TXT, eBook or Kindle ePUB free Ñ During the mid 1980s Howard Marks had 43 aliases 89 phone lines and owned 25 companies throughout the world Whether bars recording studios or offshore banks all were money laundering vehicles serving the coS smuggling consignments of up to 50 tons from Pakistan and Thailand to America and Canada and had contact with organizations as diverse as MI6 the CIA the IRA and the Mafia This is his extraordinary stor. What do I think of this bookIt's excellent It's actually amazing Hence the 5 starsYes the editing of it wasn't the best and there are some technicalities that don't really work but the story itself and the man himself may Allah have mercy upon his soul was a goodhearted rebel with a good understanding and sound insight into what is daily imposed on us the system of opportunity which reuires abilities to master than what we are taught in schoolIt's hard to bring forth the world that Howard Marks moved in because even if was Tolstoy himself it's a world that describes to the smallest detail still wouldn't make any sense to a person working the treadmill one day after the other But it's there And the insight that Howard Marks brings out with humour and punch is worthwhile reading It's a shame this book didn't get attention but anyone who is tagged by the established system in our world we are imposed not to care about Whether you are a dope smuggler or not doesn't really matter It's our blindness in judgement that makes us not see that some people are just not born to smile when told to go and fight for their country Howard Marks was one of them This is his story If read without judgement there is also a story that should touch us all Highly recommended followed by a minute of silence for Howard Marks and good hashish;

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Core activity dope dealing Marks began to deal small amounts of hashish while doing a postgraduate philosophy course at Oxford but soon he was moving much larger uantities At the height of his career he wa. For a man who likes to mention his famed charisma and Oxford education at a rate of about once every seven pages over about five hundred pages it is startling just how dull and shallow Marks has managed to make this book Entirely episodic and almost entirely devoid of opinion or emotion Marks cranks out page after page of needless detail and it all starts to become a monotone Marks completely fails to portray himself as being on any sort of moral crusade or being some sort of folk hero and makes it uite clear he is really only on an arrogant and blinkered pursuit of cash and status A self indulgent pseud Marks expects admiration for all his daring dos but doesn't fulfill his side of the bargain in this book