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Saved By Her Dragon (Dragon Guards, #5) characters ê 4 Ú There Are No CoincidencesDevon’s heritage has given him a uniue perspective into the world around him His father was one of the fiercest Guardsmen in history and his mother is a very talented and highly respected Healer At the age of his transformation he made the choiOf a magically induced coma only to wake and find everything she’d ever knew was little than smoke and mirrorsFate Will Not Be DeniedAnya is the light of his soul and the only woman able to tame the beast within Devon has the strength and knowledge she will need in the coming days Together they just may be the key to saving Dragon kin All they have to do is defeat the traitorbut that means they have to find him first. 4 Her Dragon Stars   ARC Saved by Her Dragon Saved by Her Dragon is book five in the Dragon Guards series by Julia Mills I have only read Her Dragon To Slay #1 and Her Dragon’s Fire #2; before I picked this one up for review this book can be read as a stand alone but best read in order I felt like I was missing some things reading this one out of order and was a little lost at the beginning even with reading the first two books so I will be going back and reading the others to get a full feel of the Dragon Guards worldDevon is the white dragon of the Clan Anya is something special I enjoyed both these characters  Saved by Her Dragon does not have as much fighting and action in this book as the others Andrew is still their and up to his wicked ways planning vengeance towards his brethren and all who helped them I was intrigued in how the author developed Devon and Anya’s relationship These two where perfectly matched for each other It was different to read about them not having sex until their matting ceremony which was new and I liked how the author portrayed their mating as being much then just a normal mating in that it has a significant impact for everyone Ms Mills also added some surprise developmenttwist and I’m very curious to see how this plays out and to learn I loved the little girl Sydney I really need to read the book where she comes into play because she was just adorable and I’m so curious about her and her abilities  I enjoyed this story seeing how Devon and Anya came together and finding out how special Anya truly is This is a fun adventure If you enjoy reading about dragons I recommend giving this series a try We have some very sexy dragon shifters interesting plot characters and world that keep us entertained Disclaimer ARC provided by author via We Love Kink Book Blog We Love Kink Book Promotions with the sole purpose of an honest review All thoughts comments and ratings are my own

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There Are No CoincidencesDevon’s heritage has given him a uniue perspective into the world around him His father was one of the fiercest Guardsmen in history and his mother is a very talented and highly respected Healer At the age of his transformation he made the choice to follow in his father’s footsteps and become a Guardsman but in his heart he always carried the belief and wisdom of his mother’s clan That kno. There simply aren't enough stars to do this installment justice This is Devon and Anya's story and it's gona rock your worldDevon is the powerful white dragon Not only beautiful but gets his power from both the sun and the moonHe knows that the universe has made this beautiful woman just for him He knows this before he even knows her nameAnya is under a curse unconscious and calling out with her mind for help Devon can hear her and so can Sydney I was just captivated by this story and could not put it down it is constantly one thing after another I barely had time to take in one twist before the next turn came There are some subtle clues as to future happenings if you catch them And one giant mind blowing event that just floored me So totally unprecedented that the whole Clan was enthralled But wait the very end yes it's a cliff hanger and it's a whopperI am already looking for the next installment

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Saved By Her Dragon Dragon Guards #5Wledge and his complete trust in Destiny may be all that saves the One the Universe made for himThe Universe Does Not Make MistakesOrphaned as a child and raised by powerful Earth witches Anya Sloane thought her life was pretty normal and relatively happy until the night she left the family farm and headed into town Abducted and left for dead outside the hospital she spent the better part of a month fighting her way out. Holy Moses This book is the fifth in The Dragon Guard series and is by far the best one yet Devon is an Alpha male with a capital A The way he loves Anya makes me happy to my very soul He is sexy protective sweet gentle sexy funny and absolutely perfect for Anya Did I mention funny and sexy There is just something toe curling about a white dragonI loved Anya so much She is gentle and kind too but takes no crap from Devon I love a woman who knows what she wants and isn’t afraid to say so I laughed so many times at their antics worried so much that something bad was going to happen to keep them apart was shocked to my toes at the big surprise and sighed with absolute happiness at their mating Julia Mills gets better at her craft with each book and I wait with baited breath for the next one5 Huge Stars