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The ArroyoIsaac is tired to the bones He keeps his head down and looks after his family but every two years the sick fear comes around again as the Feds arrive for a new harvest of kidsIt’s Trace’s last sweep; he’s about to serve out his term of slavery One last run and then what A life alone with his books and music He’s seen far too much of the dark side of human nature to think that’s a possibilityTrace and Isaac both know happy ever after doesn’t grow in the parched desert Maybe together they can change thatThis story was written as a part of the MM Romance Group's Love’s Landscapes event Group members were asked to write a story prompt inspired by a photo of their choice Authors of the group selected a photo and prompt that spoke to them and wrote a short story Dear AuthorI always knew it was a possibility Have known since childhood that they could take me someday The slave traders have been sweeping the area for weeks now but I didn’t think they’d want me They. “The people who make the rules don’t have to follow the rules That’s the one thing that stays the same no matter where you go” I’ve been waiting for this one ever since I saw the prompt and who picked it Checking my computer and the event page like a madwomanIf you haven’t read Kraken that shit is whack and a must read This author certainly has a penchant for mindfuckery with a hint of horror If you know me you know horror isn’t my thing but this author has a way of constructing worlds characters and storylines wherein the horror bits are incorporated into the landscape I find myself cringing and cheering simultaneously An odd dichotomy to be sure but I somehow crave it all the same The Arroyo is a dystopian tale wonderfully told with rich imagery loathsome characters and some of the most beautiful sentences I’ve read in uite some time I blasted through this thing so uickly I didn’t have time to status update but the language is both evocative and provocative There aren’t many authors who can utilize such a dearth of words that conjure so much There’s a precision here a succinctness that’s very gratifying He clenched and unclenched his hands and Trace was there touching him grounding him smoothing across the landscape of his body and giving him something to cling on to that wasn’t this growing urge to come and come and shout and flailOh this was better; he could move now mumbling incoherent words against Trace’s back as he pumped his hips and wished his skin could speak his feelings Trace is a slave harvested twenty years ago with eight weeks left on his sentence to the Colonel The Colonel is a bastard Excuse me a monstrous fuckwit bastard Trace has endured unspeakable things He doesn’t remember a time when he made his own decisions chose his own path and that sort of suppression leaches all the optimism out of a soul The sense of despair and hopelessness permeates his thoughts until Isaac Isaac doesn’t transform everything to rainbows and butterflies no Isaac does give Trace a sense of purpose and an emotion long forgotten possessiveness He wants Isaac He knows it’s an impossibility but the heart wants what it wants The world building here is divine I could see what’s become of America in all its desolate glory through this author’s eyes Medical kink doesn’t do much for me but it’s done well here Trace and Isaac definitely have chemistry Some will say this is instalove I disagree but I can’t say why for it’d be too spoilery I like both of these characters so much neither of whom are perfect one of which has a touch of malevolence in him both of whom leapt off the page The literature references were a lovely touch This author clearly enjoys reading I personally would’ve liked a prologue with some further explanation of the Protectorate the Federation of American States and why the harvest was instituted but that’s probably me being curious by nature And greedy A solid 45 Stars rounded upDon’t let the warning tags scare you away from reading The Arroyo It’s beautiful and awful like any great story should beThanks to the author and the team for this wonderful addition to the LL event

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Read ´ The Arroyo 102 æ Isaac is tired to the bones He keeps his head down and looks after his family but every two years the sick fear comes around again as the Feds arrive for a new harvest of kidsIt’s Trace’s last sweep; he’s about to serve out his term of slavery One last run and then what A life alone with his books and music He’s seen far too muUsually take girls and if they take boys they’re younger blonder prettier There’s not usually a demand for someone who looks like me and has reached the ripe old age of twenty four But I was wrong Someone did want me I’m so fuckedOne last sweep of this dirt water town and I can get back to my life My books my music my art and my life that doesn’t revolve around grabbing kids to sell to the highest bidder I hate this shit One last run My debt will be paid and I’ll be free from that son of a bitch who grabbed ME as a kid Maybe then I can finally stop thinking and dreaming Turn off those dark desires that swirl in my head and wake me up at night in a cold sweat I’m not HIM I will never be HIM My last fucking run and it all goes to shit when some guy trying to be the hero gets in my face He’s too old too dark too inked but God help me I want himI don’t know what I was thinking when I stood up to him I just wanted the kid to have half a chance at getting away He?. This story was brutal and depressing set in an alternate future where right wing morality perpetuates horrific cruelties in the name of its god The bleakness of the setting unsettled me Trace's bravery and Isaac's kindness made me gasp as did the reveal regarding Trace's name Why Trace You'll see This novella doesn't fuck around; there's medical kink slave abuse non and dubcon None of this did a thing for me but it's there and it's necessary The fucker Miller got all he deserved The characters were exceptionally well sketched the world building less so But the writing was strong The story is on point relentless Not an enjoyable read but a powerful one the kind that lingersview spoilerThe prompt calls for a HEA and if this were my prompt I would call bullshit This was a tentative HFN and the book had a distinctive unfinished edge begging for a seuel hide spoiler

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?s so angry I screwed up his uota and now I’m going to pay for that He told me to get clean EVERYWHERE Then he gave me a thick chain with a padlock on it and told me to chain myself to the table when I was done Something about “inspecting the merchandise” I’m so fuckedPhoto Description A dark haired young man crouches naked in the corner of a bathtub beneath a spray of water White tiles and chrome fittings surround him A heavy chain with a sturdy padlock is draped over his right shoulder above a large tribal tattoo on his bicep The man protects his head and chest with his arms cowering as he apprehensively meets the gaze of the viewer staring down at himThis story may contain sexually explicit content and is intended for adult readers It may contain content that is disagreeable or distressing to some readers The MM Romance Group strongly recommends that each reader review the General Information section before each story for story tags as well as for content warnings. Now free from spoilersSuper kinky Disturbing and sad but apparently I get off on cryrape So this story has taught me that about myself I tried to read it while suinting my eyes because in my weird little brain I thought the less clearly I could read the words the lesser it would disturb me Well that was wrongMedical kink is my new thing though I've just decidedI also thought the writing was great Flowed smoothly Very good dialogueOh and it addresses the prompt perfectly A for cryrape