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Free read Not Yet (Not Yet, #1) 109 ´ Emma Harris is learning that life is just a series of lessons Lesson #1 Nothing goes the way you plan Lesson #2 You can’t trust men Especially not the pretty ones Lesson #3 Turns out appearances are almost always deceiving Emma thinks she has life all figured out and what she knows isn't good For years she’s put hO do the right thing for the sister she loves Emma’s dreams will just have to wait She doesn't plan on meeting Landon a rich flirtatious jock who never has to wait for anything Not for attention not for money and certainly not for girls Meeting Emma marks the first time in his life that he’s had to fight for something And Landon doesn't know how to lose Emma has no interest in wasting her summer with a superficial guy like Lando. I love being able to read a novel from an author that I have never heard of What I love even is when that novel knocks the socks off of me and leaves me wanting When I read the blurb it intrigued me A summer fling romance sure why not What I got was just SOOOOO much I absolutely loved this book and devoured it It is so well written funny witty and my favorite element in a book a little bit of heartbreak I so did not expect this amazing of a novel and I am now telling everyone to go get this book I loved that instead of chapters we have lessons And at the end of each lesson we learn lesson learned uotes these at times had me laughing my ass off This is a complete story and told in dual POVFresh out of college with her degree in teaching she takes a summer job supervising life guards at the local country club while she applies for teaching jobs in the fall She keeps a tough façade so everything assumes she’s a bitch and stays away from her She has a sister with down syndrome who she loves and adores and will do anything for Everything she does is to help her mom and sister make ends meet “if I acted like a bitch everyone would stay way from me People let me down often than not so it wasn’t worth the time or effort”This hard exterior of hers has always worked until she met Landon He works as a lifeguard and charms his way into Emma’s life He comes across as being your typical jock but when it comes to Emma nothing else matters to him What should be a summer of partying and mindless hookups ends up being one of the best summers of his life getting to know Emma and her sister “Lesson learned It took just one One person One friend One act of kindness Just one summer to completely change my world”Like all good summer romances it comes to end and Landon has to leave for football camp He has been struggling to tell Emma his secret but figures he will wait until he comes back He knows this will change everything about their relationship but doesn’t have the guts to tell her While Landon is away Emma gets the news she’s been waiting for She accepted a teaching position at the local high school It wasn’t her first choice as she is only a couple years older but she knew she couldn’t be picky With football camp and the first day of school being so close to each other Emma and Landon never have a chance to speak Emma assumes he has left for college and that they would catch up soon Oh Lord have mercy this is where things go from all happy and in love to ohhhhhh no he didn’t The secret Landon has been hiding is enough to break Emma’s world apart It’s her worst nightmare that she never saw coming She is devastated but knows she must replace her mask and be the bitch she always has been Months go by and the heartbreak and betrayal is something Emma knows she just must work through She finally lets someone in just to have her heart ripped open Gawh I live for these types of novels And even though Landon betrays her I have such the soft spot for him I want to like him I really do Even with the betrayal I want them to work things out I want them to be happy He tries to convince Emma to give him time That even though their timing is off they will have their time when it’s right “Please don’t give up on us Em Let this be our “not yet” Give me one chance”Will Emma and Landon be able to work things out Will Emma wait for him until their time is right It’s a journey of many life lessons that will have you rooting for them just like I did Laura Ward is definitely an author to keep an eye on If I could give this novel than 5 stars I so would It's just that good

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N But very soon she realizes she is wrong about him The uestion is can she trust him Or will he let her down like every other guy in her life But most importantly can Emma trust herself enough to live the life she's always dreamed of Life has a way of sneaking in the most important lessons when you aren't looking And once the heart gets involved that's when the real learning begins This book is intended for mature audiences 18 and ove. I really love a book with a story line that keeps you hooked There are characters developed twists provided and expectations met that are very fulfilling to a reader And the sex scenes are no disappointment eitherAs the mother of a grown son with disabilities I loved the respectful treatment of each of the characters who have uniue challenges in the book As a reader you will see ABILITY jumping out from the concept of disability as you get to know these characters

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Not Yet Not Yet #1Emma Harris is learning that life is just a series of lessons Lesson #1 Nothing goes the way you plan Lesson #2 You can’t trust men Especially not the pretty ones Lesson #3 Turns out appearances are almost always deceiving Emma thinks she has life all figured out and what she knows isn't good For years she’s put her big sister who was born with Down syndrome first Now Emma’s ready to start her own life but fate has other plans T. Check out the BOOK TRAILER It's live've had the honor to read an advanced copy of this beautiful and heartwarming story about two people who meet during summerEmma is a very lovable girl but the plans she has for her own life will have to wait so she can take care of her sister EvieLandon's beautiful sexy and has an easy life He never has to wait for any money attention or girls Or so it seemsWhen Landon has his eyes set on Emma neither of them can deny the attraction and the electricity in the air but Emma's been hurt enough to keep distance and has no interest to spend her time off wasting it on a boy like LandonLandon wants Emma but she doesn't want to risk her heart being broken again and Landon doesn't know how to loseWith the new school year starting they both have to focus on new goals but will all the lessons Emma has learned in her life keep her heart safe Or is Landon not the guy she thought he was or could beBeautiful debut novel with wonderful main and side characters that will make you laugh cry and hope A story that will make you think twice about the things you might have done in the past; knowing that even if life may not seem to be perfect every person in your life is perfect just the way they areI loved every single word of this story and I'd recommend it to anyone who wants to read a beautiful and heartwarming story that will leave you with a happy smile on your face