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review The Bridge To Caracas (The King Trilogy #1) ä PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB free ò Librarian Note Alternate Cover Edition for ASIN B00DJ5GM14How was an incredible 325000000 theft achieved using The Peace Bridge as a fulcrumIt was a piece of national history The story had to be toldOne of the larLibrarian Note Alternate Cover Edition for ASIN B00DJ5GM14How was an incredible 325000000 theft achieved using The Peace Bridge as a fulcrumIt was a piece of national history The story had to be toldOne of the largest and most audacious gasoline tax evasion scams in Canadian and U. Fast paced enjoyable thriller with a tiny dash of romantic interest Just the kind I like The author uses his extensive knowledge of the oil industry to write a compelling overview of how things can go wrong when greedy people abuse the system I liked the characters and could easily relate to them but there were times I couldn't imagine King getting out of his own way However the author managed to pull him out of trouble uite brilliantly

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S historyThe perpetrator used The Peace Bridge spanning The Niagara River to facilitate his crime and his private Cessna to transport the enormous fruits of the theft to the “safety” of a Cayman Island bankThe scam netted an amount “that makes The New York State Lottery look. This is one of the fastest moving suspense novels I have read in a while Underneath it all GREED is a powerful motivator which can ultimately grab in it's clutches both criminal minds and seemingly good and honest people The oil industry with it's billions to be had in profits is where the action takes place Within this story there are a couple of star crossed lovers Although this could conceivably happen and may have partially according to the authors bio I truly think that regulating the oil business is a VERY good and worthwhile occupation for governments Without giving out any of the plot I will leave you with this thought After I read the last page I high tailed it back to and purchased the next two books in this series which I will be reading and reviewing at a later timeThe Bridge To Caracas

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The Bridge To Caracas The King Trilogy #1Like a Sunday school collection”Cynical and remorselessly ruthless the thief possesses a brilliant criminal mind has enormous contempt for the law police governments and the system in which they function He assumes rules are for fools and takes sadistic pleasure in breaking the. The theme of good versus evil sits on top of the uestion 'What would you do for love' Stephen Douglass's book The Bridge to Caracas is a heavily plotted story within the murky world of the oil and gas industry that he seems familiar with It takes place in the 1960s through the 1970s and centers on how Jim Servito steals boatloads of money from the industry and screws everyone who gets in his wayThe story has lots of potential but neither Mike King the protagonist nor Karen Taylor his love interest engaged me No spoiler here Karen is kidnapped by terrorist and presumed dead Mike moves on and marries the wrong woman Bad enough It happens Karen returns no big shock and moves on now that Mike is unavailable What bothered me is that the convenient plot point of Karen's abduction which sets up the star crossed lover theme seems to have had little emotional effect on Karen I kept waiting for her horrendous life event to impact her current life and the story It never materializes And Mike this really smart guy blunders his way through traps set up by Servito to make Mike's life miserable without getting a clue Mike seems at times to only be aided by chance admittedly some of it in the beginning by shrewd moves luck coincidence and finally at the climax assistance from a total stranger to solve his problem Even when the women he loves is being brutalized by Servito in the middle of the story he does nothing for months except to have rendezvous sex What starts out sharp and thrilling peters out for me In the end the events and actions felt staged and Mike's actions reckless reactionary and without thought so than realistic often causing heartache and loss for others This is not to write that this is a bad book The writing is fine and premise strong The middle had copyediting issues but not too severe It just lacked the character development and story ending dynamics that should have been there considering the promise of the beginning I occasionally mention books that should be read fast to skip over the weak points This would be one of them I can see lovers of action and adventure stories falling for this story Had the ending been sharper this novel might have been a 4 As is it is slightly above average a strong 3