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Download ´ Peace Like a River ´ eBook, ePUB or Kindle PDF ☆ Once in a great while we encounter a novel in our voluminous reading that begs to be read aloud Leif Enger's debut Peace Like a River is one such work His richly evocative novel narrated by an asthmatic 11 year old named Reuben Land is the story of ReubeTher Charged with the murder of two locals who terrorized their family Davy has fled understanding that the scales of justice will not weigh in his favor But Reuben his father Jeremiah a man of faith so deep he has been known to produce miracles and Reuben's little sister Swede follow closely behind the fleeing DavyAffecting and dynamic Peace Like a River is at once. ”When I was born to Helen and Jeremiah Land in 1951 my lungs refused to kick in “My father wasn’t in the delivery room or even in the buildingDad had gone out to pace in the damp September wind He was praying rounding the block for the fifth time when the air uickened He opened his eyes and discovered he was running—sprinting across the grass toward the door” When his father made it to the room where Reuben lay the doctor was holding his mother’s hand saying that it had been unavoidable And so his father ignoring the doctor’s words of condolence lifted his son up gently baby Reuben’s body already starting to cool and simply said ”Breathe”The doctor began to object telling the father Jeremiah that it had been twelve minutes those words that meant there was no chance for this infant Jeremiah tells his newborn son once ”Breathe” Again the doctor insists listing off the conseuences of this long without oxygen ”As mother cried out Dad turned back to me a clay child wrapped in a canvas coat and said in a normal voice ‘Reuben Land in the name of the living God I am telling to breathe’” And so he did ”I believe I was preserved through those twelve airless minutes in order to be a witness and as a witness let me say that a miracle is no cute thing but like the swing of a sword“ As the years pass one after another eventually he will come to have a younger sister making Reuben the middle child between his older brother Davy and his younger sister Swede And for several years they are a happy family of five Their number drops to four when their mother leaves And then there is an event that sets off another event which lands Davy in jail Set in the early 1960’s in a rural area of Minnesota this coming of age tale feels a bit like one part the story of The Prodigal Son a son whose life choices have taken him far from them; one part a wild west adventure with outlaws on horseback roaming the Badlands hiding out in abandoned cabins and avoiding ‘the law’; and one part poetic folklore particularly through the eyes of young Swede a writer of epic romantic outlaw poems This is my second novel by Leif Enger having recently read his newest novel which was published just three days ago Virgil Wander which I also loved but I confess I loved this one even ”I remember it as October days are always remembered cloudless maple flavored the air gold and so clean it uivers”

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Once in a great while we encounter a novel in our voluminous reading that begs to be read aloud Leif Enger's debut Peace Like a River is one such work His richly evocative novel narrated by an asthmatic 11 year old named Reuben Land is the story of Reuben's unusual family and their journey across the frozen Badlands of the Dakotas in search of his fugitive older bro. This is a wonderful tale of the strength of family during hardships and struggle The oldest child of Jeremiah Land Davey gets into a fight with the local thugs when they break into his home and threaten the safety of his younger siblings One of the two is killed and suddenly Davey is up for manslaughter He hits the road leaving his family with no clue where he's gone and how bad things will get if he is discoveredIf you can't stomach religion then maybe put this one aside as it has a heavy focus on the faith of Jeremiah and the miracles they witness while on their travels to find Davey As they say the journey is the destination so it isn't so much the search for Davey as the things the family discover the people they meet and the difficulties they overcomeIf you like stories set in the Southern states where family is stronger than the law then this one is for you

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Peace Like a RiverA tragedy a romance and an unflagging exploration into the spirituality and magic possible in the everyday world and in that of the world awaiting us on the other side of life In Enger's superb debut effort we witness a wondrous celebration of family faith and spirit the likes of which we haven't seen in a long long time and the birth of a classic work of literatur. Having just finished this author's Virgil Wander I was keen to read from him  Reviews from a couple of GR friends convinced me to pick this up  I admit the spiritual flavor was a tad than is my preference but I was already invested in the characters and the story  Oh and the writing  Dang I loved the writing  A seemingly bottomless pot of potato chowder 'a peevish wind' a river of horses manes flowing the sounds of an 'awakening barnyard'     It is astonishing to me that I have been reading on this book for over a week  It wasn't from lack of enjoyment that's for sure  It's a story that is meant to be savored certainly and that must have been what I was doing  The talent of this storyteller cannot be denied