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Librarian's note An alternate cover edition can be found hereTEACHER SEEKS PUPILMust have an earnest desire tosave the world Apply in person It was just. This book gets many 5 star reviews and is touted as “life changing”My comment “GET A LIFE” This could possibly be THE WORST book I have ever read I have been reading this book forever I am so glad I am finished It’s 200 pages of torture This size of book I would normally devour in 1 2 days It’s a sociology lecture a cringingly horrible horrible didactic book And to top it off it’s horribly writtenThis telepathic gorilla pontificates on culture his take on the book of Genesis and re evaluates mankind’s philosophy on life and how we're killing the world His canned banter with his obtuse human student is than annoying – it’s offensive It’s condescending full of piteous prose even worse philosophy and false history not to mention the pitiful interpretation of the Bible I would recommend this book for · Undergraduate philosophy majors · People who don't know anything and are willing to be treated like idiots· Chris Matthews· Al Gore and friendsMay I share some of the reviews I DO agree with· “A talking gorilla is the only one who can convince a yuppie to give up his evil ways; no wonder the world is in the state that it is in I've met a lot of people who love this book but I was just disgusted from beginning to end · “Too lava lamps hug a tree suishy fruity for my taste”· “No amount of perceived philosophical insight could make up for the way this book butchers the English language and thoroughly disrespects the notion of literature If you value cohesiveness and writing in general I urge you to stay away”· “I was incredibly annoyed by the dialogue and slow pace of the book and the main character’s block headedness ‘But Ishmael I just don't get it please explain again for the next 45 minutes· “This book just annoyed the heck out of me”· “Ridiculous unless of course uinn the author is a 6th grader from Tennessee in which case I'm impressed”· “Who needs Ishmael when we have Al Gore”· “Hated this Recommended by a friend Now I know that religion is not only false but it’s also evil And humans are nothing than jellyfish a bit farther down the evolutionary path” Really· “I'm embarrassed I read it Pure garbage”· “This book was really annoying and insulting and so sanctimonious Blech”· “Conceited pretentious overdone belabored perfect match for Al gore in an ape suit”· “Are you over forty years old but have somehow slid through life without forming a single firm philosophical principle Have you missed your chance to take a stand – any stand at all Do you have a vague dislike of society a nascent antiestablishmentarianism that you've never given voice to but lack the courage and curiosity necessary to give form to your rebellion Are you nominally scientific or well nominally religious but willing to believe that ancient humans were psychic vegetarian and lived in harmony with all nature Are you dying spiritually but unwilling to give up your SUV Are you so gutless that you'll sacrifice what values you have for the smallest smug feeling of comfort If you've weakly nodded in agreement to any of those uestions this is the book for you you spineless toad”· “I absolutely HATED this book”· “Unforgivable Instead of reading it why not beat yourself over the head with a brick for an hour”· AND MY PERSONAL FAVORITE “I would rather eat glass than read this book again”SOwhy did I waste my time reading this book Ahhhthere’s “the rub” I try to read with my children all the books their schools reuire of them It was reuired reading for my high school Junior Errrrgggggggg

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Ishmael author Daniel QuiA three line ad in the personals section but it launched the adventure of a lifetime So begins Ishmael an utterly uniue and captivating novel that has ea. Lessons in Metaphysics for Recovering IdealistsThe conventional translation of the name Ishmael from Hebrew is ‘God hears’ But there is an eually plausible alternative ‘Man is God’ This could well be Daniel uinn’s satirical intent First called Goliath then renamed Ishmael but acting like Socrates uinn’s central character is a gorilla who teaches his idealistically minded now middle aged seeker that God is precisely what Man is not And he does this expertlyThe term ‘metaphysics’ in understandably confusing to most people It does after all refer to that which is beyond rational knowledge Esoteric philosophy and religious mysticism are probably the first things that come to mind But metaphysics is neither esoteric nor mystical Rather it is the very straightforward stories we tell ourselves about how things have come to be as they are In fact these stories are so straightforward so obvious and so universally accepted that they are effectively invisible unless one happens to have a Socratically adept non human primate at handThe way to discover what the metaphysics of any culture are was perfected by Immanuel Kant in the late 18th century He called it ‘transcendental deduction’ another intimidating term but something far simpler than it sounds In fact we do it all the time particularly when we’re confronted with events that are somehow disturbing or traumatic Why for example does a terrorist act the way he does Why do very wealthy people put so much effort into increasing their wealth What is the real reason for a couples’ divorceThese are uestions which seek a certain type of answer namely What must be true in terms of motives reasoning or factual circumstances for people to act the way they do The trick in transcendental deduction is to take into account everything we know about the behaviour or the situation in uestion progressively removing those motives reasons and facts which are not necessary to explain what’s going on This takes skill but it is not magic In fact according to uinn gorillas are not bad at it al allIshmael’s transcendental deduction of modern culture is eye opening even if one doesn’t agree entirely with the implications he draws from it Here’s one metaphysical revelation for example The debate between Evolutionists and Creationists is completely meaningless and merely distracts from a universal presumption of modern culture that is taken as true without uestion According to both secularists and religionists mankind is the most important result of creation for the former because Homo sapiens is the most advanced rung on the ladder of evolution; for the latter because he has been assigned the role of master of creation in holy scripture Any other difference in their respective views are mere uibblesThis presumption of human dominance over the Earth all its contents and its other inhabitants is the beginning of the metaphysical story which Ishmael elicits There is also a middle and end to this story that are likewise uncovered in a similar well paced dialogue uinn never let’s Ishmael miss a step in his progression back through the ‘obvious’ presumptions that we take for granted about the world; nor as he moves forward into the unfortunate implications of these presumptions which increasingly appear as disasters for ourselves as well as the rest of the planetAlthough uinn is clearly making a cultural point his principal message is very personal What any one of us might think of as doing good may very well be contributing to the substantial reduction not just of human well being but also of life on Earth Tempering exuberant idealism could be an essential modern virtue Not being God demands caution as well as hard work This doesn’t mean thinking smaller but bigger with rather wider metaphysical horizons than we’ve allowed ourselves to have Ishmael איש ישמעאל or ish man; אֵל or el deityPostscript I don’t think I’ve encountered reviews polarised on Goodreads than for this book Most ratings are either 5’s or 1’s very few in between I suspect there are two reasons for this Some folk find the Socratic method annoying either because it proceeds at a pace they find tedious or because they really can’t follow the step by step development involved Others I think balk at the central theme of the book namely the dangers of cultural idealism This latter group is the ‘hard market’ for the book I suppose and simply doesn’t want to consider much less understand what uinn is suggestingFurther postscript 23Feb18

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Free download Ishmael author Daniel Quinn 105 î Librarian's note An alternate cover edition can be found hereTEACHER SEEKS PUPILMust have an earnest desire tosave the world Apply in person It was just a three line ad in the personals section but it launched the adventure of a lifetime So begins Ishmael an utterly uniue and captivating novel thatRned a large and passionate following among readers and critics alike one of the most beloved and bestselling novels of spiritual adventure ever publishe. Step right up ladies and gentlemen Behold the majesty of Curious George as he gets all dialogue y on your ass Your encounter will leave you changed You too may find yourself flinging poop at civilization along with our simian savior A telepathic gorilla develops something like consciousness is happily able to flower under the attentive stewardship of a George Soros type philanthropist and waxes philosophical to a disenchanted idealist This book stinks of anthropological and ecological platitudes which I think you would be better served acuiring by taking a few puffs of the wacky weed and watching the Pearl Jam video for Do the Evolution And something that seems to be missing from every review of this book I’ve read thus far the story’s narrator is barely unnerved by a telepathic gorilla I can’t speak for anybody but myself but if I ever tell you that my dog is talking to me please contact the authorities I’m sure I’ll thank you for it later I mean David Berkowitz does it and he’s a serial killer; this guy does it and he wants to roll back civilization to the hunter gatherer stage I’m down with Mother Earth and all that jazz but psychopathology is psychopathology