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DOWNLOAD ð Meatworks ò Desmond Poole is damaged in ways than one If he was an underachiever before he’s entirely useless now that he’s lost his right hand He spends his time drowning his sorrows in vodka while he deliberately blows off the training that would help him master his new prosthetic Social Services seems determined to try and stop him from walloE cookies tepid decaf and a bunch of self pitying sob stories so he’s blindsided when a fellow amputee catches his eye Corey Steiner is a hot young rudeboy who works his robotic limb like an extension of his own body and he’s smitten by Desmond’s crusty punk rock charm from the get go Unfortunately Desmond hasn’t uite severed ties with his ex boyfriend and Corey isn’t known for his maturity or patience Meatworks is set in a ble. This is interesting as a character study than it is romantic Desmond is a somewhat difficult character to like He lost his right hand in an accident he can't really remember and since then he has drifted in a fog of pain and self pity He's repelled by the prosthetic arm he's been given and has made no real attempt to learn to use it This makes day to day living difficult as he's reduced to doing everything with his non dominant meatworks hand and using the prosthetic as little than an extension of his arm He wanders through his days in a haze of alcohol and regret His social worker is a man who was once his boyfriend but even Jim's personal touch in letters and arrangements to help him can't break him out of his lethargy When the disability payments he lives on threaten to run dry Desmond is forced to attend an amputees' support meeting There he meets Corey who is young vibrant much comfortable with his own prosthetic arm Corey is also interested in Desmond at least on a physical level Although Desmond has never gotten around to removing the padlock he wears around his neck as a reminder of Jim he's not averse to spending a night with Corey And gradually he comes to have an appreciation for Corey beyond just his talents in bedThroughout the book Desmond bounces back and forth between Jim and Corey Both men offer him caring and help even when he alienates or uses them He's sometimes blind to their feelings and often clueless about his own intentions Other times he rationalizes taking the easy route or once again falling back on Jim and his endless willingness to try to smooth Desmond's path Desmond's distress his alienation from his own life and a lurking backstory are real but both Jim always and Corey sometimes feel too good for him Corey of course has his own flaws a total lack of ambition that sits oddly with his otherwise dynamic personality Perhaps the intention is for Desmond to rehabilitate him in return but at times they both feel like wastrels who despite serious disabilities are using the system so in the case of Corey three years out from his loss Although Desmond does grow up some in the course of the story he never uite succeeds in becoming a romance hero But as you near the end you do discover a reason for his waffling his inability to let go of any person he might cling to while failing to commit to anything And perhaps his inability to believe in himself A youthful imperative and a hugely painful moment lurking in his subconscious have Desmond mired in his life and make him a understandable characterThe background of Desmond's world is lightly sketched but there's enough to feel plausible and do the job for the plot In this near future SciFi robots and scanners are part of the indoor landscape for identification and ostensibly to make life easier Desmond's anxiety over scanners and unwillingness to cooperate with the identification process added a dimension to the book I was interested in how the story worked out but I didn't develop real affection for Desmond at least not enough to outweigh the times I wanted to smack him And for once with this author the sex felt perfunctory and plot driven than heated and emotional perhaps because Desmond himself has a rather flat affect So if you like SciFi and psychological tales this should interest you but if you are reading for the romantic emotions it may not appeal as much

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Ak near future where cell phone and personal computer technologies never developed In their place robotics flourished Now robots run everything from cars to coffee pots Taking the guesswork out of menial tasks was intended to create leisure time but instead robots have made society dependent and passive Desmond loathes robots and goes out of his way to avoid them But can he survive without the robotic arm strapped to the end of his stump. 22 days into 2015 and I think I've already read my book of the year


MeatworksDesmond Poole is damaged in ways than one If he was an underachiever before he’s entirely useless now that he’s lost his right hand He spends his time drowning his sorrows in vodka while he deliberately blows off the training that would help him master his new prosthetic Social Services seems determined to try and stop him from wallowing in his own filth so he’s forced to attend an amputee support group He expects nothing than stal. Truth be told this book won't be for everyone It's not your typical MM fare If you're expecting a traditional romance you won't get it here It's not happy and sweet It's honestly unlike anything I've read before And I loved itFIERCELYYour experience with Meatworks lies solely on how you take to Desmond Poole Desmond is not a hero Heck he's not even an anti hero He's when you line up the facts on paper a total loserHe grew up with nowhere friends in a nowhere job with a nowhere dad and eventually led to his right hand beingnowhere In an incident he barely remembers he lost his appendage and thus became a gimpwith a robotic prostheticHe's a vodka holic he can't keep a job he's struggling coming to grips with his handicap he's grouchy he's needy he's inappropriate he's unpredictable he's a terrible communicator he's lazy he's self destructiveHe's in love with two men possibly three and can't figure out if either is great or awful for him The relationships are complicated and his feelings are conflicted He doesn't always know what he wants or who he wants He is clueless to what he needsThere is absolutely no reason why I should like Desmond Poole I LOVE DESMOND POOLEHe is I don't give a fuck cool And yet he does give a fuckAnd those glimpses of need vulnerability and desire drew me to him I didn't root for him to suddenly embrace his handicap become a contributing member of society and find his HEA with one of his love options I just wanted him to be ok Aiming low Noit's justthis book isn't a fairy taleIt's a 1st person account of Desmond just trying to figure his shit out Not a whole lot happens from page to pagebut it feels monumental none the less It's not taletelling It's character growth It's not action packed It's realizations small and sometimes unspoken evenIt's hard to categorize this book It's got a touch of the sci fi futuristic in it but it reads like a contemporary novel It's dark and gritty and yet the dry humor cracked me up It's got these romantic moments and hot sex but I didn't care who he picked at the endBeing inside Desmond's head was a total trip and a ride I'm so glad to have taken I wish I could stay in there foreverAnd the writing PHENOMENAL A new side to JCP and it's so so goodEasily one of the best books of the year in my opinionREAD IT