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From Jailer to Jailed characters É PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook ´ The controversial New York City police commissioner and bestselling author of The Lost Son shares the story of his fall from grace and the effects of his incarceration on his views of the American justice systemBernard Kerik was New York City’s police commissionePlea for change and illuminates why our punishment system doesn’t always fit the crime In this extraordinary memoir Kerik offers a riveting one of a kind perspective on the American penal system as he details life on the inside with the experience of an acclaimed Correction Commissioner from the outside With astonishing candor bravery and insider’s intelligence Bernard Kerik shares his fall from grace to incarceration and turns it into an impassioned and singularly insightful rallying cry for criminal justice reform in a nation that he devoted his life to serving and protecti. Frankly it bored me to sleep I kept skipping huge chunks where he blew his own trumpet about all his achievements uite rightly in other circumstances but skimmed over why he was in jail Perhaps he got down to the reasons eventually but I gave upA spectacular fall from grace that would have come over better with some humility

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The controversial New York City police commissioner and bestselling author of The Lost Son shares the story of his fall from grace and the effects of his incarceration on his views of the American justice systemBernard Kerik was New York City’s police commissioner during the 911 attacks who became an American hero as he led the NYPD through rescue and recovery efforts of the World Trade Center His résumé as a public servant is long and storied and includes honors from President Ronald Reagan ueen Elizabeth II and the NYPD’s Medal for Valor for saving his partner in a gun bat. I really was craving depth from his time in jail but I loved the experiences he did write about I also wish that his career timeline was less involved in the story it made up most of the book Also most of what he said about jail reform and why could have been summed up in half the pages There was a lot of overstating his thoughts I also found myself not connected to Mr Kerik Not sure why that is Maybe because going back to the career timeline I felt it was all about his achievements I also feel like he played victim and hero at the same time which left an odd taste in my mouth Plus I felt bad for his wife Hala He made so many decisions that impacted the whole family on his own All in all it was an interesting book and written well And I do agree with everything he said about how we should reform our prison system Honestly though this would have been better as an hour long 2020 episode

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From Jailer to JailedTle In 2004 Kerik was nominated by President George W Bush to head the US Department of Homeland Security Now he is a former Federal Prison Inmate known as #84888 054 Convicted of tax fraud and false statements in 2007 Kerik was sentenced to four years in federal prison Now for the first time in this hard hitting raw and oftentimes politically incorrect memoir he talks candidly about his time on the inside the torture of solitary confinement the abuse of power the mental and physical torment of being locked up in a cage the powerlessness With his newfound perspective Kerik makes a. Four hundred seventy six thousand seven hundred and eight dollars and twenty one cents 47670821 No that’s not the national debt increase per hour Although it could be No it’s Bernard B Kerik’s attorney’s bill for just one month October 2009 As the former New York City Police Commissioner explains in this memoir “For close to two years I had been billed 100000 to 150000 and sometimes up to 200000 per month in legal fees” That October invoice from his lawyers was off the charts You have to ask yourself how does one who pleads guilty to a federal charge of failure to pay payroll tax for a family nanny pay back attorney fees of that magnitude while making 22 cents an hour in prison for three years and eleven days Such was Kerik’s fate between May 17 2010 and May 28 2013 With the assistance of his writing partner Cullen Thomas in this 288 page retrospective the author chronicles Kerik’s journey from his role as New York’s commissioner of corrections and later its police force to becoming federal prison inmate #84888 054 Kerik’s riches to rags story is told in three parts It begins with what life was like for someone who was once a New Jersey county jail corrections officer later a beat cop in Times Suare still later head of New York City’s department of corrections and finally commissioner of the fifty thousand member NYPD to suddenly find himself on the other side of the bars Next Kerik explains the events that brought him to the Federal Correctional Institution in Cumberland Maryland as a convicted felon Kerik closes with a section describing what he believes needs to be done to “create a smarter humane progressive fiscally sound criminal justice system” in the USAFrom both sides of the bars in these pages Kerik spells out some of the major issues plaguing America’s penal structure Included in that list “disproportionate prosecutorial power the injustice of the plea bargain system and the politicization and selectivity of federal cases” As a newborn prison reformer other issues Kerik now champions include “over incarceration a loosening of the mandatory minimum sentences and the federal sentencing guidelines alternatives to incarceration and rehabilitative efforts in prison”The reader should remember Kerik as one of the decorated heroes during the September 11 2001 terrorist attack on America Now as an ex federal prisoner he wants leaders of our nation’s criminal justice system to ask themselves several serious uestions “How much do you punish At what cost do you punish What are the conseuences of this punishment What are the conseuences of prison” This book is Kerik’s effort “to add his voice to the call for national criminal justice reform” “From Jailer to Jailed” contained a few surprises for me Not the least of which was discovering that the former head of one of the largest penal colonies in the world would himself eventually end up wearing an orange jump suit behind bars I was totally unaware the once jailer Kerik had not only been jailed for four years given seven months of good time but was released early on five month’s home confinement Kerik reveals his original sentence of forty eight months was “fifteen months over and above the sentencing guidelines that had been agreed upon by the US attorneys his lawyers and the US Department of Probation” It was also surprising to learn that Kerik is a high school dropout married to a Syrian born wife I did not know Kerik was heavily involved in trying to rebuild criminal justice systems in Ira and Jordan I did not know he was once a security consulting business partner of New York major Rudy Giuliani I did not know that Giuliani threw Kerik under the bus after the author turned down President George W Bush’s nomination to become the nation’s second director of homeland security How many of us remember that I was totally unaware that Kerik once met with Syria’s highest ranking religious leader in a vain attempt to open a dialogue between the US and Syrian dictator Bashar Assad I did not know Kerik pioneered his Total Efficiency and Accountability Management System TEAMS to bring “both order and high uality services to the largest jail system in the country” Kerik writes “We cannot continue to demean degrade and demoralize the incarcerated” He makes a powerful argument that “the right thing to do is to help them be better”