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Under ConstructionWhen Lessi Decker finds her marriage crumbling as much as her house that's under construction there is nothing to do but ask Carlos Oller the Puerto Rican contractor to step in Carlos shaves his head sports tattoos and makes her melt with his. Under Construction by author Mila RossiMy Rating 4 StarsThis was my first novel be Mila Rossi and I would definitely like to read from her in the futureOktruthI was a bit apprehensive about reading this novel after reading the synopsis Let me explain I am not a fan of cheating That said let me put your mind at ease that there is no cheating among the Hh Howeverthe heroine Lessi was married and while she was faithful her husband was cheating on her for a while Lessi's marriage had been anything but good; lately she and her husband Robert were having some problems Being that he was always working Hmm To make Lessi stop complaining Robert allowed her to start the construction on the remodel of their home It was a dream of theirs and she was excited about the project Unbelievably when the construction begins Robert moves to a hotel stating he can't live among the chaos Of course he tells Lessi it's only temporary What a jerk Lessi is heartbroken yet she still wants to try and save her marriage Butshe changes her mind after finding out he has been cheating on her Let it be said that Lessi doesn't learn this until halfway through the bookLessi's hopes of salvaging her marriage before she learns of Robert's cheating can't keep her from secretly lusting after Carlos the contractor she hired Carlos wants Lessi badly He truly likes her but because she is married he respectfully keeps his distance and his attraction to her hidden; but not very well because she is a married woman Carlos is observant enough to see that Lessi's marriage is not a good one In fact it is Carlos that sees Robert with another woman Of course he doesn't tell Lessi right away because he thinks it's not his business He was wrong not to tell her as soon as he found out Regardless since Carlos saw Robert cheating that was his justification to pursue Lessi As far as he was concerned Robert didn't deserve her Carlos and Lessi were sweet together and had great chemistry They became friends before anything else The first time they were intimate together was after she found out about Robert cheating But she was still married Lessi was not going to stay with Robert She resigned herself to the fact that her marriage was definitely over She was not taking Robert back Not ever In addition after a lot of crying and reflecting she realized her marriage was probably over long before she found out about Robert's infidelityI was glad that Carlos and Lessi had found their HEA together Overall this was a sweet story but very slow in development of their relationship I could respect that since Lessi was married Truth is the slow burn made their getting together all the sweeterI voluntarily read and reviewed a complimentary copy of this novel from the author

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free read Under Construction ð PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB ë When Lessi Decker finds her marriage crumbling as much as her house that's under construction there is nothing to do but ask Carlos Oller the Puerto Rican contractor to step in Carlos shaves his head sports tattoos and makes her melt with his signature dimple and fulFrom pouring cement to keeping an eye on the dark haired bella he knows he's in trouble She picks the flooring he picks the dinner She drives him mad while he tempts her fate It's an unlikely match that is most inconvenient but highly desired. I was sent a copy of this book for an honest reviewThis novella shows a woman how she can and should be treated when a man truly likes you just for being you I thought the flirting was cheeky and sweet and for the length of the story the tension between them worked to ensure the story stayed in the right direction I think this is a lovely beachgarden read perfect for a sunny afternoon

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Signature dimple and full lips He is everything her husband is not Carlos agrees to take on Lessi's home renovation to keep his workers and company afloat Having to deal with an opinionated artsy woman comes with the job When his work turns. Complimentary copy provided by the author in exchange for an honest reviewLessi is married though not happily Her husband Robert works long hours and the two haven’t been intimate in months When she begins to pressure him about their relationship he decides that in order to make it up to her she should pursue the home remodel that she has been dreaming about since they bought the home years ago when they were first married Carlos is a contractor taking over the family business once his father retired He has a brother he’d like to see take part in the business but he’s not interested leaving Carlos with his hands full When he meets Lessi to give her a uote on the remodel he soon finds himself attracted to her and being in her house every day seeing the hurt her husband’s absence is causing he decides to make a move for her It’s obvious that Lessi is attracted to him as well however Lessi has taken the vow of “for better or worse” seriously and refuses to betray her husbandOnce the truth gets out about Robert’s extra curricular activities Lessi takes the bull by the horns and acts on her feelings for Carlos She finds the passion that has always been missing from her marriage and decides that things need to change The remodel of their home is a symbol of their marriage itself things change and not always in a way that is agreeable to both partiesUnder Construction is novella length and is a uick easy read While well written I couldn’t help but feel that I really didn’t “know” the characters all that well There was definitely an attraction between Carlos and Lessi however I wasn’t able to really feel the passion between the two Yes the love scenes were steamy however they seemed to go from cold to hot in the blink of an eye in a case of instalove This was a solid four star read for me It is easily read in one sitting and would be great on the beach or vacation I’ll definitely be on the lookout for from Ms Rossi