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She's white; he's black But their conflicts are than racial Margy's from Iowa an artist the product of an abusive mother and neglectful father Everet's from Connecticut a civil rights lawyer on the rise toward greate. I closed this book last night with a huge sigh and felt a bit emotional for its characters who have to go through all means of struggle to save their marriage and to get by in life Margy Winters is the artsy blonde from the Midwest who is married to super achiever Everet Hamilton who has his eyes set on running for mayor of their current location They have an adorable son Kennedy who is only nine and is so young and naïve towards the issues his parents are battling Margy herself is an amorous being who finds comfort in not only the arms of Everet but in those of her art teacher and her next door neighbor Goldy a teenagerI found myself totally engaged in this story not because of the racial issues this book has but because of the rich and enticing world of visual arts that it contains Misurella has once again impressed me with this story because while reading it I was taken to Paris one of the centers of everything art in Europe through the flashbacks that Margy has of her life there both after college and during her drama with her husband I felt totally shocked by her sensual encounters with African men there and with a prostitute friend of hers that she was enthralled by I also came to understand her financial issues and how she had to work various jobs to pay her rent and buy her food while staying in France I myself compared myself to her for this and understood her well because most of us who are artists writers actors etc start out poor and penniless looking and working for that big break that will launch our dreams of being famous and wealthy individuals This is why I tell you that this book and Fred Misurella is a writer I am beginning to admire and follow on social media because his works are just laden with the arts and shows his fans how grueling and hard life is for those who are in the arts and that despite all that suffering and harshness we live for our talents and our gifts We appreciate our humble and harsh means because beauty is found there as well Our knowledge of the blood and sweat and depression and darkness that births masterpieces from our hearts minds and limbs is heaven indeedI am so grateful and so blessed to have stumbled upon this book because it just describes the life that I have always dreamed of and would do anything if I could to turn my life twenty years back to work towards This was my child and teenage dream that I could have undergone if I did not go through personal tragedies beyond my control I suggest and recommend this book to all those forthcoming artists out there in high school and in college those who are currently in speech and drama clubs those who are taking visual art classes and to those in glee clubs to read this book because it contains a preview of the life of an artist or the life of someone who would sacrifice anything to pursue their own happiness despite financial racial and status issues This book although it may be deemed by some to be disgusting and absurd is to me a true artist’s world I am thankful that there are people like Misurella who write these stories that blends drama with the arts You will definitely appreciate its artistic elements while also feeling sorry shocked and surprised for its characters

Characters Arrangement in Black and White

Arrangement in Black and WhiteR recognition and their lives take a tense turn when he decides to run for political office just as Margy moves forward in her own career Arrangement in Black and White captures the conflicts that give edge and inter. Arrangement in Black and White by Fred Misurella written to appeal to all audiences with a fast moving plot that tempers a slower pace with layers of complex description about location era of time and the character backgrounds all essential to telling a beginning middle and end story Sometimes novels drop off and leave readers wanting or unsatisfied with the outcome In my opinion Fred Misurella's real life upbringing and interest in France liberal arts and a call of desperation in life until the amazing moment when he could say Published Author profoundly reflects in all of his novels Provocative and daring Mixed race couple are the main characters The story opens demonstrating their likes love and conflicts Their relationship has a heavy toll of emotional baggage and wounds that will take to overcome Margy’s from Iowa an artist abusive mother and neglectful father People lacking caring and understanding Margy's sensibilities are often uestioned as if her abuse is the only thing about her The true person inside is beautiful kind and able is there if people look deep take time to know her Her terrors and frightful parts of her past seep into her new relationship Untrusting Some time has past now she tries to be the doting wife if just for public view sake due to her politician husband making her a politician's wife But the public rallies and events cause tension between the couple because of acceptance of constituents Everet’s from Connecticut a civil rights lawyer with power and a zest hungry for Ambivalent to bring his wife into the life heavy description leads to a deeper conciousness for readers Margy's like of appeal for Politics cause disinterest uickly and from Political Wife to Bedford Wife I feel for Margy's reality thinking she is nothing no one ever gave her a chance to discover who she is and what vocation she might be suited for Men take advantage Women don't mourn her past But rise up she will Try some other books by this author Same style different people strife and happiness captivating writing

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Characters ´ Arrangement in Black and White 109 Â She's white; he's black But their conflicts are than racial Margy's from Iowa an artist the product of an abusive mother and neglectful father Everet's from Connecticut a civil rights lawyer on the rise toward greater recognition and their lives take a tense turn when he decides to ruEst to all meaningful love stories yet it does so with an eye toward modern women interracial politics and the human inability to balance passion with social public life It is a powerful story for contemporary reader. Arrangement of Black and White is a second book of Frank Misurella which I read recently I was delighted with the author's first book so instinctively I read this one I had a lot of expectations and I was not disappointed Misurella tries to show us different faces of love and in my opinion he did it well I could not tear myself away from that book waiting impatiently for the choices that the main characters Everet and Margy will make about their livesIt is not easy to preserve in a marriage where two people practically are so different their backgrounds social status and professional aspirations Everet is a an African American successful civil right attorney and Margy an artist with traumatic experience from her childhoodF Misurella wrote very good novel with realistic scenes uick dialogues fast paced plotting Emotionally challenging book with family issues like incest sexual abuse Worth reading