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review Honor and Polygamy Ï eBook or Kindle ePUB ☆ This story has been passionately written to point out the shortfalls misunderstandings and missteps of the US government in Afghanistan The US involvement in Afghanistan is compared to a forbidden marriage revealing the ultimate failure of implementing US policies in both AfghanistEmenting US policies in both Afghanistan and the entire Middle East In general the American public believes democracy is a gift that was showered on the country without considering what kinds of sacrices have been made over the past 300 years t. I begun readingso as to review for Omar Farhad then finished reading satisfied to have read a well written fiction I wept for the USA and everyone with unconditional love of nations Mindful of how fiction speaks under or over reality I cannot cast truth away as merely fiction Non functionality of fiction aside I enjoyed following the adventures of Goodness unto a speechless outcome I pray for a paradigm shift on the USA the Middle East in sesrch World PEACE

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O achieve democracy However democracy is not a gift that can be transferred exported and force fed to other nations Nor is it a strategic business plan that one can hastily globalize It is a process that has to be accepted with deep understandi. Distant Echoes – A review of the novel ‘Honor and Polygamy’“Fate leads him who follows it and drags him who resist” PlutarchAuthor Omar Farhad’s novel ‘Honor and Polygamy’ narrates the story of Nicholas Blake a diplomatic officer working with the United Nations in New York City Having just returned from an overseas tour for UN Nick is looking forward to a peaceful domestic life with his wife Lisa and his two children Ashley and Fargo when fate deals him the first of many wild cards He is asked to report back to Afghanistan on a six month mission; landing there and even before he gets to officially feel homesick fate arrives in his life once again in the form of lean bearded Taliban men who kidnap him and imprison him in a village on the hills Months go by uickly before Nick escapes from their clutches albeit only partially as he now finds that his only chance at redemption lies in the hands of the villagers In a bizarre life and death situation Nick is forced to take a second wife to try and to survive and hopefully get back to his real family in America But as fate would have it Nick can’t help falling in love with his new bride Shaista and thus begins the struggle to make sense of the world around him while trying to overcome the guilt and confusion in having to choose between his two familiesHonor and Polygamy is a fascinating look at Afghanistan that goes over and beyond what a mere travelogue a history lesson or even an adventure thriller set in the mountains does On the face of it it is an adventure story involving a character called Nick but a deeper introspection will reveal that the author has painfully strived to tell something through this book to enlighten and shed light on the rich and sometimes perplexing culture of a country Afghans and people who have visited or served in Afghanistan are sure to applaud the level of accuracy and deep insights Omar provides into the country’s social political and cultural environmentThe opening chapters in ‘Honor and Polygamy’ brilliantly capture the feelings of the lead character Nick as he prepares himself for the arduous journey ahead Omar has captured Nick’s sense of awe fear confusion guilt and determination very well as he discovers himself on this journey A love story that springs out of nowhere reiterates the fact that you can never predict the wild aces life will throw at you The portrayal of desperation and agony Nick has to undergo not once but twice once trying to get back home and then trying to return back to where he started from is very realistically done The kind of extraordinary undertakings he goes through is testament to the fact that a man will do just about anything and go to any lengths when his mind is clear about the decision madeAt times ‘Honor and Polygamy’reads like a memoir partly because of the likeness to a first person narrative and partly also due to the amount of detailed emotions the author has been able to convey through the lead character’s journey; it is a rarity that you don’t usually get to see in other books of similar genesis Omar Farhad very skilfully pulls you into this claustrophobic situation early on and from then every step of the journey; the reader becomes a willing accomplice or a witness to Nick’s emotional and physical travailsThere is a good mix of political and historical insight into the past the present and the possible future for Afghanistan that has been presented alongside the core story And it is something that should bring a little awareness in people’s minds about a region that they have been hearing about for a long time but don’t really know much about due to the kind of limited and biased reporting we see today from the major news networks Omar Farhad takes you on a journey through ‘Honor and Polygamy’ that is bound to leave you with knowledge and understanding than before And everything in the book from the terrain to the people are going to leave a lasting impression in your mind It's one of those rare books that’s difficult to put down once you start reading it

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Honor and PolygamyThis story has been passionately written to point out the shortfalls misunderstandings and missteps of the US government in Afghanistan The US involvement in Afghanistan is compared to a forbidden marriage revealing the ultimate failure of impl. In the humble guise of a basic kidnapping drama Honor and Polygamy by Omar Farhad progresses uickly to a multi faceted exploration of the ethics morals and emotional dimensions of the human soul if tested by unusual circumstances while doubling as a fascinating glimpse into the lives of everyday people in Afghanistan Do any of us really understand how far we might be driven and what heart wrenching decisions we might taken if un tethered from the comfortable existence we take for granted If you are at all interested in Afghanistan buckle up for an intriguing and emotional journey into its troubled heartland without leaving the comfort of your armchair