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Resilience characters ç 0 ¶ At a young age Jessie Close struggled with symptoms that would transform into severe bipolar disorder in her early twenties but she was not properly diagnosed until the age of fifty Jessie and her three siblings including actress Glenn Close spent many years in the Moral Re Armament cult Jessie passed her childhood in New York Lp at long last helped Jessie to heal as well Eleven years later Jessie is a productive member of society and a supportive daughter mother sister and grandmother In Resilience Jessie dives into the dark and dangerous shadows of mental illness without shying away from its horror and turmoil With New York Times bestselling author and Pulitzer Prize finalist Pete Earley she tells of finally discovering the treatment she needs and with the encouragement of her sister and others the emotional fortitude to bring herself back from the edg. As a volunteer crisis advocate for victims of sexual assault and child abuse I have struggled to understand why people do the things they do In the law enforcement academy we had crisis training on how to deal with the mentally ill However there simply isn't enough time study or understand the various conditions This book has done a better job at making me understand the individuals that have the illness I applaud Jessie's willingness to open up in a public forum about her past That is never easy She did something that no one else had bothered to do She started a conversation We're still talking I believe that Jessie did an amazing job of describing her symptoms The creature is a frightening thing to imagine To have something in your mind saying kill yourself is almost beyond my understanding I can't say I have ever heard of a manifestation like that After some research I've discovered that it's common that people realize Jessie comments that people are afraid of people with mental illness and that is true It is a stigma and it needs to end However one of my first encounters as a police officer involved a man who'd taken some very nasty drugs He was running barefoot in December in the middle of nowhere speaking gibberish At the time I was off duty and trying to get home He was playing chicken with semi trucks It took 2 officers 2 firefighters and an EMT to get him on the ground It took ten minutes to get him cuffed He fought his restraints for two hours in the hospital He tested positive for meth and we suspected bath salts I now wonder if he had other issues that needed to be addressed I believe this is part of the problem today Ilicit drugs and the reactions to those ingesting them is being mistaken for other illnesses I think police officers need to be better trained about this also Drugs are scary The mentally ill just need some assistance I learned a lot from this book I highly recommend it to everyone I don't care what your profession is Society needs to reed this book I won this book through a Goodreads Giveaway

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At a young age Jessie Close struggled with symptoms that would transform into severe bipolar disorder in her early twenties but she was not properly diagnosed until the age of fifty Jessie and her three siblings including actress Glenn Close spent many years in the Moral Re Armament cult Jessie passed her childhood in New York Switzerland Connecticut Zaire now the Democratic Republic of Congo and finally Los Angeles where her life uickly became unmanageable She was just fifteen years old Jessie's emerging mental illness led her int. It must be remembered that for the person with severe mental illness who has no treatment the most dreaded confinements can be imprisonment inflicted by his own mind which shuts reality out and subjects him to the torment of voices and images beyond our powers to describe Anthony M Kennedy US Supreme Court JusticeResilience Two Sisters and a Story of Mental Illness is a vivid stunning portrayal of both individual and family life impacted by serious mental illness Jessie Close sister of actress Glenn Close has authored this incredible memoir revealing the complex inner emotionalbehavioral terrain of emotions symptoms and actions related to mental illness Both sisters educate raise awareness and advocate for the mentally ill with their organization BringChange2Mind since 2010The Moral Re Armament MRA a morallyspiritually conscious lifestyle was founded in London UK by Frank Buchman in 1938 The Close family's parents were part of the MRA governing majority as their father was a physician With their parents assigned abroad their father spent 16 years in the Congo the Close children were raised by a series of MRA staff and nannies stateside This unconventional upbringing and separation from her parents had a large impact on Jessie's mentalemotional health she was unable to finish High School married an abusive husband at a young age to gain independence and was exploited by others for indirect access to her trust fundGlenn excelled as a teen she became interested in preforming while touring with MRA's Up With People 1968 completed her college education and moved to NYC to pursue her long highly successful career as an award winning actressBy the time Jessie had two sons Calen 1981 and Sander 1983 she had married her third husband her daughter Mattie was born in another relationship after her marriage ended due to her chaotic irrational behavior and inability to remain faithful Jessie uitchanged jobs unexpectedly moved freuently forcing her children to change schools often Her parents generously offered to send her sons to top notch boarding schools in preparation for college Mattie struggled in school with dyslexia yet helped her mother remain fairly stable as Jessie's alcoholic consumption increased to self medicate her bipolar disorder Jessie received both medication and first rate mental health care yet she was freuently unstable and occasionally suicidal Calen's admission to McLean Mental Hospital after his own struggle with mental illness challenged this entire family This was understandably tremendously difficult for Jessie to deal with and leads to the shocking and astonishing conclusion to her unforgettable storyAmong the things that matter most is having access to uality lifesaving mental healthcare I haven't seen a book that compared until now to my all time favorite of this genre Will There Ever Be a Morning Francis Farmer 1973 Resilience Two Sisters and a Story of Mental Illness is of the same uality and it is impossible to say which book is better There are many pages of excellent photos included

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ResilienceO a life of addictions five failed marriages and to the brink of suicide She fought to raise her children despite her ever worsening mental conditions and under the strain of damaged romantic relationships Her sister Glenn and certain members of their family tried to be supportive throughout the ups and downs and Glenn's vignettes in Resilience provide an alternate perspective on Jessie's life as it began to spiral out of control Jessie was devastated to discover that mental illness was passed on to her son Calen but getting him he. I admired Glenn Close after reading this book Though it was interesting I did not think the book was well written It often seemed as though I was reading the diary of a teenager The author's story became tedious as I lost track of the men she chased and the alcohol she drank Blaming her father for some of her problems while probably true did not seem overly helpful especially since as she wrote Some of my memories will inevitably not jibe with other people's memories especially those of my children I'm sure her father's memories didn't always jibe with hers Yet it's her story and she has the right to tell it as she experienced itHow responsible are we for our lives How much of our life is determined by us how much by our genes and how much by our environment I tend to believe that a lot is determined by us and what we decide to do with our genes and our environmentMental illness can be devastating I see it around me in me I think we're all mentally ill to some degree and read about it in this book Money can help a great deal to obtain treatment; and barring that at least a place to stay and food to eat What do people without resources do What do people without caretakers do