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Free read Die Trying Jack Reacher #2 107 Ä Alternate cover for this ISBN can be found hereIn a Chicago suburb a dentist is met in his office parking lot by three men and ordered into the trunk of his Lexus On a downtown sidewalk Jack Reacher and an unknown woman are abducted in broad daylight by two men practiced and confident who stop them at gunpoiIce because the FBI always always takes care of its own and because this woman is not just another agent Reacher and the woman join forces against seemingly hopeless odds to outwit their captors and escape But the FBI thinks Jack is one of the kidnappers and when they close in the Bureau snipers will be shooting to ki. Once again I accompany Jack Reacher ex military policeman turned drifter in his adventure Die Trying is the second book in the series and here Reacher has gone to Chicago He tries to help a young attractive woman struggling on crutches with her laundry In return for his courtesy he gets kidnapped along with the woman The woman Holly claims to be a FBI and there are other interesting facts about her which would revealed as the story progressesIn case you don’t know who Reacher is – he is Sherlock Holmes Rambo combined At nearly six and a half feet tall he is extraordinarily strong – an expert marksman makes deductions like The Great Sherlock Holmes Needless to say women find him irresistible He is the embodiment of boyhood fantasies which some men still nurture inside themselvesWhile held captive by the kidnappers Reacher impresses Holly with his calm brains physical fitness He even tries psychological games on the kidnappers to gain some upper handAwaiting Holly is a psychotic killer who is referred to as the commander by his followers He is also building a room from which nobody can escapeThis is an action adventure thriller – it has conspiracies twists misdirections maniacs with guns undercover FBI agent traitors plenty of gunfights and some fistfights betrayal and whatnot Lee Child the author has tried his best sustain your interest Parts of the book are so suspenseful that you would keep turning the pages I liked three things about this novel First the author had tried to add facets to Reacher’s character Jack Reacher – the unflappable warrior experienced fear Later he conuered this fear of course but still Child has also brought out the soft side of Reacher – his emotional reaction when he thought that his mistakes would lead to the deaths of innocent people his dilemma over killing dangerous dogs acting under orders – nothing truly original but some efforts were made at fleshing out his characterSecond the character of Holly Compared to Roscoe in Killing Floor Holly is a much stronger character She needs Reacher but can use her brains courage and strength when the situation demanded Again not so original but an improvement over the last characterThird the FBI investigation into the kidnapping of HollyThese efforts have earned the book a rating of 3 from meOn the flip side the behavior of some of the villains did not make any sense They had planned such an elaborate conspiracy but acted like fools at times My “no spoiler” policy forbids me from saying anything elseLee Child writes entertaining novels – the very nature of action thrillers makes the stories unrealistic I get that I really do But what I would have preferred was a believable plot The execution could have been a bit better I was not very impressed with the first book Killing Floor but still read the second one because 1 The series has been highly praised by Stephen King and Jeffery Deaver – the best endorsements a thriller writer can get2 My friends keep encouraging me that Reacher grows on you with timeMy library has got some books in the series and I shall try out a few In fact I am in the waiting list for the next book in the series Tripwire from my libraryJust suspend your disbelief and you might enjoy this novel If you prefer your thrillers to be realistic and cerebral then this book is definitely not for you But if you like action then why not

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Alternate cover for this ISBN can be found hereIn a Chicago suburb a dentist is met in his office parking lot by three men and ordered into the trunk of his Lexus On a downtown sidewalk Jack Reacher and an unknown woman are abducted in broad daylight by two men practiced and confident who stop them at gunpoint and hus. Good book but not as great as I was expecting after the first book I wish the first 34 of the book were as gripping and like the last 14 The first 12 of the book Jack is stuck in a truck an innocent passer by in a kidnapping Though Holly is far from a damsel in distress As good as the premise is after a couple of deductions from Reacher about his fellow victim the most exciting thing in these pages was Reachers mental maths to keep his mind active Ok there are short bursts of action with Reacher in a no win situation not being able to leave someone dependant on him For this Holly's injury was a good idea in the storyThe last 14 of this book is where the action is This is where Reacher changes from prisoner to action man I especially like the way Reacher is forced to face one of his own phobias this is mark of a hero not someone with no fear but someone who feels fear but overcomes it The difference between the start of the book to the end was at the beginning I was waiting for the pace to pick up but the last 150 pages I could not put the book down If the book changed like the earlier 100 pages earlier I would have give it 5 stars definitely

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Die Trying Jack Reacher #2Tle them into the same sedan Then Reacher and the woman are switched into a second vehicle and hauled away leaving the dentist bound and gagged inside his car with the woman's abandoned possessions two gallons of gasoline and a burning match The FBI is desperate to rescue the woman a Special Agent from the Chicago off. Lee Child doesn't fail to deliver What a compelling roller coaster ride full of tension crime military FBI treason Jack Reacher is an innocent passer by when Holly Johnson FBI agent is abducted by three paramilitary men What are their plans where are Jack and Holly brought to What about Beau Borken and his plan about an independent state In this novel you'll learn about the madness of a cult had to think about Waco it was even mentioned in the book and how difficult it is to overcome mad schemers like Beau Borken What a villain Jack Reacher on a very tight and sometimes brutal mission here Great characters intriguing action evil scheming This books keeps you reading on Liked it and can highly recommend it