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READ ☆ E-book, or Kindle E-pub Í M.K. Ritter Blakely was just your average girl until news broke about who she r. I was in the mood for a high school novel and thought that this one sounded interesting as it also had the main character going into a sort of witness protection programme Lovechild starts with Blakely Bennett discovering that she is in fact adopted and the child of celebrities Mason and Sophia This has been a shock to Blakely as she never thought she would be adopted To make matters worst though Blakely is now the target of a stalker who wants Mason and will kill everyone who stands in their way which now includes Mason's newfound daughter Blakely is put into a whirlwind and sent to Eastbrooke Academy where she is given a new surname and sent to a private school that is hidden away Once Blakely arrives she meets Slade who happens to be a hottie However Blakely is about to be at the end of the Ice ueen's wrath as Slade is her ex boyfriend I have to admit I hated this part of the book and I had been hoping to enjoy it but it was like as soon as she arrived she went immediately into this crazed love teen and all the boys wanted her I also hated the character of Rhys as the way he pursued Blakely and acted around her was total overkill and I found all the kids at this school to be too dramatic and all they were interested in was hooking up with one another and partying and playing with each other's feelings Then near the end Blakely receives a note about the stalker and how he's harmed her Dad This was a big moment and I was like OMG but it felt so minimal and played down in the book It was almost like my high school life is important than finding out my Dad has been killed by a stalker I am now in two minds about reading Book #2 as I want to see how it finishes but also not sure if I can handle of the petty drama and angst of the teens


READ & DOWNLOAD ´ Lovechild ☆ Blakely was just your average girl until news broke about who she really was Now she is moving away to start a new life All new last name All new boys All new dangers Can Blakely start over at Eastbrooke Eally was Now she is moving away to start a new life All new last n. DNFI got about 28% through this one and just cant go any further than that Not because it's a bad book but because it's too similar to Jillian Dodd's KC List of some of the SimilaritiesUnusual nameFamous ParentsMain character has blonde hair and blue eyesStalkerKiller after main character because of obsession with one of the parentsSent to boarding school to hide from stalkerkillerName of that school is EastbrookeHas to change last nameGod of all hottiesKing of hottiesCowboy boots on the first day of schoolThe CaveThe HollowRoommate reuests a room swap This is the similarities that stood out the most for me by I am sure their are and remember I have only read 28% of this bookI also don't see the need for her last name to have been changed when she can tell everyone at school exactly who she is and why she is in hidingNot sure if I will finish this one but if anyone can tell me whither or not it drifts away from KC and becomes its own story because if I wanted to read the KC again I would just re read the original series If someone says this gets better and original I may give it another chance but until then not reading any


LovechildAme All new boys All new dangers Can Blakely start over at Eastbroo. It was a nice book but it wasn't original it was almost the same plot as Jillian Dodd's boarding school series and I felt like I was rereading one of the books in that series3 stars