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summary Summer Sky Blue Phoenix #1 ☆ eBook, ePUB or Kindle PDF ´ Sky changed her life for a man once and she has no intention of doing it again even if he is a six foot tattooed rock god who makes a mean bacon sandwich Sky Davis is fed up of boyfriend Grant taking her for granted and when she comes home to find him wLy problem Blue Phoenix lead guitarist Jem Jones has a reason for wanting Sky out of Dylan’s life and is determined to come between them Some things won’t stay hidden even when they’re paid to ‘go away’ 
 Summer Sky is a contemporary romance with a rock star flavour where occasionally than the bacon sizzles It is the first in the Blue Phoenix series The Blue Phoenix books are a series of contemporary romance novels and novellas centred on the fictional rock band Blue Phoenix This book is not a standalone and has a cliffhanger Book Two Falling Sky will be released June 10th 2014 Please note This is written in UK English and includes English idiom and spelli. This book totally sucked me in and I read it in two sittings Apart from a couple of minor annoyances I really enjoyed it Love this author's writing style and will definitely continue the series The author brings you into the heart of the story from the get go and straight away my interest was piued Sky is a likeable MC and I loved Dylan at the start; though later on I became suspicious of his motives and wondered if he was trustworthy A hot troubled rock star god Yeah this was definitely my kind of bookThere was a part about a third of the way in where I grew a little frustrated as it appeared that the couple were going round and round in circles and the dialog became a little repetitive However it was only a minor speed bumpI loved the rock star world in the second part of this book and I felt the author did a great job of presenting it as outwardly glamorous but inwardly uite twisted and full of debauchery It made for some great readingI loved the writing style and it was a very accomplished novel in my opinionAll in all a great read and I'd highly recommend it I think fans of JLynn would especially enjoy this series I've already downloaded Falling Sky and I can't wait to get into bed tonight and continue the story especially after that shocking cliff hanger ending love itThanks to Lisa Swallow for promoting this book which enabled me to pick up a free copy

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S collide Sky decides Dylan is an arrogant guy with too many tattoos and Dylan is amused by the smart mouthed girl with no idea who he is Dylan and Sky soon discover they’ve travelled to Broadbeach for the same reason to escape from reality and head back to a place with happy childhood memories Losing themselves in a world where they know nothing about each other Sky and Dylan begin a holiday romance that soon heats up their rainy English summer Fantasies can’t last forever and when reality crashes the party Sky isn’t sure she wants to be than his ‘summer Sky’ but Dylan doesn’t want to let her go Returning to the real world public scrutiny isn’t their on. Did I like this Was there potential Would I read another one All of these uestions I can’t answer I’m underwhelmed I think maybe because I’ve read this story before with likable characters It started out well I liked the initial meet up where it was going before Dylan went all 16 year old boy at the beach “crushing” on a girl Then it started going downhill I hoped it was going to get better when the second half switched to dual POV BUT nope no such luck Also the endless pursuit flip flopping; I couldn’t deal with the heroine

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Summer Sky Blue Phoenix #1Sky changed her life for a man once and she has no intention of doing it again even if he is a six foot tattooed rock god who makes a mean bacon sandwich Sky Davis is fed up of boyfriend Grant taking her for granted and when she comes home to find him wearing a girl Sky suspects the relationship is over She takes an unscheduled vacation and leaves the life and guy she hates behind Rock star Dylan Morgan is struggling with fame and infamy sick of his life being controlled by other people Dylan cuts his hair and walks away from his role as lead singer of Blue Phoenix leaving behind chaos and speculation Outside the English seaside town of Broadbeach their cars and world. Sky wants to be away from everything for a while and she goes to her family’s beach house She wants to enjoy the silence and the beach thereDylan is a famous rock star that needs some time away from the fame and his band He rents a cute beach house When Dylan arrives there he realizes that he isn’t the only one staying at the house Sky and Dylan spend the day together and have a great time together They also spend the rest of their time together at the house They feel comfortable with each other and slowly open up to each other Neither of them want to leave the beach house but the revelation of Dylan’s secret will change things between themSummer Sky is a good start of Dylan and Sky’s love story It doesn’t end with a huge cliffhanger but it’s clear that their story isn’t over Dylan and Sky are barely together as a couple in this book I loved their time at the beach the most I loved reading about them growing closer to each other and them getting to know each other I never understood why Dylan being famous is such a problem for Sky Dylan is a sweetheart He never gave Sky any reason to doubt him or his words He protects her when she needs it He really likes Sky a lot and he wants to be with her He isn’t letting her go without a fight Dylan is a talented and rich rock star He loves to make and perform music He’s good friends with his band mates but his band mates are having some personal issues Dylan really needed that time away from everything and meeting Sky was a pleasant great surpriseSky is sweet insecure and a little stubborn She knows what she wants She has been hurt in love and she isn’t looking for someone She wants to be alone but Dylan changes that Sky is so happy to be back near the beach She has many happy memories there