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Forgive Me (TAT: A Rocker Romance, #2) review é eBook or Kindle ePUB ☆ Warning Readers 18 for mature contentvery mature There are very deep issues at play in this book and it is not for the weak The twist in this book leaves you devastated and you will need to absorb it You will get mad cry your heart out be cruEnds together and Sass and Shame's paths cross again They both have been living with a great amount of regret for their past actions and wish they could start off where they left off but they can't Their communication is lacking in a great way and it builds to the point where it is a mountain of lies deceit and tragedy Sass has experienced things no one should be put through and in Shame's eyes she is his perfect storm Will Sass and Shame overcome their issues. Another tortured coupleAn emotional dark story The editing was rough but a really good read for 1 I think you have to be in the mood for drama if you read this story I was glued to my kindle but the after taste is leaving a bad taste Cass who never cries cried the entire book She basically fell apart after being dumped by Shamus and jumped into an abusive relationship Years pass and Shamus was left in the dark about Cass The new plot with Corey just kind of got forgottenI kept thinkingDid I miss something Although what happened to Cass was horrible and she had every right to try and move on she really brought a lot of misery on herself Her secrets were stopping her from moving on and her misery got a little old Don't get me wrongI was glued to my kindle but this is part of the bad after taste I mentioned earlier The ending was a shock and I'm looking forward to the next book but need a break from drama after this one A good emotional escape that left me speechless I will say that I think the first book was compelling

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Couple that all the other friends aspire to be They are in sync with each other so much that it is sickening In this book it starts off as Sass without Shame and vice versa Shame left Sass behind to chase his dream of rockstar status While on the road she moves on and he is left with regrets not knowing Sass is in her own personal hell There are many events that happen in this book that are all connected to one another A tragedy brings the entire group of fri. I am not even sure how to rate this book The first 10% dragged and the material was redundant I was aggravated with every character at some point in the book I can't believe how the guys kept Cassa's secrets even though they knew how much Shame loved her and was heart broken especially Mike I became so turned off by Cassa and couldn't stand to listen to her sob story any longer right along with Roni What Cassa went through with Cory was horrible but having her laugh which would provoke him Not liking that And the boat That was out of left field Wouldn't something like that make the news And she forgot about it If you were in fear of your families lives wouldn't you try to do something And there is no way he would have been up for parole in two years Then released And not come for her Instead of taking 80% of the book to detail over and over their issues why not expand the plot to include Cory And taking 80% to get where we did was exhausting And I didn't find it believable that she was such a string person but not go track Shame down to find out what was going on Now the last 10% was really good because we got to read something other then Cassa's issues There is a fine line between too much drama and not enough along with not being redundant There has to be a balance to make the read enjoyable That was the big issue for me Too much And I have to mention something about the lack of editing I understand the reason the editing was pushed back and book released with a low price; however there are major issues with punctuation that could have been resolved without an editor I'm not critiuing how the story was told I too write like I speak But there were edits that could have been made without an official editor At times these punctuation issues messed with the dialogue

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Forgive Me TAT A Rocker Romance #2Warning Readers 18 for mature contentvery mature There are very deep issues at play in this book and it is not for the weak The twist in this book leaves you devastated and you will need to absorb it You will get mad cry your heart out be crushed smile and lose it by the end of this book Forgive Me is about Forgiveness All the things you think you know are only a fraction of the big picture Sass and Shame in the first book of the TAT Series Trust Me are the IT. I think it blows trust me out of the water