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FREE READ ✓ The Man in the High Castle õ It's America in 1962 Slavery is legal once again The few Jews who still survive hide under assumed names In San Francisco the I Ching is as common as the Yellow Pages All because some twenty years earlier the United States lost a war — and is now occupied by Nazi Germany and JapanThis harrowing HIt's America in 1962 Slavery is legal once again The few Jews who still survive hide under assumed names In San Francisco the I Ching is as common as the Yellow Pages All because some twenty year. On Wednesday I found myself at a party an occurrence itself worthy of remark at which everyone wore I'm currently reading stickers so I had several opportunities to explain why I was loving The Man in the High Castle One such conversation went like thisSo what's that aboutWell it's scifi Or rather speculative fictionEr hm No I don't do scifiBut it's got NazisOh my god I love NazisAnother conversation involved me explaining to a white guy how interesting I a half Japanese guy found reading about defeated white Americans kowtowing to their Japanese overlords The awkwardness of the words coming out of my mouth did not even occur to me for several sentencesI'm pretty sure at some point during the evening I also said with party speaking volume I think I really like Dick Sometimes I wish English had fewer homophonesSuffice it to say that I am swearing off parties and returning to my safe almost completely awkwardness free hermetic lifestyleOk this book Let me just establish that neither the Nazi lover nor I are in fact Nazi lovers or racists or no racist than the average person and that despite or perhaps because of the uncomfortable conversations this book might occasion it's a great read My former experience with Phillip K Dick whose first name and middle initial are considerably important in conversation than heretofore imagined was with a collection of his short stories which was amusing but very much in the Atomic Age sort of a vein THE BOMB robots space ships THE BOMB etc After finding JG Ballard's similar ruminations on mortality and atomic annihilation to be unfinishably boring I was wary of returning to PKD ah much better and the premise of a world in which the Axis powers won WWII could definitely have lead down that road Plucky American rebels fighting their Nazi oppressors and thwarting a plot to nuke New York while chronically hamstrung by their moribund contemplation of non existence No thanks But this book is so not that book As with other works by PKD or at least the cinematic interpretations I've seen the underlying horror is not about annihilation but about anxiety over identity In High Castle the American identity has been completely crushed There is no rebel faction there are no competent or truly sympathetic American characters and American cultural artifacts that we keep in museums are now collector's items to be pawned off to Japanese connoisseurs not unlike the 19th century European obsession with Japonisme The idea of infinite American ingenuity and resourcefulness has been discarded along with our belief in democracy The Japanese are consistently depicted as high handed elitist occasionally racist but generally fair and benign in intent much like American occupational forces in reconstruction Japan So if we as Americans aren't rebels if we're not democrats if we're not plucky heroes with wild ideas so crazy they might actually work who are we What a great subject for a scifi novelThere's also uite a bit about the life and meaning of objects or the historicity as the characters call it Why is a penny touched by the President significant than any other penny I'm not entirely sure how this theme plays into the rest of the novel It may have something to do with the arbitrariness invoked by the use of the I Ching by almost every character ie the specific history of any given object is as intrinsically meaningful as a pattern of tossed sticks and it is the evaluator's interpretation that has true significance Again though how does it relate to NazisAlso hawt book in book action All the characters in this what if book are reading their own what if book postulating a world in which the Axis powers didn't win WWII I mean yo dawg I herd you like speculative fiction so we put a book in yo book so u can speculate while u speculate It's kind of coolThe book's not perfect Women get the short shrift Betty Kasoura seems both intelligent and sympathetic to the plight of the Americans but doesn't take action to the extent that her husband does view spoilerI'm not sure if Juliana's murder of the covert gestapo officer was due to self defense so much as hysteria hide spoiler

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Fiction while breaking the barrier between science fiction and the serious novel of ideas In it Dick offers a haunting vision of history as a nightmare from which it may just be possible to wake. The Man in the High Castle by Philip K Dick winner of the Hugo Award for best novel is classic very good science fiction It is the story of a segmented and defeated United States after the Axis powers won World War II This alternate history actually began in the thirties as Roosevelt is described as having been assassinated Taking a roving perspective amidst several characters and some loosely connected interwoven storylines PKD explores a world where America is divided into three distinct sections and controlled by either Japan or Germany The story also explores racism as well as common PKD themes of confused realities and subjective perceptions Most interestingly is that there is a book within the book written by the man in the high castle where the allies won the war

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The Man in the High CastleS earlier the United States lost a war and is now occupied by Nazi Germany and JapanThis harrowing Hugo Award winning novel is the work that established Philip K Dick as an innovator in science. Thank God this is fiction at least in our dimension WELCOME TO 1962 It is impossible that ours is the only world; there must be world after world unseen by us in some region or dimension that we simply do not perceive This book is a frightening glimpse of how our world could been if the Axis Powers would have won the World War IIThe Nazi Germany and the Imperial Japan won and they divided the planet between them Even the United States is now divided with the East Coast dominated by Nazis and the West Coast under Japanese control having a “neutral zone” in the middle of the countryAnd the most frightening of all is that now there is a “Cold War” between Nazi Germany and Imperial Japan Where the Nazis have now Nuclear Technology and Hidrogen Bombs at their disposalNow rockets is the normal way to travel between countries in a matter of less than an hour And Earth has become “too small” for the Nazis where now they are using Space Rocket Technology to colonize the Moon Mars and VenusSlavery is back Racial persecution is enforced Extermination Camps are still active and spreading around the Nazi Occupied Territories and now not only Jews are targets but also Africans Afro Americans Indians for startersAnd all because the death of one man An important man No one can do what you were meant to do If certain person is no longer around a void is createdand darkness can take controlThis is the testimony that a person can change the world For good or for evil THE LESSER OF TWO EVILS One cannot judge by book being best seller We all know that Many best sellers are terrible trash It’s interesting how this “experiment” of a world where the Axis Powers won the WWII it’s clear that while living in Nazi Occupied Nations is a very horrific scenario the book establishes that being a citizen in the Imperial Japan Occupied Countries isn’t so bad Don’t get wrong if you are not Japanese you will be a second class citizen but you will be treated fair enough if you don’t make troubles that is and curiously if your skin color is white enough Maybe you think that it’s the same but when you read how are things in each side of the Axis Powers having only those two options it’s clear that you will try to live in the Japanese side Of course you will need to consult the I Ching since now this book is the usual way to take important decisions in the everyday life of people in the Imperial Japanese controlled lands ECCLESIASTES 125 Amazing the power of fiction even cheap popular fiction to evoke The only “hope” in this glum world the only “fresh air” to “breath” is in the form of a novel “The Grasshopper Lies Heavy” a piece of fiction with the “absurd” idea of that the Axis Power could lose the WWIIA very cool thing about the “winning” scenario proposed in that novel “The Grasshopper Lies Heavy” is that while it’s obvious that Philip K Dick the author had access to all the details of how the WWII happened and he could take the easy path and just telling what really happened at least in our dimension but instead he did consentious thought to show a valid way that Allied Forces could still win the WWII but not just like it happened BRAVE BUT Truth As terrible as death But harder to find The book The Man in the High Castle is a brilliant work studying how our world could be a lot different if the “other side” of the conflict in WWII would win itHowever except some brief moments the most of the narrative lacks of excitement scenes the relevancy of the main characters is too limited to their close surroundings and where they haven’t any control over the global events decided by the global leaders that are re shaping even the current political scenarioAlso the book lacks of a proper ending andor an adeuate finale Maybe it isn’t necessary but it’s odd at least to me to show such worldwide scenario without any appreciable intention to try to shaken the status uoStill it’s a evocative reading and a mindblowing concept