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FREE READ Ð MBJUK.CO.UK í Jess Dee Two men one woman and a romantic vineyard Summer s never been this hot Tastes of Seduction Book 1Angus Lowe feels like he s just stepped onto the set of Lifestyles of the Rich Famous He s checking out a luxurious boutiue hotel and winery lured by the possibility of landscaping the gardens And he s crazy mad about the woman giving him the tourProblem is Lily Hemington is. I'm glad I grabbed this novella for free If I had paid for it I'd probably be throwing a fit right nowWhen this popped up on a book deal list I had just been looking for a good triad romance I figured it was fate a novella fitting that theme and it's free Sadly I was very disappointed in Summer Wine I didn't connect with the characters at all On top of that everything seemed very flat and rushed and the sex was not very sexy; really it reminded me of a low rate porno Not because of the content I love extremely spicy erotica But rather due to the lack of character development lack of believable emotions and overall writing style etc Oh and there's a big ol' dollop of insta love going on in here Really One night as a threesome and these three are COMPLETELY CONVINCED that they are all in love with one another and can make it as a triad No just no I'm sorry even if I'm reading for escape or fantasy I refuse to believe thatAnd the editing yeah I won't go there I'm sure there will be some that enjoy this novella and it is free But for me there are just so many other great books in this genre and I'm slightly sorry that I wasted an hour of my time reading this one

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FREE DOWNLOAD ✓ Summer Wine (Tastes of Seduction, #1) ò Two men one woman and a romantic vineyard Summer s never been this hot Tastes of Seduction Book 1Angus Lowe feels like he s just stepped onto the set of Lifestyles of the Rich Famous He s checking out a luxurious boutiue hotel and winery lured by the possibility of lan Way out of his league Not only does she live the lifestyle of the rich and famous she is also crazy mad about the owner of the hotel Blake SeymourIssues get cloudier or could that be steamier when Angus meets Blake It s clear Blake has deep feelings for Lily but it s also obvious he can t take his eyes off Angus While Angus doesn t find this at all unpleasant he s painfu. I don't know how she does it but Jess Dee one of my favorite authors of erotic romance writes some of the most decadent MMF stories out there and the love triangle in SUMMER WINE is no exception Angus Lowe is excited to have a shot at landscaping a boutiue hotel and winery straight out of Lifestyles of the Rich Famous He's also excited about Lily Hemington the woman showing him around who he's fallen hard and fast for But the classy and well bred artist and professor is way out of his league and he knows he has no shot with the blue eyed beauty So why the hell does she kiss him like he's the only man on earthand then admit she's in love with Blake Seymour the very man whose landscape he's bidding on Lily has been in love with Blake forever but the feelings aren't reciprocated She can't help her attraction to Angus who with the stroke of a finger has her coming apart in his arms Blake has learned to control his love and desire for Lily over the years He knows his need for men would only end up hurting her in the end so he's conditioned himself to push away the need But seeing her and her sexy as hell landscaper has shattered his self control and when the very perceptive Lily offers a solution they could all benefit from he's done for After an epic sexperience Angus is clearly the odd man out of this trio; he's just the entertainment for the day for the couple clearly in love and meant for one another Can Lily and Blake convince Angus that his concerns about their social status gaps don't mean piss and vinegar when it comes to love Jess Dee is one of my favorite authors of bisexual erotic ménage stories for a very good reason she can write a sex scene like nobody else but she also brings a lot of heart to her stories that you typically don't find in the shorter stories Lily was sweet and very sensual the perfect foil for both Angus' honest yet self deprecating dominance and Blake's lighthearted personality The chemistry between the three of them was completely erotic and I thought when the gloves came off and the truth came out Lily handled the men perfectly She got them to admit both their attraction to her but also to one another and simply orchestrated some seriously hot ménage action for herself All of the characters were perfectly developed and I felt a connection to them almost immediately particularly Angus' deep desire for Lily and his insecurity about his own background and current social status I felt for Blake too; he's tried so hard to shield Lily from his desire for men even though she's been aware for years Overall SUMMER WINE the debut book in the Tastes of Seduction series was terrific It makes me want to beg for hot MMF sex wine fun and sexy banter and of the incredibly talented Ms Dee I can't wait for the next book in this series


Summer Wine Tastes of Seduction #1Lly aware Lily and Blake are perfect for each other and that he doesn t belong in their perfect worldNow it s up to Lily and Blake to convince Angus the only world that counts is the one they all create togetherWarning This book should be enjoyed with a bottle of chilled white wine You ll need it to cool down when the heat among these three characters burns out of contro. I'm no mathematician but Super uick yet sexy read I wish my trips to the Hunter were this goodGood flow to the story given the length The poly dynamic given considered thoughtEnjoyed the read and would definitely read from this author