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Pdf ☆ Game Changer à Paula Marinaro After a lifetime of uncertainty Raine Winston shouldn’t be fazed by anything any But she’s terrified Terrified that her wayward sister Claire has gotten into debt dangerously over her head Terrified that a muscle clad biker named Diego doesn’t want payment with money he wants much And terrified of the dizzying desire she feels whenever Diego touches herDi I can't read this I give up at 45%Please dear author get yourself a proofreader a beta reader and ensure that your work is actually readable before you charge for it You couldn't even remember that your heroines eyes are actually blue? Please this is insulting and a mockery of fiction I have read free works a thousand times better than this And those where written by 16 year olds on fiction press

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Download Mobi ã Game Changer ´ 328 pages ✓ Paula marinaro Õ After a lifetime of uncertainty Raine Winston shouldn’t be fazed by anything any But she’s terrified Terrified that her wayward sister Claire has gotten into debt dangerously over her head Terrified that a muscle clad biker named Diego Ct herWhen Raine has no choice but to go on the run she falls straight into the Hells Saints’ mayhem filled worldand into Diego’s strong arms But in a life filled with hard choices raw lust and blood soaked violence is there room for loyaltyor love? Revised edition Previously published as Game Changer this edition of Raine Falling includes editorial revisio Oh I just can't EVEN with this In my opinion this book is an example of first person POV done sloppily I don't like to be TOLD the story through a character's inner dialogue I want to be SHOWN the story through character action conversation and interaction This is mostly a personal preference thing though because a lot of my friends really liked it I just couldn't get over the writing style To each their own right?

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Game ChangerEgo Montesalto spends his days raising hell and his nights in the arms of fast easy women Tough tattooed and used to taking what he wants he refuses to get emotionally invested in anyone But he can’t stop thinking about Raine’s sweet smell striking blue eyes and uiet determination She may have the spirit of a warrior but she needs someone to guide and prote “Real men are the ones who go to sleep next to you at night wake up next to you in the morning and hold you in their hearts all the hours in between You make sure when it’s your time to choose that you pick a man like that”I have had Raine Falling on my kindle for uite a while As I am a huge MC fan I was looking forward to getting to know a new group of bikers There is just something special about the camaraderie and brotherhood that attracts me to these books It certainly makes the read even sweeter when there is a heroine that I can get to know and loveI would first like to say that Raine Falling was a bit of a refreshing surprise I felt that the book wasn't focused solely on the romance of the two main characters but instead a story about family about growth and about new beginnings Raine has had a difficult start in life She lost her mother at a very young age Although her father did his best there was much left to be desired when it came to her upbringing She and her little sister learned at a young age to depend on each other and a big burly MC man named Prosper Prosper was a close family friend and made a point to step in to help the girls when their dad wasn't taking care of things Prosper promised Raine that she would always have a safe place with his club If she ever needed his help he would be thereWhen Raine's sister Claire is threatened by the wrong men Raine steps in to bail her out However by bailing her out she opens up a completely different can of trouble Observing her plight is a MC club member DiegoDiego is a member of the Hell's Saints MC Coincidentally the same club that Prosper is the President of He is completely unaware of any connection that Raine has with Prosper He only knows that he is attracted to her and wants to help her out but not pull her into the MC lifeRaine goes to Prosper for help As soon as Diego realizes who Raine is he knows that she is already part of the MC life and he decides he wants to have her She was made for him Now he was just going to make sure she knew it And if it took him stopping when the only thing he wanted to do was keep going then he was going to stop For now DiegoThere is the typical MC drama Diego has been with plenty of girls and they all want to keep him Raine is still managing to heal after her own heartbreaks Her sister Claire is in rehab Raine wants to get to know Diego but truthfully she doubts his ability to be faithful I wasn’t the kind of woman who fought over men I never got that There were so many other things you had to fight to keep in this life a man should not be one of them Raine Despite the comfort Raine feels from Prosper and now Diego she knows that life has never been easy and she is always on the look out for the darkness to cloud her life once I’m so tired of feeling that So tired of feeling something only to have it taken away from me before I even begin to understand what it is Before it even has a chance to grow into something I can recognize”Raine and Diego form a strong bond as friends and lovers It was very tender and as things progressed between the two I knew it was only a matter of time for something big to happen When it happened it was a bit heartbreakingHe was going to make this right He had to Had to make it right for her For himself Diego Overall Raine Falling was a very enjoyable read I think it possibly could have been a 5 star read had it not been for the extra extra drama towards the end view spoilerYou know when you are towards the end of the book and you think things are headed to a nice epilogue to enjoy NOPE another kidnapping There were uite a few of those in this one Also when Diego comes back to Raine I just think he needed to grovel I understood why he acted the way he did but it was hurtful I felt like Raine took him back a little too easily I wanted to see them come together and I wanted him to work for her One slight annoyance is the cover The girl on the cover has red hair and Raine is described to have black hair and blue eyes I know it is minor but it did bug the OCD in me a little bit hide spoiler