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EPUB Ì MOBI The Way Home Lights of Peril #2 ó FREE Ð MBJUK × Where do you begin to piece back the fragments of a shattered heart? “I’m letting you go today it’s time” Finally Sadey is ready to say goodbye to the only man she’s ever loved With the help of Shame and Mace she’s learning to Otions are high as further truths of betrayal are exposed leaving everyone to pick up the pieces once again This is not intended to be read as a stand alone novel Authors note This novel contains material that is not suitable for individuals under the age of 18 Content includes drug use explicit language violence rape and other scenarios with content that readers may find offensive Please use caution when deciding on this book as every reader has the right to understand the product before purchas I only read this one because I already purchased it after getting the first in an anthology otherwise after getting through the first one I probably wouldn't have continued Although the story line overall was still good I had the same issues with this one the stupid people All I can say about this one is Mace and Sadie are still TSTL and Sadey proved to be a complete self centered selfish whiny brat She didn't deserve Hem any than Mace deserved Shame I still fail to see what Ace or Hem either one saw in Sadey no wonder Hem saw her as kid for so long she still acts like one and sure as hell had no business having a kid Not that the kids knew their parents since they were dumped off so much on anyone that would take them even though they were only a few months old even with club whores Also Preston is still a useless character that wasted my time skimming pages

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Where do you begin to piece back the fragments of a shattered heart? “I’m letting you go today it’s time” Finally Sadey is ready to say goodbye to the only man she’s ever loved With the help of Shame and Mace she’s learning to breathe on her own again; one day at a timeHer hopes are high and her world is finally coming into focusUntil someone from her past comes back to help her heal bringing with him heartbreak and confusion than she could have ever believed possibleAce loves her For Okay I'm gonna just lay it out there I liked the first book better This one irritated me 1 CJ the baby of two months was handed off throughout the whole book to other people like he was a freaking hot potato I can ignore a lot of things in a book but this stuck out at me He is 2 count them 2 MONTHS 2 The dialogue sucks ass Again I would really suggest the author role play her dialogue with someone because I just want to go in and fix it It's really really bad 3 Sadey and Mace are fucking irritating Sadey is this airheaded girl Mace comes off as this wanna be hardass that just looks stupid in the end Both actually and 4 I probably will not read the third bookThe story was okay it could have been better The whole time there was this thin veil of a threat on Sadey and throughout the whole book it's basically Sadey trying to make her mind up Every time ages in the same room as Hem she looses her head If she had a penis she'd be accused of thinking with her dick She's just a freaking weak character

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The Way Home Lights of Peril #2Six months he’s watched her suffer from a distance Knowing it wasn’t his place to see her through this but no matter the risk he won’t stay away “Sadey I’ve missed you okay? I’ve thought about you I missed being here Do you understand that? I’ve missed being around you touching you holding you and laughing with you I missed you before I even left town that night You chose Hem not that it was any kind of competition but you were with Hem I was never even given the consideration”Em This is the continuation of the first book which I just reviewed This book I thought was good in spots and pissed me off in others Let's start with the bad Sadey is very distraught because Hem died at the end of the first book at the hands of his stepfather She is raising their infant son and trying to move forward The reason this part irritates me is because she is grieving and yet everyone INCLUDING Mace is telling her to essentially buck it up and move on It's like these people have no feelings or somethingThe end of the last book the epilogue broke my heart I actually thought it was the perfect ending But low and behold things are not as they appear Turns out everyone but Mace and Sadey knew that Hem didn't actually die And although I felt a little joy about him being alive still I was upset at how everyone knew including the man Sadey was starting to have feelings for and no one told her jack He was supposed to have sacrificed himself and yet it was all just a gameThe positives in this book Sadey is stronger than we give her credit for In the first book I kinda pegged her as this whiny little sister type who just wore Hem down But it turns out she actually has a backbone I could appreciate that Other than that not much that I lovedI give this book 3 lipsticksB