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The Teeth of the Tiger Read Ø 106 ´ Mohammed sits in a café in Vienna to propose joining his network of agents and sympathizers in Europe and Middle East with a Colombian's drug network in America for terrorism profits and destruction Off book US top secret agency The Campus for President John Patrick Ryan has the best of the bestDominic Caruso iMohammed sits in a café in Vienna to propose joining his network of agents and sympathizers in Europe and Middle East with a Colombian's drug network in America for terrorism profits and destruction Off book US top secret agency The Campus for President John Patrick Ryan has the best of the bestDominic. I don't remember any previous Clancy books being this childish Foolish dialogue especially between the Caruso twins I never got to like them because they talked like such idiots from start to finish And those nicknames were utterly annoying Jack Jr is not much better In fact there isn't an intelligent person in this whole book One glaring example The rookie spook Jack Jr talks openly in public to the twins about top secret info he's learned on the job naming names of someone who will be their first target I immediately assume that Jack will soon be in big trouble for his loose lips Nope Clancy never deals with it at all even though the twins tell their superior that Jack filled them in Oh you told them about this super classified intel without authorization No problem kid What nonsense And there were many other similar flaws Like them ID'ing their target in Vienna by happening to remember seeing him in Munich Just stupid And get this The 20 something Caruso boys when comparing Ferraris to women refer to Grace Kelly and Maureen O'Hara Grace Kelly and Maureen O'Hara Is Clancy out of his mind They were both dead before either of these kids were born Maybe Clancy himself fantasizes about those gals but it's ludicrous to think his young characters would ever say such a thing And the former President's handsome young son can travel throughout Europe at will without being mobbed by reportersadmirersDid anyone notice that the terrorists headed to Sacramento somehow end up in Provo Utah instead Does anyone care by the end of the bookThe dialogue and character development in this book are nowhere near as thorough as the earlier books and Clancy has started to write every character's thoughts and speech in his own words Tag phrases that Clancy loves to use such as selling Girl Scout cookies none of them are Mother Theresa's nephew and pukes pop up in multiple characters' speechSimplistic one dimensional characters the Americans are faultless good guys never make any mistakes and have all the luck whilst the bad guys Muslims obviously are evil beyond belief stupid and unlucky At least there were no English characters in the book this time which deprived him of the chance to give them all names like Rupert Smyth or uinten St John Pilkington to all of Clancy's fans in America please believe me when I say that NO ONE in England has names like thatDialogue PainfulI lost count of the times the Caruso brothers called each other 'bro' they are supposed to be educated and in their late twenties would they really talk like a couple of teenage gang members Does anyone in the world actually say things like bet your bippy broI lost count of the times that Clancy used the phrase in ordnung whilst the characters were in Germanyas in everything was 'in ordnung'yes Tom we know they are in Germany we know that the Germans have a reputation for being organised and we know that the German for in order sounds very similar the the same phrase in Englishwe are not stupid and do not need to be reminded of this fact over and over and over again The characters and issues are presented in such a black and white way that the reader is left in absolutely no doubt that this is actually how Clancy thinksthere is absolutely no attempt in the book to examine the motives of the terrorists other than that they hate America no mention of Palestine no examination of American foreign policyjust the view that anyone American is 100% right and virtuous and anyone else either doesn't matter or is evil It's tiresomeHis manly assassins are lily livered Half the book is about two soldiers both of whom have killed before agonizing over whether in their new assignment they could kill a terrorist in cold blood Where did he get these guysThen these super secret agents killing outside the law or under any government control make one huge blunder after another to wit The check into the ritziest hotels where they will be sure to be remembered instead of some down out hole in the wall They use American Express Black credit cards so rare that their use will be sure to be remembered They rent a Porsche to drive half way across Europe instead of anonymously taking the trainchokengtitiktitikchokeng 17 and 19; Dominic disarmed and handcuffed the dead body then later the FBI took the knife from the subjects hand and bagged it p 208 and 222; The target cities were Des Moines Colo Spr Charlottsville and Sacramento Then magically on page 222 Sacramento is changed to Provo Utahchokengtitiktitikchokeng 176; During the test firing of the MAC 10s Juan assumed the noise could not be heard by a house 4 kilometers away but In this he was mistaken I would expect that stating that would have some significance however nothing ever came of it

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As his father moved through the ranks of the CIA and then into the White House Jack received a life course in the world and the way it operates from agents statesmen analysts Secret Service men and black ops specialists such as John Clark and Ding Chavez But nothing has prepared him for real world dang. Oh how the mighty have fallen Some of my favorite novels are The Hunt for Red October and Executive Orders products of a true master By the time he wrote this novel though Mr Clancy seemed to have lost it his touch Red Rabbit was at best passable and The Teeth of the Tiger continued the decline Full of platitudes “if possible the service in Vienna was even better than in Munich” and repetitions it makes one believe the rumors that he does not write any and the novels are group efforts by his staff Supposedly Clancy supervises and approves It’s very sad to see what was once a great author who has declined so muchHaving said that The Teeth of the Tiger is still a somewhat entertaining novel arguably worth a read for the Clancy fan The story is about a US agency so deep undercover that it is not even part of the government insert worrying comments about vigilantism here and terrorism against America Unfortunately it is predictable to the point of annoyance on the part of this reader I really wanted to like this book and was having a pretty good time Unfortunately the ending while in fact coming to some sort of conclusion does leave a lot of stuff just hanging therehttpwwwbooksrosbochnetp549

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The Teeth of the TigerCaruso is a rookie FBI agent barely a year out of uantico whose decisive actions resolve a particularly brutal kidnapmurder case His brother Brian is a Marine captain just back from his first combat action in Afghanistan and already a man to watch Their cousin is Jack Ryan JrJack was raised on intrigue. I love the Caruso brothers but the morality discussions among them are too tiring The ending was too abrupt