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Ily’s pain becomes his own it’s finally time for him to reflect on his life What will he do How will he provide for the one woman who’s captured his heart from the moment he laid eyes upon her James has found the love of his life But will their love finally be enough Can it withstand the test of time Or was it like so many other things in life only a brief glimps. NO NO NO NONO JUST NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO Argggghhhh I hate to do this but JUST OMG NO What happend SK I absolutely LOVED the other books in the series and your other books but this book was just one clusterfk This book was all over the place and I just didn't get it Throughout the 4 books the characters slowly changed they weren't the same in the end And I didn't like it at all This book just wasn't for me

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Stricken Resolve Stricken Rock #4E of what true happiness feels like In this final Stricken Rock novel you will hear from three of your favorite characters and how they survive loss love and unexpected circumstances In the end resolving what they've been fighting to achieve true happiness or something that resembles it Caution This book contains heavy adult sexual content profanity and BDSM For ages 1. Overall the story was good A lot of the individual actions and thoughts of the characters were in my opinion immature considering the ages of some I was curious enough about the outcome to read all 4 books

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READ & DOWNLOAD ´ Stricken Resolve (Stricken Rock, #4) ✓ Spending weeks in the hospital recovering from surgery Emily’s awaiting the next chapter in her life But when a tragic loss emerges consuming her life changes as she knows it Can she overcome something of this magnitude Or will she finally hit the breaking point losiSpending weeks in the hospital recovering from surgery Emily’s awaiting the next chapter in her life But when a tragic loss emerges consuming her life changes as she knows it Can she overcome something of this magnitude Or will she finally hit the breaking point losing herself in the process Johnathan is confused unable to decide what he wants or who he wants When Em. They say all good things must come to an end And this is the end the lives of our favorite Stricken Rock family comes to a close Without giving away any major plot spoilersI was there page by page as I read for my friend Author SK Logsdon as she wrote the final installment and then read the entire thing again when the ARCS were sent out tears Happy tears in the end These characters have become my family and knowing I was reading the last book was the sad part Anyway It is bittersweet that I say goodbye to this crazy dysfunctional rock n roll family I have come to love so much The characters that have personalities like no other Whose situations are not the norm Like most I was in a lovehate relationship with Johnathan through out the series and I had hoped he would turn his life around and be the man that Emily needed He had previously done a bang up job of being an ASS and you know whatthat's just him Sad but true I fell in love with James from the beginning and was torn as to whom I felt Emily needed to end up with I loved his way of being the gentle loving and caring friend she needed while dealing with the issues she had been dealt I loved Claire and could see why Emily loved her like she did I loved Stacy and the way he loved Emily and tried to protect her Most of all I loved Emily She took what was thrown at her and she dealt with it She took chances and tried new things She has that smart ass mouth and a kick ass personality She was always trying to be the protector of everyone involved Not mater what their choices were She was strong when she needed to be and yet she let her guard down and allowed herself to need help and comfort of others when it was needed Our Emily has grown and matured and although it took timeshe is now a happy woman This book takes us on a journey of Closure for all involved Some happy moments and some not so happy ones We are dealing with a lot of emotions in this book We have heartachewe have some Great sexwe have happier funnier moments Stephanie even shocked me a few times with some of the scenes In a good way of course All leading up to what I feel is the ending these characters needed The book follows all three POV We hear from each of them in this book Emily James and Johnathan We feel every emotion they are going through I shed some ugly tears while reading this one I hated seeing where they were all headed I hated the heartache that several were dealing with Johnathan breaks my heart on several occasions when we hear him talking You really get a glimpse of just how much he does love Emily Even though he has a shitty way of showing it He makes you remember why we fell in love with him in book one We are taken on what I felt was an emotional roller coaster in this book Emily dealing with her feelings for all the men in her life An unexpected turn of events making life that much difficult for her to deal with Johnathan dealing with his love of Emily while also having feelings for another After everything Johnathan puts Emily through I found peace with him But Did he ever clean up his act and get his shit together and really commit to making a life with Emily We have Jamesmy sweet Papa Bearthe man I fell in love with The man I wanted Emily to be with The man who can make your heart swoon and your girly parts dance Was James able to express his feeling for our Emily and win her love Was James able to put his past behind him and move forward Where did we leave our beloved Stacy He finds his soul mate and that is all I will say about that We will have some people happy about the outcome and others will not be I was satisfied with the way the story ended It's exactly as it should have been I didn't go into details about anything because to be honest A lot happens in this one Like A LOT We get a lot of back story on characters and we see growth involving others This series has never been your typical hearts and flowers romance That is not SK's style of writing SK takes chances and I believe in the end those paid off This was an amazing series Full of everything you want in a book and a little ; So make sure you one click when this releases See where our Stricken Rock family ends up See how crazy their lives have been and where it has taken them See all the drama that unfolds in this one Just know this no matter who ends up with whothe gang is still ALL TOGETHER living as they always have as one Crazy Ass Stricken Rock Family 3 Thank you Stephanie for allowing me to be a part of this journey with you I am so proud of you and I know you struggled a tad with this one and you did right by the characters You know I believe in your work and stand behind you 100% It was the love of your first book that led me to a beautiful friendship I look forward to many years of being your sista Team Papa Bear always 3