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Con La amiga estupenda Elena Ferrante inaugura una tetralogía deslumbrante ue tiene como telón de fondo la ciudad de Nápoles a mediados del siglo pasado y como protagonistas a Nanú y Lila dos jóvenes mujeres ue están aprendiendo a gobernar su vida en un entorno donde la astucia antes ue la inteligencia es el ingrediente de todas las salsasLa relación a menudo tempestuosa entre Lila y Nanú tiene a su alrededor un coro de voces ue dan cuerpo a su historia y nos muestran la realidad. I received this book as a Christmas present from my boss over a year ago In fact everyone in the office received a copy – that’s how much our boss wanted us to read it Before you start wondering what sort of wonderful place I worked at let me clarify it was a literary agency so such things were totally commonplace So despite the terrible cover and a rather idiotic blurb I knew it would be a fine bookNo review of Ferrante’s book is complete without a mention of how no one knows who Ferrante is or even if she exists as an individual woman at all Personally I find this whole mystery of little interest as I share her view that all that the author wants to say she should say in the book and there is no need for the entire marketing circusFerrante’s Naples novels have been compared to Knausgaard’s magnum opus because both authors can be characterised by their hyperreal scrutiny which seemingly can only be achieved in autobiographical novels The autobiographical component is official in case of Knausgaard and alleged in Ferrante’s Additionally Knausgaard has happily joined the marketing circus which is why I find Ferrante’s presumed exhibitionism a lot palatable These books defiantly ignore all creative writing advice and cheerfully tell and not show abandon all sensible plot structure and introduce as many characters as they feel like not really caring whether that whole cast is in any way necessary Neither do they have time for stylistic flourishes Ferrante’s prose is bare; the language takes a back seat and is nothing than a tool to the narrative that is pushed forward by its own urgency What we are left with though is so vivid and authentic that no carefully polished novel could compete with it This is great news Rejoice people because in the age when it is possible to get a DEGREE in novel writing without having to write anything of significance comes a book which just doesn’t give a shit and still manages to steal the hearts of thousands I don’t suppose I have to explain what this book is about because you have other reviews for that But in short it’s about the intense friendship and rivalry between two girls growing up in the impoverished outskirts of Naples You might argue it’s a book about female experience and to an extent it certainly is but judging by how much men love this book I’d say it’s rather universal But then I generally feel female experience once stripped of all telling signs could be pretty universal because you know women are people too Anyway to me this book was about class than gender That constant anger violence the ‘let’s get them before they get us’ feel permeates the novel And the moral if ‘My Brilliant Friend’ has a moral at all is that you can take a girl out of the Naples slums but you can’t take the Naples slums out of the girl Make no mistake though This is by no means an emotionally manipulative misery memoir This is a story of childhood that simply doesn’t know it’s underprivileged

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L'amica genialeTura«El reto para uien escribe es llenar la distancia entre lo ue vives y lo ue cuentas sentir físicamente el impacto de la narración acercar el pasado de las personas a las ue hemos uerido de las vidas ajenas tal como las hemos observado Una historia para tener forma tiene ue cruzar muchas barreras A menudo empezamos a escribir demasiado pronto y las páginas aun están frías Solo cuando la historia se acopla a nosotros como un guante ha llegado el momento de contarla»Elena Ferrante. This novel has so much violence that it should come with some kind of rating Seriously I had no idea it was so dangerous to grow up in NaplesI feel no nostalgia for our childhood it was full of violence My Brilliant Friend is the story of two childhood friends Elena and Lila It is the first in a series and I confess that when I started reading it I did not intend to continue with them — I was just going to read this first one to see what all the fuss over Ferrante was about It took me a while to get into the book; there are so many families in the neighborhood and everyone has nicknames that it was tough to remember who was who and who did what to which relative There is a cast of characters listed at the front of the book but it's still confusing About midway through the book I really connected with the two main characters especially after they started going to school I could relate to Elena's jealousy about Lila and how she admired and imitated her strength Occasionally Lila opens up and admits how important Elena is to her and those moments are lovely Ferrante's descriptions are so good that eventually it felt as if I had been living with these familiesBut what exactly is the story you ask Well there are lots of them There are stories about cruel boys in the neighborhood There are stories about Lila's dream of making it rich by designing special shoes to sell There are stories about the competitions at school and how Elena and Lila would push each other to learn There are stories of Lila's family and how her father would abuse her when he lost his temper There are stories about the men who pursued Lila when she became a beautiful teenager and how she risked offending a powerful family There is the story of Elena's first boyfriend and how she has to navigate high school And finally there is the story of a weddingThe wedding scene is what closes out this first novel and something happens there that convinced me to read the second book You win FerranteUpdate A Few Weeks LaterI have gotten so involved in this series that I am reading Book 3 and have already ordered Book 4 My advice to those starting out is to be patient with this first novel a lot of the events that happen in Elena's childhood have long lasting effects like seeds that had to be planted so they could sprout later on The I read about these two women the I admire them I highly recommend these Ferrante novels Favorite uoteRight away from the first day school had seemed to me a much nicer place than home It was the place in the neighborhood where I felt safest I went there with excitement I paid attention to the lessons I carried out with the greatest diligence everything that I was told to carry out I learned But most of all I liked pleasing the teacher I liked pleasing everyoneA Disturbing But Incredible PassageWe lived in a world in which children and adults were often wounded blood flowed from the wounds they festered and sometimes people died One of the daughters of Signora Assunta the fruit and vegetable seller had stepped on a nail and died of tetanus Signora Spagnuole's youngest child had died of croup A cousin of mine at the age of twenty had gone one morning to move some rubble and that night was dead crushed the blood pouring out of his ears and mouth My mother's father had been killed when he fell from a scaffolding at a building site The father of Signor Peluso was missing an arm the lathe had caught him unawares The sister of Giuseppina Signor Peluso's wife had died of tuberculosis at twenty two The oldest son of Don Achille — I had never seen him and yet I seemed to remember him — had gone to war and died twice drowned in the Pacific Ocean then eaten by sharks The entire Melchiorre family had died clinging to each other screaming with fear in a bombardment Old Signorina Clorinda had died inhaling gas instead of air Guanine who was in fourth grade when were were in first had died one day because he had come across a bomb and touched it Legion with whom we had played in the courtyard or maybe not she was only a name had died of typhus Our world was like that full of words that killed croup tetanus typhus gas war lathe rubble work bombardment bomb tuberculosis infection With these words and those years I bring back the many fears that accompanied me all my life

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L'amica geniale characters ↠ 104 Ä Con La amiga estupenda Elena Ferrante inaugura una tetralogía deslumbrante ue tiene como telón de fondo la ciudad de Nápoles a mediados del siglo pasado y como protagonistas a Nanú y Lila dos jóvenes mujeres ue están aprendiendo a gobernar su vida en un entorno donde la astucia antes ue la inteligencia es De un barrio pobre habitado por gente humilde ue acata sin más la ley del más fuerte pero La amiga estupenda es mucho más ue un trabajo de realismo social lo ue auí tenemos son unos personajes de carne y hueso ue intrigan al lector y nos deslumbran por la fuerza y la urgencia de sus emocionesPor primera vez Ferrante aborda una narración muy amplia poniendo en escena un verdadero tableau vivant donde no hay espacio para el tópico todo es vida y todo respira al hilo de la mejor litera. type edit delete undo delete type edit deletedeep breathstart againtype edit deletemake a coffeetype edit deletepour a drinktype edit deletedesperation sets in The dog ate my review Why why why can’t I find any words to say about this bookThe problem is I don’t know what I feel about it In fact the book has left me without any feelings good or bad It has left me blank I’m not used to feeling blank after readingI read Ferrante’s The Days of Abandonment last year and I was excited while reading I felt every line of it intensely I was so stimulated by the writing the words and the dramatic tone seemed to match the episodes of the narrative uite perfectly that I started writing the review even before I’d finished reading the book With this one I skimmed I nodded off I left it down often and only reluctantly picked it up again I finally finished it on a flight after I’d deliberately not carried any other reading material with me In my desperation to find something to say about the book I even thought about rereading it