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Pippi LångstrumpTommy and his sister Annika have a new neighbor and her name is Pippi Longstocking She ha. I used to feel connected to Pippi as a kid Because I had redorange hair ; I was even called Pippi Langkous the Dutch translation sometimes then I swear I have this photo of myself as a kid spitting image then now my hair is whiteorange mixed I'm sure Pippi would have the same as an older and still eccentric lady I remember my mother when I was a little kid used to deck me out in a two piece suit skirt and jacket and top it off with red stockings I really used to hate that didn't dare go out of the house LOL And she made two ponytails sticking out of my head Pippi revived Most of all I loved her adventurous free spirit I have named our house 'Villa Kakelbont'Lovely adventures great stories Astrid Lindgren really wrote great children's books so adventurous so out of the box Loved the tv series too

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D a flair for the outrageous that seems to lead to one adventure after another back cover. Astrid Lindgren's Pippi Longstocking originally published in Swedish as Pippi Långstrump in 1945 is likely one of the most well known and famous Swedish children's books of all time; it has been translated into than 50 languages and is still globally loved and admired The original concept for the novel originated in 1944 when Astrid Lindgren's then seven year old daughter was ill with pneumonia and Lindgren told her imaginative stories about a fantastical and mischievous little girl named Pippi Longstocking The stories were thus originally orally transmitted and might have remained so if Astrid Lindgren herself had not hurt her ankle later that same year While she was recuperating she decided to put the Pippi Longstocking stories to paper One of the manuscripts she presented to her daughter as a birthday present the other she sent to a Swedish publishing house Bonnier Bonnier rejected the manuscript but as in the meantime Astrid Lindgren had won second place for a traditional girls' story in a writing competition sponsored by renowned Swedish publisher Rabén Sjörgen she decided to rewrite the Pippi Longstocking manuscript and submit it to the same competition and awards committee for the following year; Lindgren's story promptly won first prize and the novel was published as Pippi Långstrump by Rabén Sjörgen Not only do I find the history of the origins and publication details of Pippi Longstocking fascinating for their own sake the whole and entire fact that the Pippi stories originated as oral tales also shows that oral tradition is alive and well that oral story telling has not been all that greatly diminished by books by the written tradition that oral story telling still engenders still often is the birthplace of the written wordI originally read Pippi Longstocking in German as Pippi Langstrumpf when I was about nine years old; in fact my reread in 2011 was the very first time I had read Astrid Lindgren in English Although I remember enjoying reading about Pippi Longstocking and count Astrid Lindgren as one of my all time favourite children's authors Pippi Longstocking herself has actually never been one of my most beloved Lindgren characters I have always liked Madicken Emil the children of Noisy Village Lotta and Ronja considerably than I ever liked Pippi And while I have gained a greater appreciation and love for Pippi Longstocking as a character as a result of my 2011 reread she is still not an absolute favourite nor do I think she will ever become thisAnd I do think that my GR friend Emily has hit the nail on the head when she recently mentioned in a discussion thread on Pippi Longstocking in the Children's Literature Group that she would enjoy Pippi Longstocking much as a character if she were not so invincible if she did not possess such unlimited powers and wealth To me Pippi's superhuman strength and general invincibility have actually tended to make at least some of the episodes a bit dull and monotonous as there really is never much tension or the possibility of Pippi failing perhaps not rescuing the children from the fire perchance falling out of the tree there is never even the possibility of that for Pippi is like a superhero As charming and irrepressible as Pippi is I have always found her a tad too fantastical and extreme to readily identify with and get to know on a personal and intimate basis; she is an amusing and fun character but I cannot really call her a true kindred spiritAnd one rather important aspect of the Pippi Longstocking story that I noticed while rereading the novel as an adult is that while on the surface Pippi Longstocking might appear as the invincible super child a bit like Peter Pan almost who can do anything feels confident everywhere is a wonderful and imaginative playmate and can always outsmart and outmaneuver the grown ups and their often petty and for a child incomprehensible rules and regulations there is a deep element of sadness and loneliness in Pippi Longstocking as well Pippi is actually uite alone in the world and much of her misbehaving is not caused by willful and and deliberate rebellion but because the girl has no one to care for her to show her the ins and outs the do's and don'ts of society except of course Tommy and Annika but they are themselves children and just learning Thus while Pippi might have a suitcase full of gold and lives alone on her own terms in a uasi children's paradise she is also lonely at times and in need of both human contact and loving care And no this loving care would and should not be the kind of care envisioned by the supposedly concerned townspeople an orphanage but a loving individual or a loving family who would adopt Pippi accept her imagination uirks attitudes and ideas while at the same time provide guidance and teaching Pippi's loneliness despite her wealth and seemingly charmed and charming life and lifestyle her sadness whenever she realises she has made a mistake and realises she has made a mistake precisely because she has neither a father nor mother any to guide her has made me connect with and to her during my 2011 recent reread and during my regular rereads since then in a manner that I have never been able to do before Even if Pippi Longstocking will never take the place in my heart of Lindgren characters like Madicken and Emil I have come to both appreciate and personally love herAnd finally I would also like to mention that Pippi Longstocking is definitely a book which I would love to be able to rate with half stars because if half stars were possible I would be giving 35 stars to Pippi Longstocking As I consider the novel to be a high 35 star rating I will assign 4 stars but I really do wish that Goodreads would at sometime in the future allow for half star ratings although I have come to realise that this will probably always be a so called and unfortunate pipe dream

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Pippi Långstrump Read & Download ✓ 8 ´ Tommy and his sister Annika have a new neighbor and her name is Pippi Longstocking She has crazy red pigtails no parents to tell her what to do a horse that lives on her porch and a flair for the outrageous that seems to lead to one adventure after another back coverS crazy red pigtails no parents to tell her what to do a horse that lives on her porch an. I think Swedish schools today are far too influenced by Astrid Lindgren's most famous character There is not a single person in this country who doesn't know the story of how Pippi Långstrump started school Her friends Tommy and Annika told her that they get to have a Christmas break and Pippi always staying home on her own and therefore not entitled to a break thinks that is unfair Orättvist is by far the word I hear most often in my conversations with Swedish adolescents and it always refers to their sense of egotistical justice I have all the rights and none of the dutiesPippi in any case goes to school to be able to participate in the holidays and she does it in the modern Swedish way arriving whenever it suits her shouting out her opinions and comments without being asked uestioning the content of the lessons and the authority of her far too kind and meek teacher and then leaving again when she considers she has had enough Well this was a fun imaginary school situation in Sweden in 1945 when Astrid Lindgren wrote the story and it still is in most of the rest of the world at least in the school systems I know In Sweden this is exactly what it is like to go to school nowadaysAnd in a class of 30 students we have than half a class of Pippi characters and some shy intimidated Tommys and Annikas trying their best to learn while the Pippis do whatever they feel likeI am a die hard fan of Astrid Lindgren she is the only author I know almost entirely by heart and I wouldn't want to change the fictional character of Pippi one bitBut I am a bit worried that this has become reality and as so often when fiction turns into truth there are some scary elements Putting the child in focus and empowering it is a beautiful idea but we need some rules and boundaries for the Pippis of the world The Swedish children of today are growing up believing that they can make up whatever answers they want and get away with it 5767 or something says Pippi and that justice means to get the best deal out of each argument without any duties or responsibilities attachedThe students have become too lazy to actually read Pippi Longstocking as an effect So for the love of learning and literature I would like Pippi to go back to schoolAnd take her feet off the table