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Stricken Trust (Stricken Rock, #3) review ê PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook Ç It’s vacation time for Emily after all the anguish Johnathan’s dumped on her Spending two weeks in the mountains of Colorado with James Stacy and Kyle comes as a much needed relief Until a deep dark secret is revealed leading her down a path sIt’s vacation time for Emily after all the anguish Johnathan’s dumped on her Spending two weeks in the mountains of Colorado with James Stacy and Kyle comes as a much need. OMG okay first lemme say I think im gonna die from waiting for those twins birth this book rockedI am so happy it went the way I wanted to in the endJAMES JAMES JAMES the PERFECT male oh how I understand her need of the penis cillin ROFL that had me laughing out loud what a great follow up book this isnow onto the next Final book please I know its 2014 just please tell me its Jan 2014

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Ed relief Until a deep dark secret is revealed leading her down a path she’s most eager to follow Once returning home to LA Johnathan gives Emily an amazing present can she. What can I say about this book First I was sent an ARC copy by the author for an honest review IT WAS FUCKING FANTASTIC 3I fell in love with book one and was on a MAJOR book HIGH for days Then I didn't think she could do it to me again and well I read book two and BAM she did I was BLOWN away but let me tell you this Book Three Stricken Trust made me HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY I was very happy with the way this book ended 3 This book gave me the sexual and emotional stuff I Craved from the first two It was FULL of Sex Great sex Sex that made me want to be Emily We don't get all the drama we got in the first two and I was happy with that This book I felt was the story of Emilylearning to lovelearning to growpreparing herself to become a mother Emily struggles with a lot in her life I mean her baby daddy is Jonathan from Stricken and that alone causes a lot of drama and stress Not to mention she is struggling with finding herself in a way She loses things that are close to her along the way and finds others She struggles with what is good for her now or what could be good for her in the long runthe future She has to think what will be best for her child We don't hear much from Jonathan in this book and that too I was okay with Because he isn't my favorite person right now He has a lot of growing up to do and I just don't know if he is capable of doing that As much as I can't stand him right now I do hold a soft spot in my heart for him Why Because he is Jonathan sexy alpha rock star from Stricken He can make your panties melt ladies BUT he has a lot of issues that he needs to get through He needs to grow up We see a lot of James in this one We meet James in book 1 and so in book 2 and I FELL IN LOVE WITH JAMES especially in book 2 I even told SK that I loved him I want to be with James This man right here is BOOK BOYFRIEND SWOON WORTHY He's totally different than other book boyfriends though and you will see when you follow the series He's AMAZING as a friend and protector of Emily He would risk his own life to protect Emily and her unborn child I know that this third book was a tad different than the first two Like I saidnot so much drama or angst but I feel like it was necessary for us to read about Emily while she is not with Jonathan We needed to see how she could handle things on her own kinda She needed time to focus on herself and the baby and to see what she really wants in the future Emily deserves to have someone love her and to treat her like a princess She and Jonathan have had a rough relationship and this was a much needed break in my opinion I think SK did a Wonderful job in allowing Emily to grow I didn't find her weak as I have read others say I found her to be emotional due to a rocky relationship with Jonathan and being pregnant I found her to rely on the friendship with James to get her through some not so good times She and James together as friends works They needed each other to deal with shit that has went on in their pasts and that continue to go on Will Emily get her HEA Will Jonathan grow up Will James continue to be a part of their lives I guess we will have to leave that in the hands of the AMAZING SK She knows whose team I am on ; Grab the first book in the series now for only 199 and fall in love with these characters You will love them and you will hate them I mean it's a ROCK STAR kinda love that's never easy SK will have you panting and fanning yourself when you read the love scenes in all three books GOONECLICKTHEMNOW 3

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Stricken Trust Stricken Rock #3Accept what he’s offering Or will the past few weeks of realization be enough to change her forever Caution The book contains heavy adult sexual content profanity For ages 1. Not really feeling this James vibe He is so insecure to the point where I feel she is coddeling him I think he is her comfort zone teddy bear I don't feel the connection I may be one of the few who don't Yes Jonathan is an ass yes Claire has changed but I dont see James being it I could go into a lecture and point out how all of these relationships are dysfunctionalAlso what happened to the strong mouthy back talking not taking anyones crap Emily She is weak in this one I mean for crying out loud the falling incident did not reuire a carry back to the house Also she is acting like an attention whore Just about everyone who shows her attention she either makes out with or sleeps with I am losing respect for the main character I could go on about this but I would give spoilers Loved the first 2 books Just not feeling this one will write later