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Stricken Desire (Stricken Rock, #1) free read  6 ✓ NOTE THE CURRENT COPIES OF THIS BOOK ON AND BN HAVE BEEN RE EDITED Emily's thrust into the world of Rock N Roll thanks to her BFF who’s called upon her to help manage Stricken’s music tour Immediately she bumps heads with the lead singer Johnathan Striker who’s most famousEads with the lead singer Johnathan Striker who’s most famous for being a womanizer But he’s met his match when she refuses to tolerate his mouthy antics or bed him Passion is the new driver in her life and Emily. Find This and Other Reviews At Craves The AngstI received this eARC from the author in exchange for an honest review while participating in the Holiday Party Blog Tour with I ♥ Bookie Nookie Reviews 3 Super Star Stars The Review This review is going to be a mix of good and bad First lets start with the good I really enjoyed the characters The innocent girl desperate to make it in a situation thats a make it or break it kind of deal who meets the uintessential bad boy who is also a complete man whore When Emily and Jonathan first meet sparks fly and not in a good way They clashed from the beginning as Emily stood up to him and didn’t take any of his mouthy crap no matter how hot he was She was strong willed and didn’t let the all male situation intimidate her into a shrinking violet I loved this about her I'm a huge fan of strong female leads and she definitely was Jonathan was cool collected and a smart ass but when he started to fall it was hard and fast Something about Emily sucked him right in and in his conflicted way tried to get to actually know her but of course he still wanted her in his bed The story I really enjoyed the story Who doesn’t love a hard rocker who’s taken by the innocent girl with a will of iron Its a traditional story wrapped in uniue situations and a wonderful cast And steamy Yes please Love me some steam and this had plenty to go aroundBUT here’s the rub This book would have warranted a higher rating if their had been a better editing job Sentence structure is very important for a reader We get emotions timing personality and scene points from proper punctuation Without it a reader is left wondering how to play the scene in their minds This book had a LOT of errors in punctuation grammar and some of the dialogue needed culling through and reformatting Some of the lines came off in a different way then I know they were intended and it was all due to grammar The Wrap Up I love hot rock stars stories who fall for the unsuspecting girl And this book was just that kind of read I loved the story I loved the characters But a knowledgeable editor can do wonders for a manuscript and I’d love to re read this one after its been gone over carefully and fixed I think I’d definitely give it higher marks

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’s innocence is a thing of the past Book One Stricken SeriesCaution This book contains heavy adult sexual content profanity and bisexuality For audiences 18 Stay turned for Stricken Unveiled this book is not HEA ye. You can read this and other reviews at Inked in ChaptersThis review may include some spoilers I usually try to control myself but this time I can’tGood grief My head is spinning I picked up Stricken Desire after reading a short novella by the same author Hell it was 99 it’s kinda hard to go wrong at that price We’ll start with the Cons1 Very little of this story deals with Johnathan Stricker the lead singer of this totally popular rock band Most of it focuses on Stacey Emily’s super confused best friend and the band’s manager What kind of name is Stacey Can we make this issue #2 Seriously I’m not diggin’ that name This story was all over the place jumping between these men and Emily and even other women It was just – everywhere2 I already claimed this one for Stacey Don’t name your little boy Stacey It’s just not nice3 Emily has infertility issues I can relate I also have infertility issues That little fact made me feel a little closer to this snarky little redhead That is until she magically found herself pregnant with not just one but TWO kids If it were only that easy to skip over your medical issues and make all your dreams come true It happens I know I’ve watched I Didn’t Know I was Pregnant Yes it can happen but seriously It’s kind of like a tiny slap in the face to all of us out here in reality4 If Emily called Johnathan misogynistic one time Use descriptive words please There’s no need to monopolize one words We have a beautiful thing called a thesaurus USE IT5Orgasms 12 orgasms in a 4 fuck period is RIDICULOUS I am all for fantasy; all for reading about two people coming at the same time or having multiple orgasms Hell it’s a fantasy for a reason but adding in 12 orgasms is just unrealistic I actually remember laughing at the page It was over the top6Holy crap Enough with the Emily is so tiny bit 5’2” isn’t THAT small It’s not like she’s Snooki and stands at around 4’9” Yeesh7 The editing was HORRENDOUS Some major editing needs to be done on this one It seemed to get worse as the story unfolded Maybe the author was trying to uickly pump it out Ha I dunno If you’re putting out a novel for the world to read at the very least have it edited It makes you look like you don’t have a clue when you push out something that has repeated errors We all make mistakes I know I do Just please edit next timePros1 The sex was hot There’s something for everyone in this novel MM MF FF – It has it all You mostly just hear recounts of the MM which is probably a good thing I don’t think that’s for everyone then again neither is FF2 The relationship between Stacey and Emily while completely fucked up is what we all hope to find in another person They’re soul mates on a deeper level and I found that inspiring3 Emily’s parents rock4 Keith one of the band members seemed pretty cool5 I was never sure what would happen next6 Emily is snarky and uick with a comeback I love that in a heroine Weak minded women make me want to pull my hair out I’m over joyed that Emily had a little ‘tude to sling aroundI can’t say I’d recommend this one It just has too much going on A baby or two bisexuality abuse physical mental and child drug use It was like a crap storm overload There is no HEA in this book There is however “cheating” and lies It’s just a lot Too much I have mixed feelings about even continuing the series

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Stricken Desire Stricken Rock #1NOTE THE CURRENT COPIES OF THIS BOOK ON AND BN HAVE BEEN RE EDITED Emily's thrust into the world of Rock N Roll thanks to her BFF who’s called upon her to help manage Stricken’s music tour Immediately she bumps h. I struggled to get through this book It needs a massive overhaul with editing continually mixing women and woman up right the way through and misspelling definitely with defiantly just to name a few of the consistent errors Despite the spelling and grammatical mistakes the story did show promise until it got to about 30% and then I just found it to be cheesy and over dramatic The dialogue is cringe worthy at times There is a massive plot jump about halfway through which is totally disorientatingThe ending isn't so much a cliff hanger as just a sudden unexpected drop of a cliff I wouldn't say this book had an ending at all I realise it is meant to be the first of a series but it should still have an ending of sorts but as it stands now it feels like its missing several chapters from the endI've given this book 2 stars which I think is possibly my first 2 star review and sadly it feels like a generous 2 stars to me