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read & download è eBook, PDF or Kindle ePUB ß Paula Altenburg As a highly skilled assassin Creed is used to being called upon by the Godseekers for help But in a world just recently rid of demons the task to now track down half demons isn't as easy as it seems Not only is Creed himself a secret half demon now going against his own kin but when he discovers numerous innocent children are being kidnapped in the mo. This review and can be seen at there were uite a few aspects about this story that just plain pissed me off the fact that I was still able to enjoy it overall just attests' to how great an author Paula Altenburg isCreed knows first hand that you are not defied by the people who created you Whether your father is mortal or demon no one is born inherently evil is child is just that a child After all he became a Godseeker Assassin to see justice carried out though recent events have him reassessing his decision So it should not come as a surprise that he is determined to find half demon children who have been turned out to the world alone Some having no one to turn to letting their demon half take full reign becoming the very spawn that mortals fear Willow on the other hand while seeking out these children and raising them as her own she has very different intentions for them She sees all half demons as superior to all mortals By teaching them such she very well may be creating their downfall and costing them their livesNieve is the mother of one of those very half demons they seek a boy she sees as nothing than her beautiful son from the very first time she laid eyes on him A boy who was taken away from her and sold into slavery by the very man she is forced to call master For a full year she had no memory of him one of his many talents until a stranger comes seeking information on half demon children being sold Not only does he open up the floodgate on her memories of her child but also the vicious ones of his Demon father Though she may be fearful of him once she senses his demonic nature she will stop at nothing to find her child even if that means sleeping with the enemyFull of violence intrigue and characters to pull at your heartstrings Demon Creed is truly a worthwhile read I recommend reading the first two books first something I didn't do to learn of the world of the Demon Outlaws Such as why are women in slavery and viewed upon as nothing than property; wife whore or slave And how does a woman claim a demon when they have no demon within them especially when its the demon half they are afraid of Readers picking this up as a stand alone may be lost on some aspects but not so much so that they will not be able to enjoy this read

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characters The Demon Creed ☆ eBook, PDF or Kindle ePUB ß As a highly skilled assassin Creed is used to being called upon by the Godseekers for help But in a world just recently rid of demons the task to now track down half demons isn't as easy as it seems Not only is Creed himself a secret half demon now going against his ow O get her son backeven if it means putting her trust in CreedTogether they set out to find the Demon Slayer who can help them Little do they know the demon who fathered Nieve's son is also searching for Nieve and he's teamed up with the kidnapper to draw her out Creed and Nieve must race against the clock to save the children their hearts and the worl. Well this is apparently the last instalment of the Demon Outlaws series and I for one will be sad to finish reading about these brave characters who live in such a dangerous and twisted world If someone had told me that I'd be reading an almost dystopian romance that featured demon hunting cowboys I would have just laughed but this author has surpassed all expectations with these books Incredible world building and now with this instalment it almost feels as if we have come full circle A hero unlike any other and a chance to catch up with characters who captured my interest in the vey first bookIn the not so distant future the world as we know it will topple and be overran by demons Civilisation will crumble and technology will be no Out of those ashes will rise a new way of life with god fearing people following goddesses and praying for the demons to be banished One will be born with the power to help beat the demons back to their own dimension but disillusioned mortals will always fear that one day the demons will find a way backCreed is a demon hunting Assasin working for the god seekers and a recent spate of missing children brings him away from his usual haunts and further into the mountains It's believed that the children that have disappeared are half demon and known as the despised Spawn demonic hybrids with ungodly powers and the ability to call back the full blood demons Creed is determined to find the truth and travels to a ranch where he's heard of a child being sold to slavers What he finds there is Nieve a woman whose very essence calls to him but she's cruelly mistreated and it's her child that might hold clues to what's happening Creed saves her life and promises to help if he can but the journey they take is not an easy one Nieve has been abused by both mortal and demon alike and doesn't trust easily but as they are thrown together Nieve faces her biggest fear a demon This demon is no child though as the demon is Creed Creed has spent his life hiding in plain sight and now he will have no choice but to show his inner beast Creed is unlike any other paranormal hero I have ever read about He's uite literally a man on a mission and he's not giving up no matter what the cost As the son of a demon he can manipulate peoples minds and has always managed to live amongst the mortals undetected but fooling Nieve is not easy to do I loved Creed He's a sworn protector of innocents and thinks that everyone deserves a chance Heritage colour or abilities none of that matters to him What he cares about is ensuring that everyone gets a fair hearing and the possibility of a future Nieve lives in a world were women are nothing than chattels and it's a truly abysmal life that is forced upon her She has been betrayed by everyone she cares about and yet is not totally broken Her fervent desire to be reunited with her missing son drives her on but it's an inhospitable reality for women and she needs Creeds protection Luckily Creed is not just the most affable Assasin you could ever imagine people always trust and like him due to his powers but he's also total eye candy Nieve is many things but she's not brain dead and as a female only too aware of Creeds latent sexuality Dont expect lots of explicit scenes though as this story is completely plot driven and the relationship they form is only part of itIt was wonderful to meet characters from the first book again and it felt as if old friends had returned These are reluctant heros who are just doing what they see as right in such an inhospitable environmentThe authors words conjure up images of old westerns and to say it has a feel of the old west is probably the best description I can come up with The world building is truly astounding and as the story progresses we see glimpses of what went before which made it for this reader very perturbing and uite believable A disturbing alternate reality that has completely captured my imagination As I mentioned this seems to be the last in this series and maybe Ms Altrnburg saved the best for last Creed is a character who never expects to find love but the future is not set and there's hope for everyone I will miss these characters and can only hope that whatever the author has up her sleeve next will be just as enthralling

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The Demon CreedUntains he second guesses his mission Justice should be for all not just for demon spawnLiving in a world of cruel men Nieve has no memory of her life before her enslavement But when Creed comes around asking uestions about missing children the memories of her half demon son and the demon who tricked her come flooding back Now Nieve will do anything t. Ever since I finished up Raven's story in Black Widow Demon I have been salivating for Creed's story I was almost scared to even start reading because of the anticipation and expectation I had built up but once I started reading the nerves left and I was fully engaged Creed was exactly who and what I thought him to be He's big powerful heroic gentle and passionate while still keeping his smiles and fun loving nature that he brings out to reassure and encourage others Like a good finale story does this one comes full circle to the beginning intertwining Hunter Aerie and Scratch back into the story along with a formidable foe and a strong direction for everyone's futureThis is a continuation story even with a new hero and heroine so it must be read in order It picks up where the last one left off with Creed tracking Willow and the other half demon children she is gathering to her for her own purposes He follows her trail by stopping in each city to check rumors of children disappearing or being sold to slavers Since the demons were driven out of the world half demons have suddenly gained demon gifts and find it difficult to hide Humans are uneasy because there are half demons than were ever thought to be The situation is volatile as many want to exterminate all half demons out of fear and some half demons want to exterminate all humans in retaliation Creed and a few others want to find a way for everyone to live in harmony but first he needs to stop WillowWhen entering the town of Desert's End he follows his usual routine by uestioning the sheriff which leads him out to a kyson ranch to uestion the owner about a boy he sold to slavers the year before At the ranch he encounters a skittish woman slave that his demon surges up in him urging him toward He tries to soothe her with gentle compulsion but this makes her freak out worse and he can only figure that she had a bad encounter with a demon before His encounter with the cruel owner Bear and with the woman Nieve lead to the discovery that the child was suspected as demon spawnThe mention of her child finally breaks Nieve free of the memory block that was put on her to forget her own child Now after years of docility she will do what it takes to get her son back even if it means partnering with that which she fears the most Creed has been nothing but kind However she knows he is a demon just like the one who entranced her before leading to her father selling her to the abusive Bear Never again will she fall for a demon Creed promises to help find her son but is honest by saying that he has a mission to complete as well Nieve plans to just rely on herself because she doubts Creed's promise and knows he plans to capture any half demons and take them to the human authorities She won't let him get her sonCreed does all he can to protect and reassure Nieve She has softened toward him as they work together through travels and dangers along the way but he knows that ultimately she will leave him She hates and fears his kind and then there is the fact of his work The demon in him wants Nieve and wants her to claim him as hers Creed would like that too but its all up to Nieve Meanwhile he must focus on the inevitable confrontation with Willow the demon she has summoned and her group of strongly gifted half demon childrenAs I said I was thrilled with the character of Creed and every scene he was in just sparkled and snapped with excitement for me The plot is a good one It's the build up to the big confrontation Most of the story is about Creed and Nieve tracking Willow and the missing children as they make their way to hopeful allies in Hunter and Aerie Hunter and Aerie are dealing with fear and prejudice where they settled near his home town Little Scratch watches and orchestrates events and people in silence so that good will triumph over evil Several plot threads work separately through much of the book but then weave together in the end for a great showdown Now while I loved much of this story the exciting scenes the character development the setting and even a bit of the romance I wasn't entirely thrilled with the heroine as a romance interest for Creed On her own as a main character I totally rooted for Nieve as she grew a backbone and worked through her issues while she determinedly set out to find her son As a romance interest for Creed she left me wanting and not because she isn't alpha enough I wouldn't have minded a meek heroine She is so self absorbed and focused on her business to the exclusion of anything or anyone else that she can't even see that Creed isn't who and what she makes him out to be even though the evidence piles up right under her own nose For much of the book she made it clear that she was disgusted and afraid by his demon nature even though he came through for her from the moment they met He treated her with respect and gentleness he put his life on the line for her and loved her in spite of her continuing rejection She used him and pushed him away every chance she could Her uick about face at the end wasn't enough for me Creed wanted her and was happy but I wanted better for him Although that end scene where her son runs to Creed to jump into his arms showing his full acceptance was pretty adorable and I loved that Creed gets his own ready made family and the promise of hit growingA little off topic but I have to give a shout out for the cover art of this book in particular and the series as a whole It just has eye catching popIn the end I am sorry to leave this series and its awesome worldbuilding and characters behind I have totally loved the Wild West vibe and all the paranormal elements with the gritty situations The romances are always complicated and passionate The storyline engaging from the first page to the past Nope don't want it to end but I am glad that not once did I read a dud in this series so it ends on a high noteI would recommend this series to several types since it blends the genres Dystopian Romance Paranormal Romance and Western Romance fans might all want to try these booksMy thanks to Net Galley for the opportunity to read this book in exchange for my honest review