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characters The Web (Alex Delaware, #10) ä PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB free Ô Dr Woodrew Moreland a respected scientist has invited Alex Delaware psychologistdetective to his home on a tiny Pacific island to help him organize his papers for publication It's a light workload leaving plenty of time for Alex and hiLand really invited him to the island When he probes Alex discovers a sour and unwelcome truth But truth it is and its discovery comes just in time to save Alex and Robin from the violence that threatens the. This might be a terrific book but I will probably never know Early scenes with disgusting people and even disgusting spiders led me to return the book to a safe place on the shelf

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Dr Woodrew Moreland a respected scientist has invited Alex Delaware psychologistdetective to his home on a tiny Pacific island to help him organize his papers for publication It's a light workload leaving pl. In this 10th book in the 'Alex Delaware' series the psychologistsleuth is in the Marshall Islands for a working vacation The book can be read as a standaloneI've been a fan of Jonathan Kellerman's 'Alex Delaware' series for a long time but the recent ones have gone downhill in my opinion For that reason I decided to go back and read an old Alex Delaware novel thinking I'd enjoy itIn 'The Web' published in 2003 psychologistLAPD consultant Dr Alex Delaware is on an extended visit to the tiny South Pacific island of Aruk in the Mariana Chain with his girlfriend Robin Castagna and their French bulldog Spike Alex has been hired by the isle's resident physician Dr Bill Moreland who's been there since the end of WWII to help organize his medical files and write a book The nearby Bikini Atoll was used to test a hydrogen bomb in 1954 and the fallout from that had terrible medical conseuencesMoreover Moreland tells stories about a local cat woman a female who behaved like a cat and an unsolved case in which a woman on the island was horribly killed and cannibalized Moreland provides an office for Alex an art studio for Robin and a run for Spike He also serves delicious food and drinks and arranges for recreational activities like swimming and snorkeling During a tour of Moreland's very extensive estate he shows Robin and Alex his lovely gardens as well as his 'invertebrate zoo' populated with giant hissing cockroaches huge tarantulas and other scary creaturesHissing cockroachGiant tarantulaAs they settle in Alex and Robin become acuainted with other people spending time on the estate including Moreland's divorced daughter Pam who's also a physician; Moreland's assistant Dennis who's a trained nurse; and a married couple who are PhD scientists Robin and Alex also meet some of the local residents of Aruk including the chief of police; a couple of merchants; a pushy journalist; and two ominous creeps who ogle Robin and make rude remarksBefore long there are suspicious deaths on Aruk; scary bugs get loose; Spike is infuriated by badly behaving humans; Moreland is seen sneaking around at night; an entitled US Senator visits and throws his weight around; and Alex starts to suspect that Moreland lured him to the island under false pretenses And of course Alex is rightAs the story unfurls there are some big surprises and I'd categorize them as unbelievable lurid and crass There's also a lot of non graphic romance between Alex and Robin which isn't surprising because they're still at it fifteen years later ❤LAPD Detective Milo Sturgis who's a regular character in this series makes a brief appearance via phone calls and I missed his big personality and big appetite 😊The book has a 'horror' vibe but it's in sync with other books in the series where Alex meets dangerous people The story moves too slowly to be a gripping thriller and Kellerman describes his characters' appearance and clothing in too much detail as always but this is a serviceable mystery to pass a few hours withand I cheered at the endYou can follow my reviews at

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The Web Alex Delaware #10Enty of time for Alex and his girlfriend Robin to relaxuickly however secretive houseguests and unexplained visitors dim the pleasures of deep blue water and white sands Alex can't help wondering why Dr More. 2I don't want to say this one is bad for it's time it would have been a three possibly fourUnfortunately this storyline has been down overly What saved this one for me was the umraveling of SEVERAL casesthat's rightevents aren't always linked my friends